The Way Forward

The Way Forward

Jan 21, 2020

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  1. Jan 19, 2020: Increase Membership: David Foote
    1. Exploit Social Media
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      4. Cove Newsletters
      5. Notes to Members
        1. Ask members to promote ANRL by posting info in their local club’s newsletters, etc.
      6. Reach out to Clubs
        1. Club Sponsor proposal: Free ANRL dues if club supports and promotes ANRL
  2. Jan 19, 2020: Recruit and engage new Volunteers

Note from Ed Westen 5/5/2019


Here are my thoughts:

To: Way Ahead Committee From: Ed Westen, Bound Material Scanning

The mission of the ANRL is now and has always been to collect and preserve Nudist information and make that information available to researchers. In order to further that mission, the following steps are suggested:

Make an effort to attract and retain new volunteers by: Simplifying and streamlining procedures in all areas. When a new volunteer is presented with a 35 page booklet of procedures and duties it can be very intimidating, even overwhelming. The current way that cash is collected, for example, is needlessly complex and could be easily simplified. A single page of a librarian’s instructions should be sufficient. Volunteers to help with the website are impossible to find largely because the site is hopelessly complex. Much of it is years out of date because updating it is too time consuming for one person to handle. A smaller, simpler but current and accurate website would attract volunteers.

Make the workplace more inviting. Right now the whole place looks like somebody’s attic and it needs major cleaning and de-cluttering. The furniture is mostly mismatched hand-me-downs and there are stacks and boxes of useless crap all over. When was the bathroom floor last cleaned? Do we really need all those surplus magazines in a row on top of the shelves? There is no reason why the front wall, for example, couldn’t have a nice array of new cabinets and work stations to welcome volunteers.

Begin collecting new materials. Subscribe to current magazines, worldwide. Purchase new books as they are published. Authors may be willing to donate a copy or two, Advertise in the Bulletin’s classified section for donations.

Continue to preserve our collection by digitizing material in a sensible way. One of a kind letters or documents should have a high priority but scanning old magazine articles is both time consuming and mostly unnecessary. Coordination between Newsletter and Bound Material Scanning is very good and is reflected in the complete and accurate archives of those materials both in hard drives and on the computers. Similar coordination between Club file and other scanning would be beneficial. Perhaps having a single, designated person oversee the whole digital effort would be wise. Jim? Mark?

Try to attract more interest by researchers. Replace the hand-me-down furniture and ancient equipment in the Patron computer area and advertise the improvements.

There are other items to discuss like coordination with other libraries, and organizations, of course, but these are things close to my heart. Happy volunteers are essential!

Ed Westen

note from Mark Silverstein 5/17/2019

Hi Dave-

I believe that we would increase donations, numbers of volunteers, and membership if we increased awareness and appreciation of our library in the community. As an old west enthusiast, I suggest we look to what the James Museum in Tampa ( a western art museum) does to create community interest. In conversation with regulars as well as visitors around the Cove, my perception is that most people don’t go in the library. Some seem to be unaware of it, even though it is next to the pool and bathrooms. So what does the James do to engage their community?

The James Museum holds monthly rotating programs open to the community. The programs are free to members with a fee for non members. They have book discussions, guest artists and concerts, with each rotating once every 3 months. I propose the following for our library.

The American Nudist Research Library is a research library. As such, it does not attract the average Cove visitor or resident. For most, we are not even on their radar screen. I propose we hold monthly or bimonthly programs at the library.

Program Content—– 1) We can have nudist book discussions. For a relatively small budget we could purchase (or have someone donate) maybe 6 to ten copies of a book. We would publicize the month before what the book is to be and make it available as a library loan for members. Nonmembers could read a shelf copy in the library or purchase their own copy from a bookstore. On an advertised date, a book discussion would be held. Attendees would be welcome whether or not they read the book. In addition to the cost of the books, a discussion leader would be needed. I would be willing to lead the first few of these. 2) We could have magazine discussions. For example, over the years, I and several other library volunteers have written articles for N magazine. The magazine is for sale in the office. It is provided as part of membership in The Naturist Society Foundation. Yet, I have found many of the people around the Cove don’t read the magazine or even know about it. Copies could be made available in the month prior to the program, and a discussion of the magazine could be held the following month. TNSF may even be willing to donate copies for discussion. Again, I would be willing to lead discussion for the first few of these. As someone who has scanned a lot of our magazines, I have thoughts for several magazine discussions. 3) We have a large film collection. On some months we could hold a movie night. For this we would need some thought on what we would need to reasonably display the film so more than 2 people could watch it. 4) We have people who know nudist history. Why can’t some of them give a lecture or 2?

Benefits- These regular monthly or bimonthly programs will increase awareness and appreciation of what we have here. With that awareness and appreciation should come more members, donations, and volunteers. Purchasing books for discussion will increase our shelf collection.

Costs - Books will cost. Equipment to display movies would cost unless we find a donor.

Entry - I propose the programs to be free for both members and non members in an effort to bring people to the library. We can distribute membership applications and accept donations at the programs.

Timing - I propose programs be held in the early evening following dinner, so that we do not compete with the pool and the sun. I’m thinking starting at 7 and ending before 9.

Those are my thoughts for your consideration.

Best regards,
Mark Silverstein

note from David Foote 4/17/2019

Hi all ANRL Volunteers,

As many of you know, we passed a motion at the April 26 Board Meeting creating a new “Committee of the Whole” (meaning all volunteers are members the committee) charged with doing a full review of everything at ANRL, all systems and procedures, the whole works, nothing is off limits. We decided that, in our 40th year and upon entering into an exciting new inter-library consortium, ANRL would benefit greatly from a more comprehensive approach to planning, and that making a full review of what we have now, both the positives and the negatives, would be a good place to start.

Following this thorough and never before undertaken review, we’ll develop a comprehensive new ANRL master plan that we are calling “The Way Ahead”. We believe this new plan will make it easier for us to stay on track in pursuit of our goals, and be able to better measure our progress as we go. Paul LeValley and I are the co-chairs of this new committee.

This email marks the official start of Phase 1 of the project, and I am asking every volunteer (other than several who have given me inputs already) to email to me no later?? than May 20, 2019, and submit their topics of concern or recommendations for the committee to review. In this initial stage, submit as little or as much as you want, in any form you like. I am looking primarily for the ideas that each volunteer thinks are most important to ANRL and its future. There is no need to spend a lot of time on this - - - your top of the head thoughts or ideas will be fine, just jot them down and send them in, and we will review, discuss, and refine them as part of our committee process.

The overall review and creation of an ANRL master plan is expected to be transparent with everybody being kept advised of progress and developments as we move through the various phases. We will establish priorities, consider feasibilities, and take whatever time we need to complete the project. No one will be expected to spend more time on this effort than they customarily devote to library duties.??

Thanks for your attention helping to get this effort started, and if anyone has questions about the project, please let me know.

Dave Foote

Way Ahead Committee Co-Chair

(510) 521–7842 (mobile)