Volunteer Backup Plan

Volunteer Backup Plan

Aug 21, 2020 rap

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This document needs work. Please send updates and corrections to Bob Proctor at admin@anrl.org

Role is the name of the position. See the Job Descriptions
HIDWID is a writeup explaining How I Do What I Do
%Trained is represents the approximate amount of training the Backup person has received to be able and step in and do the job.

ANRL Volunteer Backup Report
Role Primary Backup HIDWID %Trained
President Paul LeValley Bob Proctor No 80%
1st Vice President Bob Proctor Dave Foote No 100%
2nd Vice President Dave Foote Lou Cook No 100%
Secretary Lou Cook ? No 0%
Manage E-Mails Bob Proctor Lou Cook Yes 100%
Treasurer Roe Ostheim ? No 0%
Head Librarian Paul LeValley ? No 0%
Research Paul LeValley ? No 0%
Membership Terry Crump Lou Cook No 50%
Digital Archive Bob Proctor ? Yes 0%
Web Site Bob Proctor Dave Foote Yes 20%
Database Bob Proctor ? Yes 0%
Synology NAS Bob Proctor Jim Sweeney Yes 0%
Scanning Mark Silverstein ? Yes 0%
Magazine Scanning Vacant ? Yes 0%
Digital Processing Jim Sweeney ? No 0%
Video/Book/Calendar Lou Cook ? No 0%
Audio Chair Vacant ? No 0%
Audio/Video Processing Gary Nichols ? Yes 0%
New Newsletters Jim Sweeney ? No 0%
ANRL Newsletter Paul LeValley ? No 0%
Club Contact Bob Proctor ? No 0%
Photo Vacant ? No 0%
Who’s Who Vacant ? No 0%