Using ANRL Web Site

Using ANRL Web Site

Jul 23, 2020 rap
by: Bob Proctor, ANRL VP

ANRL’s web site is and it has information about American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. It has two parts: 1) the public part which is open to anyone and 2) the Staff Only part which requires a UserID and Password. I encourage all volunteers and members to login and explore its content. Last login dates can be seen by the administrator and it’s discouraging to see that some login dates were long ago. To explain the web site’s content here is redundant as it’s so easy to login and explore. When you log in, a new Staff Only tab appears along with the normal tabs of Home, About, News, Collection, Donate, Membership, Collaboration and Research.

Recent updates to that are visible to the public include: 1) recent news 2) links to social media such as ANRL’s Twitter account and Facebook Group plus a list of all tweets, 3) Board Meeting notes 4) Info on the Amazon Smile program with a quick access link and numerous other updates. More than a dozen new pages have been added to Staff Only in the last 6 months. Please take a look.

Many of the pages on written in 2014 and are obsolete and need updates. Many pages are inconsistent with other pages, sorry about that. Almost every page has a date and author posted on the top of the page, so look at that when comparing similar pages. Pages get updated when the author (Note that most pages were written by Bob Proctor) decides to change them or when somebody suggests changes. Those suggestions are few and far between. I encourage members and volunteers to read , make suggestions and contribute to its content.

A menu system helps to navigate the web site. Many pages have links to other pages. For pages that don’t have links to other pages you can simply use the BACK button on your browser. If you have trouble finding something on you can always use a search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo, but constrain your search within with the site: tag. Example search: Surplus will find articles mentioning Surplus on the site. A rigid procedure for making page updates can be found in the Training section in the Staff Only area. With this, the source text for all pages are saved in ANRL’s archives.