Train Send Newsletter to Members

Train Send Newsletter to Members

Jul 10, 2016

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ANRL’s Newsletter is distributed in three ways:

  1. By USMail to the ~40 members who have requested USMail Delivery. See details below for a procedure to print mail labels.
  2. By printing a couple dozen copies and making them available at the Library. The Newsletter lead person will print copies as needed.
  3. By sending via email with the FileMaker Membership Database of email addresses. See details below for a procedure to send with FileMaker email.

Details for testing before printing or Emailing anything

This procedure is a way to harmlessly test functionality of the scrips used to print or Email material. Any records in the Database that are #9000 or higher are ignored by all of the scrips. There are several records that can be edited in any way for testing. For example, I use record #9002 which now has Email address If I select just this record, I can click on a button to send Newsletter to found set and since the found set is just record #9002, a Newsletter is sent to only that address. To verify the script is working, I click on the link then get into the Mail App and look for a Newsletter. The same record could be used for Mail Label testing, for mailing reminders for dues payments, etc.

  1. Search for 9002
  2. Verify that there is only one record selected
  3. do the test: click on on of the buttons to print or send mail, etc.

Details for printing Mail labels

Open the Membership Database and navigate to the Control 3 tab. There is a section on the right of the page called Print Newsletter Mail Labels. There is a button in this section called Find USMail NL. Click this button to create a Found Set of ~40 members. Insert the correct paper into a printer. There is a button called Print Labels NL and this will print the labels. You will need to select the correct printer.

Details for sending Newsletters by email

  1. Get the PDF for the Newsletter and name it ANRL_Newsletter
    • The script that sends Newsletters is programmed to use this filename therefore it won’t work unless the name is exactly as shown.
  2. Save the file to the /Database Test folder in ANRL’s Dropbox
    • The script that sends Newsletters is programmed to look for the file in this folder therefore it won’t work if you put the file some other place.
  3. Navigate to the Control 3 tab of the Membership panel in FileMaker
  4. Click the button Find All Reg Members with Email
    • This creates a Found Set of ~180 records
  5. Click the button 021R Email Newsletter to found set
    • NOTE Once you click on this button you can not stop the process. Be sure you have selected the right member records and the Found Set is correct.
    • Before clicking on this button, please verify that the computer is connected to the ANRL WiFi. There is a small icon in the lower right of the screen that brings up WiFi information.
    • The process of sending the ~180 Newsletters will take 5–10 minutes. You will see a blinking cursor and will not be able to do other FileMaker work until the script finishes.