Staff Meeting Notes: Feb 25, 2014

Dave Graber’s Staff Meeting #1

Meeting Date: Feb 25, 2014 3:05 PM
Meeting started with ANRL President Dave Graber presiding

The audio recording of the meeting is available in a single .mp3 recording located on our Web site that plays 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Meeting .mp3


Dave Graber, Helen Fisher, Donna Turner, Jim Sweeney, Ed Westen, Mark & Becky Silverstein, Roe Ostheim, Bob Proctor

Note: The recorder was turned on late, about 2 minutes into the meeting.

Items Discussed

  1. Dave told everyone that he intended to start meetings on time on the date announced. This meeting was just started just a few minutes late and lasted 20 minutes longer than intended. The meeting mostly followed the agenda but was opened for additional topics toward the end.

  2. A brief discussion was held to try to identify the donor of the $2,000.00 check.

  3. Dave wants to provide Business Cards for all Staff members.
    1. The question was asked: which card layout is preferred? We all reviewed 6 of Donna’s sample cards.
    2. The question was asked: Is the Logo that Bob created OK to use for our 35th Anniversary? Some discussion was held as to the exact layout of the card. More details on that in following sections.
  4. Dave stressed that librarians and Staff should be sure to welcome library visitors and make them comfortable.

  5. A new Librarian (Sue Nathan) will start librarian duties this week and her normal shift will Wednesdays. Roe suggested that Sue is a nice friendly lady who lives here at the Cove.

  6. Dave reported that we now have 2 new people on the scanning staff and that brings the total to 5 scanners: Gail Witherspoon and Gary Grantham will join Ed, Mark and Tom B. Gary plans to start working in 2 weeks.

  7. Ed Westen is now “Officially in charge” of the Scanning project for Bound Material

  8. Jim Sweeney is now “Officially in charge” of the Scanning of all Non-Bound Material"

  9. Passwords: Bob to Email passwords to all Staff members
    1. List #1 (Master Password file) will have all passwords and will be kept in a safe place (i.e. the big safe)
    2. List #2 for all Staff which has all passwords except those for the most secure accounts
    3. We need to research “Best Password Policies”
    4. Action: Bob to Email to all
  10. Need to organize Library into a “True Research Library”
    1. Article submitted to The Bulletin “ANRL Seeks a Research Librarian” and will be published in the April ’14 issue.
    2. Search for Research Librarian in or outside the nudist community
  11. Naming and labeling conventions needed for best practices according to Library of Congress
    1. Ed has changed naming conventions over the past and said more changes may be needed.
    2. Ed said that his naming conventions was architected to maintain the correct chronological order of documents when viewed on a computer.
      1. If changes are made to names, ~2000 PDF documents and many thousands of JPG files would be involved in the renaming.
  12. Dave said that we need to have a Master Data Archive
    1. We are making copies of copies and it’s becoming confusing to know where our backups are.
    2. Need to design procedure to keep the master copy updated
    3. Need to keep in sync
    4. Ed reported that he stores PDFs, JPGs and compilations of PDFs into DVSs.
      1. .pdf files (44 GB) stored on 5 computers:
      2. .jpg files (427 GB) raw data
      3. DVD discs (22 discs)
      4. Everything gets backed up every 2 weeks
    5. Bob suggested that the Technical Committee make a proposal on how to architect a BU System.
      1. Not mentioned at the meeting: Gathering that categories of all the various kinds of data needing backup is the first step in developing a backup plan. Once we have the inventory of items needing backup, we can proceed with developing a plan. There is a plan on the Web site that was developed some time ago but never read or promoted or read library staff.
  13. Logging of new material coming into the Library
    1. Bob mentioned that he does not understand how the existing database fits into the flow of documents in and out of the library. There are holes in the system and he is working on getting a better understanding of how this system works now and how it could work in the future.
    2. Bob is in final stage of merging Surplus and Archive and is now making updates to Layouts (user interfaces)
      1. Bob will make user friendly interface for maintaining the database
      2. Bob will provide training for users to the extent needed for each person.
      3. Bob said he’d rather not be the person entering data into the database but that librarians should be responsible.
  14. Dave suggested that we may need a 2nd computer in the near future. He suggested that the 2nd computer could be a Laptop that could be available for a variety of purposes.
    1. Ed sold his 23" computer to the library at a very good price.
    2. Jim didn’t agree with the purchase of a Laptop. He thinks something more permanent would be better.
    3. Mark didn’t know that there was a requirement for a laptop but agrees that a 2nd computer would be useful. He suggested that most of us already have laptops and wouldn’t need a library laptop.
    4. Helen offered that with computers, we need to control data being removed from the Library on thumb drives.
    5. Ed suggested that a 2nd computer should be similar to the first 23" screen. Possible uses include viewing PDF files and Videos. Ed is wanting a simple solution.
    6. Dave mentioned that if we had a laptop, it would be closed and would use an external keyboard and monitor. (This could open the door for use of an external monitor that can be in landscape for videos and then pivoted 90º for viewing .pdf documents. )
    7. Becky mentioned the importance of preventing copying of material by library patrons.
    8. Ed suggested that Librarians closely watch patrons and prevent their use of thumb drives.
    9. The question was raised to find a device that could lock a USB interface. Bob will try to find such a device. Several devices are available on Amazon. Action: Bob
    10. Donna suggested use of a “Document Check-out Procedure” with a binding agreement that must be signed. Helen recalled that in the past there was a Driver License requirement.
  15. Dave mentioned that there are ways of interchanging and sharing of data between libraries and that we need to find how those work. Action Item: Need to find somebody to research this

  16. Copyright Issues:
    1. Donna reported that permission from the Owner of the piece would be required go get authorization
    2. Donna sketched out regulations that define what is “Public Domain” that say something about 1923 and 1963 and copyright not renews are open for public domain.
      1. Action: Donna will make a report with details of this topic and send it to Dave
    3. Mark suggested that we contact publishers and editors find their opinions on how the Library can distribute some of their copyrighted material.
    4. Mark mentioned that we should investigate “Fair Use” regulations which are on the other side of the copyright laws. We need to look at this.
    5. Donna reported that this is being looking into now.
    6. Dave solicited more questions and problems related to copyright. Action: All Please send ideas to Dave.
  17. Library procedures and policies Donna asked whether the library has Policies for use of library content.
    1. Helen said that she has written policies over the years but she didn’t mention where they were.
    2. Action: Dave & Bob get together and scrub Policies and Procedures.
  18. Are our library computers sufficient and do they need updates?
    1. Bob reported that Microsoft will stop supporting XP in April 1014 and our XP computer will be more vulnerable over time.
    2. Mark suggested that we stop use of our XP ASAP.
    3. Dave asked Jim to migrate his work to the Process Machine (Windows 7) ASAP. Jim agreed but said that it could take awhile.
  19. Dave went through a list of projects suitable for new volunteers. Dave is wanting to offer projects that new volunteers could own. Note Many of these are already written on our Web site at and items below will be added to that list.
    1. Sort through Bound Books and insert missing pages: Question was raised as to “How to insert pages.” Edward does this insertion now but we don’t know how he does it. Action: Edward to explain
    2. Ideas to give AANR for “The Bulletin” and to the E-FROG “Did You Know” publication. Several Staff members didn’t know about EZ-FROG. You can subscribe to E-FROG at this Web site
    3. Bulletin Board by the door needs somebody to do the updates. Helen reported that Roger is doing this now.
    4. Roger flies the flag then retrieves it after his shift. Do other librarians do this? (We need to add this to procedures.)
    5. Postcards need to be scanned and could be scanned by a home scanner.
      1. Jim suggested that before starting, there needs to be a procedure for naming and cataloging
      2. Helen reported that there are duplicate cards in the collection.
    6. VHS to DVD conversion, Cataloging and sorting
      1. Some VHS were recorded with European Standards.
      2. Action: Technical committee needs to understand this and develop a procedure
    7. Many Club do not send Newsletters. We need someone to ask all clubs for newsletters.
    8. Open-House for Library: Weekend of Cove’s 50th. April, 2014. Need somebody to coordinate activities. Action: Bob Ask Ted for details.
      1. What are the public events? Maybe we could setup a table, talk to people, etc.
      2. Librarians to keep library open more hours for this event?
      3. Tours of the Library?
    9. Fred is investigating cameras for scanners but no progress so far.
    10. Go through our books and find books that could be loaned to ANRL Members. Would need a scan of Drivers License.
      1. Need to identify duplicates first. Action: Bob make listing of books in computer for use while doing inventory.
      2. Maybe Becky could do the inventory when she is doing Librarian duty.
  20. Loan VCR Tapes of duplicates (7-Days time period)

  21. Catherine Hendrickson introduced Mark Wisehart who could make a short video to promote the library. Action: Dave and Bob to talk to Catherine.

  22. Donations: Do we need to send receipts for donations. Need to have a policy on this.

  23. Bob is getting deeper into database programming and needs a helper to understand how it works so that he isn’t the only person with the knowledge. An assistant would gain knowledge on how things work and then be able to work on the database with updates and new capabilities.

  24. Data Transfer issues: Old versions of Word not compatible with new Word therefore transfer with Word Files leads to snags. Action: Bob He suggested that the technical committee write up procedures and policies.

  25. Blurbs in Cypress Cove Knee. Need updates. Did You Know? Bob will write next one.
    1. New logo in blurb?
  26. Agreement that a 35-Year Logo be used this year.
    1. A short discussion on the Logo with these points mentioned:
    2. How about a ribbon or banner on bottom?
    3. 35th year only: Yes.
    4. Different fonts? Maybe.
    5. Keep Logo as is.
  27. We need to find a graphic artist to help with Logos and Banners.

  28. Donna needs information from everyone with information to be used for Business Cards. Send info to Dave or Bob.

  29. Dave asked whether anyone had anything else to bring up.

  30. Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM.

Report submitted Feb 26, 2014 by Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary and Technical Committee Chairman