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We are trying to improve search skills. Here are some links to our work in progress

  1. How to find stuff on ANRL’s web site
  2. Search Presentation: Bob Proctor
  3. How to use ANRL’s Patron Kiosk for search
  4. Search Requests received from ANRL members
  5. Howard Wallace’s request for improving search while doing research
  6. Video Categories that would help with search
  7. How to Search for Text Inside Multiple PDF Files at Once
  8. Universal Search on NAS Universal Search provides powerful search with multiple criteria to help you effortlessly locate needed items.
  9. DuckDuckGo Search Syntax
  10. DocFetcher
    1. DocFetcher Pro Features
    2. DocFetcher Help File
    3. Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax
    4. Query Syntax — DocFetcher Pro Manual
  11. Google Drive
    1. Detail list of 25 Search Operators
    2. Simple Tips and Tricks
  12. Compare Search Engines
    1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  13. Bob’s Evernote Search Page
  14. Link to Micheal Thompson’s site: NATURISTARCHIVE.ORG
  15. Artificial Intelligence Apps <== New==

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