Review Media Worksheet

Media Evaluation Worksheet

May 25, 2021 rap

To Patrons who borrow Books, videos, other material:
Please write a review on the material you borrowed and include

Note Please send any suggested changes to this list or any ideas on how to better evaluate ANRL’s Archived Material to

  1. Media Type: Video, Book, Magazine, etc.
  2. Title:
  3. Topics: General topics
  4. Research Related Content:
  5. Categories: General categories
  6. Synopsis: a few words that summarizes content
  7. Comments: Your comments
  8. Reviews: Links to reviews found on the internet
  9. Notes: Your notes
  10. Quality of Content:
  11. Quality of Media:
  12. Overall Opinion:
  13. Overall Rating:
  14. Other:
  15. Review submitted by: -Optional-

Send your review to: