Research Ideas from Howard Wallace

Research Ideas from Howard Wallace

Updated Oct 17, 2019 rap
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Box 67 Notre Dame, IN 46556 05 September 2019

Bob Proctor c/o ANRL 2950 Sun Cove Drive Kissimmee, FL 34746 - 2773

Dear Bob,

Sorry to be so late in getting this off to you…

If you recall, in May you asked if I might suggest what ANRL might do to help researchers. After some amount of thought and reflection, I have come up with the enclosed notions of what I would find useful in research pursuits.

The digitalization project is awesome, but for my purposes it is rather awkward and burdensome to find articles of use. If there would be a way to develop a number of different indices that would take the researcher more directly to desired information rather than going magazine by magazine it would be much more efficient.

It appears to me that development of such a body of indices would be a significantly time-consuming and laborious task. But is seems that it would be of great benefit to researchers, and could be of significant use to librarians in finding responses to patron inquiries.

Looking forward to being back at the Library in October/November,

Best regards, Howard Wallace

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Items that Would Assist Researchers in Locating Information Relative to Nudism/Naturism

  1. An Index of persons by name:
    1. Writers / Authors of articles, features, reports, descriptions, essays, etc.
    2. Persons who are subjects of articles, features, reports, stories, essays, etc.
    3. Well-known persons who are or have been nudists or have had nude experience.
    4. Persons owning or holding office in nudist organizations, clubs, resorts, facilities, etc.
    5. Photographers of nudists, nudist activity, nudist facilities, nudist life, etc.
  2. An Index by type or name of group or organization, past and present:
    1. International, national, regional, local organizations, e.g. NNC, ASA, ANRL, CSA, WNA, MSA, TNS, INF, BN. etc.
    2. CTubs, resorts, parks, ranches, camps, travel groups,^vlhTerociargroups, etc.
  3. An Index of articles by subject or matter of interest to nudists/naturists: recreation, group activities, health concerns or benefits, social activity, public issues, community or legal issues, etc.
  4. An Index by location of nudist groups, facilities, recreation areas (country, state/province. county, nearby population center, geographic landmark, etc.), and whether fenced/walled, secluded, remote, or otherwise obscured from public view. (How good is the privacy?)
  5. An Index relative to type and size of facility or group: (acreage, number of facility units [cabins, rooms, ? ? ?, campsites, etc.], membership numbers.
    1. Resort
    2. Landed club
    3. Seashore or beach, lake property, hot spring, river/stream, forest land/desert, rural/ suburban/ urban setting, etc.
    4. Campground (rustic, developed), tent/RV, electric, water, etc.
    5. Residential population on grounds
    6. Non-landed clubs/group
  6. An Index identifying facilities operating year-round or seasonally.
  7. An Index according to orientation of the facility or group: Family, Seniors, Younger Generation, Adults Only, Religion, Nature/Ecological, Gothic/Spiritual, LGBTQ, etc.
  8. An Index to advertisements to/for/by different groups, facilities, or organizations.