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Jul 16, 2022

Nonthing recently

Here are older projects:

Several researchers have worked on projects ANRL in the past

  1. 2015 Lina Chaves is researching “legislation related to public nudity in Florida”
  2. pre 2015 James Moore is researching “Benefits of sleeping in the nude”
  3. pre 2015 Sara Bensinger is researching “the importance of attaching clothing to sexual assault and rape”

ANRL is a “Research Library” that has a huge collection of Books, Magazines, Pictures, DVDs, Audio Cassettes and other material focusing on the Nudist Lifestyle from its early history in this country to the present. Although Numerous researchers have visited ANRL and have found valuable information for their research projects in the past, why are there no ongoing research projects happening now?

Most of our magazine collection has been scanned and converted to searchable PDF files. We have converted most of the club newsletters to PDF. Searching the digital content with complex queries is a challenge but librarians are available to assist. We do have the DocFetcher search algorithm installed for sophisticateed searches and Librarians can also assist with DocFetcher as well as finding material that has not been converted to searchable PDF.

ANRL wants to enhance its collection with completed Research Documents. If you know of any research document then please let us know and we will try to add it to our database.

We need ideas and help to develop a retrieval system to answer questions and facilitate research projects. Some things we need are:

  1. Method of indexing and cataloging research documents 1, Completed Research Documents
  2. Recent Requests for assistance in research

We get requests for help with research in various areas and this is a list of recent requests. We’ll add to the list as we continue.