Publicity Statement

Updated Nov 09, 2014

There are a number of things going on at ANRL, located at Cypress Cove in Kissimmee, FL. Our Website has been re-designed and now contains lists of Archive and Surplus Books, Magazines, Videos, “Who’s Who” folders, Club Folders, cassette tapes. See Webpage for complete listings. The scanning project is moving ahead with over 3,900 magazines and converted searchable PDF. ANRL’s Email address has been changed to We’re scrubbing our database of Club Website URLs and Email addresses and asking Clubs and organizations to link to ANRL’s Website. ANRL keeps Club Newsletters in Club folders and we’re asking Clubs to send their Newsletters. We have over 350 “Who’s Who” folders of prominent figures in the nudist lifestyle mostly include individuals from the early years. We’re wanting to enhance those folders and also add new folders for contemporary individuals. Nominations and documents are very welcome. ANRL has many open positions for volunteers. See Webpage for details.

There is a cost involved as we move forward into the digital age and accomplishing our goal of Preserving Nudist History. Library Membership, gifts, donations for honorary Library Shelves, and contributions for surplus documents all help with funding. Strengthening our staff of volunteers will help accomplish our goals and keep the Library doors open longer. Please become a Library Member, renew your Library Membership and consider donating time, media, computer skills or funds. Any donations are greatly appreciated! - - 407–933–2866 - Aug 20, 2013