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Kissimmee, Florida 32741
Tel. (305) 348–5690
Revised as of 07/19/2013

The American Nudist Research Library® (aka ANRL) has been established to preserve the history of social nudism. It occurred to several individuals, long associated with the American social nudist scene, that time was running out on the preservation of much contemporary information about the origin and development of the American nudist movement. Already key personalities have died, and in a surprising number of cases have left no autobiographical material which sheds light on their thinking about the movement. Publishers have come and gone and no comprehensive library remains of their publishing efforts. National organizations have failed to establish or maintain repositories of nudist history.

With each passing year, the records of the past have become widely scattered. Some individuals who have collected relatively complete data on certain aspects of the nudist experience have no idea what to do with such records now and entertain even less hope for the survival of such data in the future. Magazines, brochures, club bulletins, convention folders, regional minutes, records of court cases, and a host of other memorabilia have been discarded, or housed in useless disarray. Thus the record of the times, of which such things were an integral part, has become blurred, diminished, and in a number of instances simply obliterated. To stop this erosion of memory and to collect, house, preserve, and display what records remain of the past four to five decades of the national American social nudist movement, is what the American Nudist Research Library is all about.

There is no way that any of us can halt or slow the rush of time which will ultimately ring down the curtain on our own nudist recollections. But, assurredly, there is a step we can take now which will perpetuate as history this nudist experience of which we are a part. And that step is to support a nudist library and archives. The American Nudist Research Library is a long range project which is pledged to just such an undertaking. It is a grass roots, NonProfit effort to provide a depository for all manner of social nudist history and to accord to this long struggling movement a dignified repository for its record of successful social struggle.

“With Pride In The Past”


This manual is a “what to do” guide for attendant librarians to assist them in the efficient daily operations of the Library. This manual is subject to change as operational enhancements and circumstances may require. The binding of this document serves for easy replacement of updated, and / or additional pages.


  1. Opening the Library Check List
  2. Closing the Library
  3. Book Procedures
  4. Video Procedures
  5. Membership Procedures
  6. Cash and Tangible Donations
  7. Orders to be Mailed
  8. Security
  1. Policy Statement
  2. ANRL Purposes
  3. Sample Gate Pass
  4. Membership Application
  5. Magazine / Book “Sale” Record
  6. ANRL Donation Record
  7. Revised 11/05

Opening The Library Check List

  1. Unlock both locks on the door. After entering, make sure lower lock is turned so that visitors may enter. Turn on both inside and outside lights and turn sign on door to open.
  2. Please don’t change the thermostats. They are set to keep the humidity low. If the heat is too high or low in the winter time, you may reset it to 72 but upon leaving please remember to set it back to AC at 76 degrees. Assure that the dehumidifier located in the restroom is functioning properly and leave the door closed for visiting hours. Check both air conditioners to be sure that they are o.k. (not leaking water.)
  3. Verify that the correct day and date are displayed on the greeting table.
  4. Verify that the visitors’ guest book is open.
  5. Check for any special notes on the librarian’s information board, or on the main desk. Please note the surplus magazine prices for donation. They change periodically. The discounts for Library members are listed on the desk.
  6. Cordially greet visitors and request that they sign our guest book.
  7. For security, all guest bags should be left under the front table.
  8. Ask guests to leave any drinks by the front door.
  9. If guests have oily hands and arms, ask them to please wash them before handling books and magazines.
  10. If it is a visitor’s first time in the Library, offer to tell them about the ANRL and its purposes, its holdings and how it is financed. Mention that it is a NonProfit organization. Suggest membership and its advantages, and how membership supports the ANRL and its benefactors.
  11. Point out the different areas of the Library, and its different recourses. Also, remind them to please put books and magazines which they take off the shelves into the box on the table which is marked for that purpose. Do not use the words “sale” or “sell” since we are a NonProfit organization. Use the words “Donation” or “Requested Donation”.
  12. Control use of the VCR and television in the library. They are used only for visitors to see video tapes.
  13. Check out books to Library members (see Book Procedures: Checking In/Checking Out)
  14. When visitors leave, inform them of the hours of operation and invite them to return.
  15. Give them our brochure.
  16. If a visitor wishes to buy magazines, books or videos, be sure the magazines are stamped on the back with a (D) and all pages are in them. Be sure the books and videos have a red “Suggested Donation” dot on them and refer to the Cash and Tangible Donations pages.


  1. Make entries in Log Book kept in upper right hand desk drawer.
    • Number of visitors
    • Monies taken in per receipt and include names of any visitors joining the library during the open hours.
    • Initial the log entry
  2. Lock the cash bag in file cabinet (back of second drawer from the top) and place the key in the computer desk top small door.
  3. Turn the door sign to CLOSED and turn off outside light.
  4. Verify all publications have been re-filed from the collection box on the library table.
  5. Assure AC is set to 76 and door into the work room is open for air to circulate. Also, reopen door to restroom so dehumidifier will circulate the air.
  6. Verify power is off on VCR, TV and typewriter. Leave the computers and copier as is Unless otherwise directed.
  7. Turn off inside lights (fans operate on same switch).
  8. Lock the door, making sure both locks are secured.


Most videos are available for viewing in the Library. Videos are not to be checked out of the Library unless special permission is given by the President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary. Possible reasons for a check out may be that the video may be needed for historical documentation in scholastic studies, for research by an accredited organization, or use in legal research by an organization such as AANR or TNS. The librarian on duty should operate the VCR and television, and, using the tape rewinder, make sure all tapes are rewound after viewing.

Certain videos specially marked to denote their subject matter may be “quasi-nudist” in nature. The material may be pre-occupied with children, women, etc. Or, they may focus on genital areas, being more voyeuristic in nature. These videos may not capture a true representation of nudism, but are still kept as historical record of their production. These videos should be presented as kept for research purposes only, and not for general viewing. They are marked with an H (for hold) and are not listed in the white binders on the table. There is also a field in the FileMaker database to designate HOLD.


  1. Membership renewals which arrive by mail are done by the Library’s Membership Librarian. At the time of this writing, the Librarian is Bob Proctor.
  2. For members walking in the door to renew their membership, take their check or cash, make sure their membership number and name are with it and put them in Bob’s tray. Tell them that their membership card will be mailed to them.


We welcome anyone 18 or over to take out a new membership in the Library. The American Nudist Research Library will not discriminate based on age (except to meet the minimum age requirement), race, creed, religion, political or ethnic background or sexual orientation.
1. Have the individual fill out a Membership Application (see sample). There is a supply of these forms on the greeting table. Have the visitor print the information so that it is legible. Tell him or her that a membership card will be mailed to them.
2. Follow the above directions for a membership, noting on the form that it’s a new membership.
3. Place the application form and check or cash in the Bob’s tray so the information can be entered into the Membership database.


Books, magazines, videos and other such items may be “released for donation” if available, and if the minimum amount of the required donation is met. Most magazines are priced according to their rarity and demand. Price ranges are clearly posted per year, and exceptions are marked otherwise.
Books and videos are individually marked.
The imprint shown above may be red or black in color and will be stamped on the back cover or inside back cover of magazines. Videos and books are stamped in a conspicuous place. All books, videos and magazines sold are duplicate items of which another copy (copies) are present in the Library. NO PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHS / PHOTO ALBUMS ARE TO BE RELEASED FROM THE HOLDINGS OF THE LIBRARY. On the “sales” page of the white binder on the desk, fill in the name and all information so it can be taken off the computer database. Photos and books may be released to AANR or The Naturist Society if permission is given by a Board Member. If photos are of persons who are known to be alive, photo releases are needed. The forms are in the second drawer from the top in the file drawer next to the desk. There is a small card file box on top of the cabinets and a file card is to be made out for the person or persons borrowing the photos or books. Be sure to put the date, borrower’s name, address, Email address, phone number and the name, author and other pertinent information about the document being borrowed on the card.


We accept United States currency, money orders, personal checks and travelers’ checks. Any travelers’ checks accepted are to be payable in U.S. currency (accept no travelers’ checks payable in Canadian or any other foreign currency due to the difference in exchange rates). We have limited change so travelers’ checks should be taken within $20 of the amount intended (ex: Do not take a $50 traveler’s check for a $10 or $20 donation). For personal checks, make a copy of their driver’s license and put it into the file box on top of the cabinet. Money orders, travelers’ checks and personal checks are to be stamped on the reverse side with our endorsement (“deposit only”) stamp on desk. Make out a receipt from the red bag in the back of the file drawer and enter it into the brown book in the desk Then, put the white part of the receipt with the money into the red bag.


  • (Receipt of magazines, books, videos, memorabilia, etc.)
  • Fill out donation information in the ANRL Donation Record, located in the white binder on the desk.
  • Verify that we have the name and address of the donor, if possible. This can be entered on the ANRL Donation Record.
  • Thank them for supporting the Library, offer them our Library brochure and offer a membership application if they are a non-member.


  • Visitors to the Library may not access the private restroom and any area beyond the main Library area. Visitors should not be allowed behind the desk area. There is a public restroom by the pool just to the left of the Library entrance.
  • Access to the Johnson Alcove should be carefully monitored, and permission to access should only be given to visitors when it is determined that they will be using this area specifically for research, or other scholarly applications.
  • Activities of visitors should be monitored at all times.
  • Bags must be checked under the front table. Drinks must be left on the table at the door.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Non-members of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort will need to use a gate pass to access the grounds. If a visitor has made arrangements to visit the Library, the Librarian should call the gate and give them the visitor’s name. The gate should be asked to call the Library on the visitor’s arrival. The visitor will bring a gate pass. When the visitor leaves, the Librarian should note the time on the gate pass, and call the gate to notify them of the guest’s departure. Photography inside the Library is allowed only with permission of a board member or the owners of Cypress Cove Resort. If a person is being photographed, a photo releases must be obtained from the persons being photographed. The forms are in the second file drawer from the top.


The ANRL has been established to preserve the history of social nudism. It is a NonProfit organization licensed by the state of Florida. It is considered a PRIVATE LIBRARY OPEN TO ANRL MEMBERS AND CYPRESS COVE VISITORS / MEMBERS. Other non-members of either Cypress Cove or ANRL, but interested parties, may be invited to the Library by making arrangements in advance of the actual day of visitation by calling, EMailing or writing the Library. The visitor may be required to present proper identification upon their arrival. Rules for this type of visit are available to the interested party upon his / her request.



  • Non-members of ANRL - Advance request is mandatory and admission permit has to be available at the gate to gain entrance.

  • Member of ANRL - person must show proof of membership or gate may call Library to confirm such. Picture I.D. is required and the gate will record vehicle identification.

  • When the visitor checks in at the gate, the gate will call the Library and confirm permission to visit. The visitor will be issued a Gate Pass for direct routing to the Library. (See pass example at the end of this manual).

  • The librarian shall welcome the visitor, obtain the gate pass and if the visitor is a non-member, record the name and address from the driver’s license.

  • When the visitor leaves the Library, the gate is to be called in his/her presence and informed that he/she is leaving. The librarian will enter his/her name and time departed on the Gate Pass and give it to the visitor with instructions that he/she must return the pass to the gate when leaving the resort. About 3 minutes after the guest has left, phone the gate to confirm that the visitor has returned the pass to the gate attendant and has left the property.

    • Non-compliance of turning in the pass to the gate can result in a search of the grounds and probable cause to not allow further visits.
    • This procedure is established to legally protect both the Library and Cypress Cove Resort.
  • For health and hygienic reasons, please ask all nude visitors to sit on a towel or other such personal item.


  • The director shall be responsible and have authorization for the following:
    1. The filing structure of all Library archives. This would include storage in safe and permanent structures (i.e. shelves, filing and storage cabinets, etc.)
    2. The filing organization of all Library archives. Maintaining an organized and retrievable method for all archived items (i.e. magazines, books, videos, photos, club newsletters, information and memorabilia).
    3. The protection of all Library archives. To insure that all manner of records are kept in a reasonably safe way to insure minimal deterioration due to age, vandalism, theft and reasonable available safety from natural disaster.
    4. To direct and assign duties to other Librarians to help accomplish the aforesaid responsibilities.


Any single expense that exceeds $200, other than routine binding, or major purchases of equipment must be approved by the President, or in his/her absence, the Vice President.

ANRL Life and Volunteer Memberships

Note: Change passed by board April 2001

  • The classification of Life Membership shall be three (3) types.
  • Current Life memberships shall remain in effect but, where possible, reclassified into the above.

    Current procedure of Life membership being awarded upon a dues payment of $500, or dues payment over four years as a Sustaining member of $125, shall remain in effect and shall be known as Life Patrons.

    Any special individual, who through their outstanding work within the nudist movement and/or one who has freely contributed an abundance of talents, time and efforts to any area of nudism; also individuals and organizations that have contributed outstanding time, assets, material, etc., shall be eligible for Honorary Life Membership and may be elected to such by a majority vote by the board and attending members at an ANRL annual meeting.

    1. Any officer of the ANRL shall be considered a Sustaining Member for the period they serve. Each year of elected service shall count as an additional year as Sustaining Member. After four years as such, Volunteer Life Membership shall be automatically conferred upon them.
    2. Any volunteer who has accumulated approximately 320 hours of volunteer work (i.e., 6 months of library monitoring, part time library assistance, etc., over a period of four or more years, etc.) shall be eligible for a Volunteer Life Membership and then can be voted as such at a ANRL Board Meeting by a majority of the Board and attending members. Past officers, not yet Volunteer Life Members, will have for each year served, 80 hours toward this type of membership.
    Effective with the acceptance of this proposal, all new volunteers shall have the privilege of an ANRL Membership and exemption of membership dues for the year in which they volunteer with approximately 30 hours of volunteer work. (i.e. 10 weeks of library monitoring, part time help, etc.).

Amended articles of Incorporation of the American Nudist Research Library®, Inc.

fuperceeding and replaccing all prior by-laws of this NonProfit corporation.



  • The following are the purposes for which this organization has been organized:
    1. To collect and receive magazines, books, videos, club pamphlets, brochures, commercial products, memorabilia pertaining to nudism and naturism.
    2. To collect and receive all manner of literature and materials pertaining to the depiction of the nude human form.
    3. To collect and receive all manner of literature pertaining to the free expression of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution affecting social nudism including court records, federal, state, county and local ordinances.
    4. To house all the above said materials in an appropriate building, library or display areas.
    5. To exhibit in appropriate manner selected items collected.
    6. To store and protect the above items against the ravages of age.
    7. To make the library facilities available to nudist members, scholars and interested researchers of social nudism. Said facilities to be available on appointment basis only. (*)
    8. To collect and raise monies for the purpose of implementing the library purposes.
    9. To construct an appropriate structure(s) to house, exhibit and store library materials.
    10. To landscape and maintain appropriate setting for the library and archive materials in keeping with the nudist philosophy.
    11. To prepare and distribute literature pertaining to the purposes of said organization.
    12. To pay postage and shipment to facilitate the receipt of said materials. Amended articles of Incorporation of die American Research Library, Inc. superceeding and replaccing all prior by-laws of mis NonProfit corporation.
    13. To hold appropriate fund raising activities to procure funding for activities and expansion. At some time in the future the library may construct its own building and in anticipation of such event, the library can establish a building fund and at times would put money into such fund for the above purposes.
    14. To provide for the future development of the library and archives by making information available for donations through bequests and wills.
    15. To authorize presentation of library functions at international, national, regional and local nudist gatherings.
    16. To establish an oral history depository and provide equipment for recording, replaying and preservation of tapes, cassettes and records, including films and filmstrips.
    17. To write, print and otherwise make available monographs and brochures dealing with aspects of social nudist history, development and organizational, social and educational implications.
    18. To establish a variety of memberships commensurate with the level of support for the library idea.
    19. To engage in any lawful activities which is consistent with the law governing corporations not for profit, both Federal and the Florida Statutes.
    20. To be a party to contracts and to in every other way, conduct business and to do all other things necessary to own, operate and engage in this library activity.


Please Print! Membership Number Will Be Assigned.
2950 Sun Cove Drive
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Your Name: Last: _______________ First: ___________ Middle: ____________
Spouce Name: Last: ___________ ____ First: ___________ Middle: ____________
Street / PO Box: ____________
City: ____________________________ State: __________ Zip: ___________ Telephone: __________________________ Email: _____________________________ Tax Deductible Membership Contribution
Associate (Individual or Couple) - $20
Club Sponsorship - $20
Sustaining (Toward Life) - $125
Patron (Life) - $500
E-Mail: _________________
Amount Enclosed: $__________
Membership Voluntary Gift TOTAL
Checks may be made payable to ANRL

This publication is the property of the American Nudist Research Library. It should be kept current when provided updates and addendums, and returned intact upon termination of volunteer services.