Oct 21, 2020

This code that makes this report runs in a terminal window on MAC that has Internet access. It produces about 150 lines of code in the terminal window. That code is converted into a markdown table.

This is a report of files copied from PATRON to NAS on 2020/09/14

NAS PATRON Stats on date: 2020–10–21
Name Kind Count
1TB__Audio Files : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Audio Files .mp3 123
1TB_Books : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Books .pdf 144
1TB_Club Folders : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Club Folders .pdf 0
1TB_Cove Players Performance Programs : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Cove Players Performance Programs .pdf 26
1TB_Library Catalog : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Library Catalog .pdf 18
1TB_Magazine_Archive : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Magazine_Archive .pdf 11,968
1TB_Magazine_Archive US : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Magazine_ArchiveUnited States Magazines .pdf 4,869
1TB_Magazine_Archive Foreign : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Magazine_Archive/Foreign Magazines .pdf 7,099
1TB_Newsletters : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Newsletters .pdf 7,046
1TB_Newsletters Active : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Newsletters/Active .pdf 3,679
1TB_Newsletters Inactive : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Newsletters/Inactive .pdf 3,367
1TB_Nudist Clubs & Organizations .pdf 2,960
1TB_Nudist Clubs & Organizations Club 628
1TB_Photographs : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Photographs .pdf 1
1TB_Videos : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Videos .m4v 12
1TB_Videos : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Videos .mp4 5
1TB_Who’s Who Files : /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/Patron 2020–09–14/ANRL Archive/Who’s Who Files .pdf 377