Updated: May 04, 2020

This is the way ANRL is reaching out to volunteers, patrons, members and clubs.

OutReach to Members and Volunteers:

  1. Twitter (@ANR_Library)
  2. Facebook (ANRL’s Facebook Group)
  3. eMail to members from FileMaker who have active eMail addresses
  4. eMail to volunteers
  5. Updates to ANRL’s web site
  6. Write Blurbs for Cypress Cove Newsletter

Other opportunities:

  1. Did You Know? N Magazine
  2. Did You Know? AANR Bulletin
  3. Rix Place ?? (Not sure if this is still up and running.)
  4. Contact people who have purchased books/mags/dvds and give them updates of availability of new material
  5. Contact Clubs and invite them to be Club Sponsors and support ANRL