NAS User Guide

Nov 20, 2019

The purpose of this User Guide is to detail the steps needed by a library volunteer to use the Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Please refer to the Usage Model for ANRL’s NAS

Mount G-Drive

1. File Station -> Tools -> Remote Connection -> Connection Setup
2. Click on Google Drive icon -> Next
1. This will allow Synology File Station to: See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
2. Enter UserID and Password of G-Drive account
3. done

G-Suite Setup
1. Login to Google with 2. Contact Support 3. Chat: How to sync with NAS? “What are the steps needed to sync files on G-Suite with NAS?”
4. Use Drive File Stream with work or school


  1. by local computer connected with local network (Cat–5)
  2. by remote computer connected to any network

Upload files

  1. Drag and drop
    1. navigate to folder for the file
    2. drag and drop from local computer to this file
  2. Port Forwarding Ports 21, 22
    1. Connect to router with ethernet then Login to Router at with UserID admin and Password password
    2. Navigate to Firewall then Virtual Servers / Port Forwarding
    3. New for ports 21 and 22
    4. logout
  3. FTP How to Set Up FTP on Your Synology NAS
    1. Need to setup Port Forwarding on Modem/Router
    2. Spectrum Business Phone Support: If you still need to reach a Spectrum Business representative, please call us at 1–855–491–8858. Call Center Hours: 8AM and 9PM ET (Monday – Friday). Jim
  4. SSH Configure Synology NAS SSH Key-based authentication
  5. Login to ftp: Host=

Download files

Link files

  1. Dropbox
  2. G-Suite