Master Catalog

Master Catalog Spreadsheet Concept Plan

date: Mar 15, 2021 by: David C Foote VP2 ANRL

The heart of the catalog project will be a spreadsheet consisting of various panes arranged in both horizontal columns and vertical lines, each described as follows: 

Panes in the vertical direction are sets of individual magazines, issue by issue, with a line for each specific magazine held in inventory in whatever format, physical or digital.

Each pane in the vertical direction will have a top header line indicating if this was the first issue ever of that particular magazine, or if this magazine was descended in some way from magazines elsewhere in the spreadsheet. Similarly, each vertical pane will be terminated by a footer, indicating if this was the last issue ever in that particular lineage, or if there are descendants from this magazine located elsewhere on the spreadsheet.

So to summarize, the top line of each magazine pane will indicate magazines from which that particular title descended with a link to any parent magazines, and the bottom line will show a link to panes where that magazine’s lineage continued, or indication that the bottom line issue under that title was last in the lineage ever published.

As an example, a magazine that began publication as “The Nudist”, was published under that name for some particular time but then ceased due to a change of name to “Sunshine & Health”, would have a footer following the line for the final issue of “The Nudist” that would link to the pane listing the issues of “Sunshine and Health”.

Panes in the horizontal direction will start with the leftmost columns of the spreadsheet containing standardized catalog information for every magazine listed, to include TITLE, VOLUME, ISSUE, INDEX, MONTH, YEAR, VERSION(Such as re-touched, un-retouched, club issue, ASA issue, etc.), PUBLISHER, COUNTRY, LANGUAGE, PAGES, COMMENT, etc. The catalog information pane will be followed by columnar panes for each consortium library indicating shelved paper magazine inventory for each particular issue plus an indication whether that paper magazine has been scanned by that library or not. Other columns can be added in the library panes for other data the library wishes to track.

It is proposed the spreadsheet be shared to all libraries through Google Sheets. If at some time in the future it might be desired to create a relational database for this information, it would be very easy load the inventory spreadsheet content into a database at any time. Similarly, re-sorts of the spreadsheet content could be easily accomplished, and various kinds of spreadsheet macros might be developed. Mounting the spreadsheet in Google Sheets would facilitate sharing across the consortium or elsewhere if desired.