Library Tour Checklist

Jan 13, 2020

Library Tour Checklist for introductory tour

  1. Welcome to the Library!
    1. All visitors are asked to sign-in. While available, offer bookmarks (Free) and towels ($25).
  2. Point out the features of the Library
    1. Mention file cabinets…club brochures and news clippings.
    2. Back Room—mention that Master videos et al are stored there and that room is not available for patrons. For researches, video catalog is available and both video machines will play VHS and DVD.
    3. The white binders in the main room are Club Newsletters.
    4. Left wall, Nudist magazines, mostly American.
    5. Back wall is Nudist books.
    6. On the center bookcases, are videos that can be borrowed by ANRL members, as well as nudist magazines which are available for a donation.
    7. Also in the center bookcases are lendable books to members, as well as books and videos available for a donation.
    8. Scanning room and research alcove. Point out scanner. All magazines and newsletters have been scanned over a period of five years.
    9. Note the guidebooks.
    10. Cabinet…mostly labelled photos.
    11. Point out the location of Patron Computers #1 and #2
  3. Talk about the Library
    1. Mention $20 annual membership dues. Cards for Volunteers are on the table.
    2. Mention the benefits of being a member of ANRL.
    3. Surplus books and videos are available to Members for a donation.
    4. All scanned items are available on patron computer #1.
    5. ANRL is in a Consortium of 4 libraries which is available on patron computer #2.
  4. Ask: “are you looking for anything in particular?”