Library Material and Location

Library layout for Books, MAGs, Tapes, DVD and Newsletters, Etc.
Updated Jun 26, 2020 Rev 16


  • Current President Paul LeValley
  • Head Librarian
  • Material (or Library Material): Books, MAGs, VHSs, DVDs, Cassette Tapes, Photos, Club folders, Newsletters, Who’s Who folders
  • Newsletter (Not ‘News Letter’)
  • Database (Not ‘Data Base’ or ‘Data base’ or ‘data base’)
  • Digital (Not ‘Electronic’ or ‘Magnetic’)
  • Patron Computer The computer that patrons can use
  • Librarian Computer This the Gateway machine
  • Hold This is a category for loose magazines which are waiting to be bound. A volume will be bound when all issues of a series are available. Some issues are extremely rare that causes a delay in doing the binding.
  • Surplus Material that is available. See the table of Suggested Donation.
  • Lendable (Lend) Material that can be lent to Library Members after getting proper identification.
  • Non-Lendable (NLend) Material that can not be lent to patrons or members.
  • View material can be viewed in the Library on Library equipment.

Rooms in the Library

  • Main-Room (MR) This is the big room of the Library and it has two parts with a double bookcase down the middle.
  • Back-Room–1 (BR1) First room you get to from the office area of the Library
  • Back-Room–2 (BR2) Second room you get to from the office area of the Library
  • Alcove (ALC) This is the room where book scanner is located
  • Librarian’s Desk This includes the desk and two computer stations on the East side of the Main Room.
  • South-Wall The wall in MR that runs from the restroom to Alcove. Also called the SW Wall.
  • NW Wall This is the main entrance
  • NE Wall This is in back of the computers in the Librarian’s area
  • SE Wall This is the wall straight ahead as you walk in the entrance
  • SW Wall This wall goes from the restroom to the back of the bound scanning machine

Categories and Location of Material

  1. Foreign vs. Domestic Material
    1. There is no distinction between rules for Foreign vs. Domestic Materials.
    2. Foreign Loose Magazines will be set separately from the American magazines.
    3. Foreign includes all countries outside USA.
Definitions of Categories of Material
Material Category Description Quantity In This Category
MAG A1 Loose Magazine 1 Copy
MAG A2 “Hold” (Waiting to be bound) 1 Copy
MAG A3 Magazine is in a Bound Volume 1 Copy
MAG A4 Scanned Magazine 1 Copy
MAG S1 Loose Mag (If A1 & (A2 or A3) are filled) All Extra Copies
MAG S2 Bound Volume 1 or more copies
Book A1 Non Lendable 1 Copy
Book A2 Lendable (If A1 is filled) 1 Copy
Book S1 (If A1 & A2 are filled) All Extra Copies
Book R1 Rare / Fragile / Valuable Unlimited
VHS A1 VHS 1 copy
VHS A2 Lendable (If A1 is filled) 1 Copy
VHS S1 (If A1 & A2 are filled) All Extra Copies
DVD A1 Copy of VHS, View in Library 1 Copy
DVD A2 Copy of VHS, Lendable 2nd Copy
DVD A3 Original DVD, View in Library 1 Copy
DVD A4 Original DVD, Lendable 2nd copy
DVD S1 Copy of VHS 3rd and higher Copies
DVD S2 Original DVD 3rd and higher Copies
Location of Material
Material Category Description Location
MAG A1 (US) Loose Mag BR1 Outside wall shelf, South wall shelf and new Center Room Shelf
MAG A1 (Foreign) Loose Alcove Shelves
MAG A2 Hold Loose BR2 NW Corner
MAG A2 Hold - Not complete Bottom Shelf MR below Bound Volumes
MAG A3 Bound MR Center Wall
MAG A4 (Digital) US & Foreign Patron & Librarian Computer
MAG A2 Waiting to be bound BR2 center wall shelf near South Wall
MAG S1 Loose Shelves in center of Main Room
MAG S1 Loose Shelves in BR1 & BR2 Center Wall (Extra magazines not fitting on shelves of Main Room)
MAG S3 Bound Surplus areas BR1
Book A1 Non Lendable Any Book South wall of MR
Book A2 Lendable Any Book Center shelf by Librarian MR
Book S2 For Donation Any Book
Book R1 Any Book Alcove side
VHS A1 Any VHS outside wall shelf of BR1
VHS A2 Any VHS MR, center shelf near Librarian’s Desk, Alcove side
VHS S1 Any VHS MR, center shelf by Librarian’s Desk
DVD A1 & A3 Any DVD outside wall shelf of BR1
DVD A2 & A4 Any DVD MR Center Shelf near Librarian’s Desk
DVD S1 & S2 Any DVD MR Center Shelf near Librarian’s Desk
Newsletter A1 Printed Front shelves of Main-Room
Newsletter A2 Digital In DB on Patron Computer

Lending Policy

  1. Library Members can borrow Books and DVDs for a maximum time of one week. We will ask for identification such as a Drivers License. Fines may be considered for books not returned in good order or not returned on time.
  2. Books can be returned to the Library or at the Cypress Cove Office.

Suggested Donations

Surplus Material can be made available to Library patrons for a Donation. The Donations amount will vary by the age and rarity of the Material. Donation values will be set by the President and/or Head Librarian.

Recommended Donations Amounts (Some Exceptions May Exist)
Material Classification Recommended Donation
Common MAGs or books Many on hand - Examples Nude and Natural and Naturally $3.00 (4/$10.00)
MAGs 1981 to present $5.00
Early MAGs 1951 to 1980 $10.00
Very Early MAGs 1950 and earlier $15.00
Bound Magazines Any S2 magazine (Available to other Libraries Only) Negotiable
Post Cards with many on file $5.00
Rare Post Cards with many on file $10.00
Surplus Nudist Guides $0.50
Books Common Surplus $5.00
Rare or Specialty (Books and Magazines) Donations at typical market value with Suggested Donations from $10.00 to $100.00