Jan-16-2015-Board Meeting

Minutes of Jan 16, 2015 ANRL Membership Meeting

Meeting date: Friday, Jan 16, 2015 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Jan 25, 2015

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Meeting called to order at 11:00 AM by: President Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call of Officers and attendees: Bob Proctor, Secretary
    1. Board: Dave Graber (President), Bob Proctor (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer)
    2. Others attending: JoAn Marchese, David Foote, Kathleen Knoderer, Jim Sweeney, Fred VanNest, Sue Nathan, Terry Crump, Ed Westen, Edward Waller, Lou Cook
  3. Minutes of Nov 22, 2014 meeting: A Copy was mailed to Staff Members and is also available on our Web site at http://anrl.org/board-meeting-nov-2014 Bob Proctor quickly reviewed the minutes. Ed Westen pointed out that it was Tom Bergen who presented the scanning report. Dave Graber made a motion that the report be accepted as corrected and the motion was carried.

  4. President’s Report: by David Graber, ANRL President This Completes one year for me as ANRL President. It has been an interesting learning process as I have learned what needs to be done. I want to thank all of you for the support, encouragement and letting me know when I’m missing something that needs to be done. We will have the election of Officers as the last item for the today’s meeting. If anyone would like to run for any office please let me know because an election is so much better than an affirmation. We have taken on many projects. The library has been advancing in our Digitization of bound material including newsletters and the Inventory of the whole library is well on its way. We plan to continue to grow. We are considering doing Video interviews with key members in the nudist community. The Library represents a lot of the nudist activity around the Americas. We have material from all over the world but we want to add missing material. ANRL is not connected to any club or organization even though it is located at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort. We strive to cover all organizations in the Americas. We believe we are the largest nudist library in the world, but there are still a lot of material that we don’t have.
    JoAn commented that AANR has audio tapes of conversations that may enhance our audio collection. This will be investigated.

  5. Vice President’s Report: John Frakes was not present and did not submit a report

  6. 2nd Vice President’s Report: Roger Vonland was not present and did not submit a report

  7. Secretary Report Jan 16, 2015 Robert Proctor
    There are many projects underway at ANRL. In the last 3 months I have focused on:
    1. Video of AANR Trustee Meeting (Final Cut Pro training) and shooting sample video and publishing it to ANRL’s Web site. This was a very time consuming project doing the research. We have three cameras available for shooting video with three camera angles.
    2. Setting Multiple Dropbox Accounts for library archiving and sharing. Dropbox is a cloud storage facility.
    3. Finishing the Book Inventory and updating the Database in preparation for printing the Book White Book
    4. Normal correspondence and publicity: Did You Know and Cove Newsletter
    5. Web site maintenance, security updates, web page updates, ANRL Holiday Dinner activities
    6. Logo and Banner Re-Design. Bob presented an idea for the new Banner. JoAn will send an article on good practices for eye-catching banner design.

    End of Secretary report

    Motion to accept Secretary’s Report was seconded and approved.

  8. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim Note The treasurer’s report was not available for the meeting but it was submitted a couple days later. Roe reported that there were few updates to last month’s report.
    Membership income stayed about the same from previous year and membership gifts took a big jump from last year. Money was spent on computers to enhance a more up to date library and making it more user friendly.
    End of Treasurer’s Report

  9. Bound Material Scanning and Inventory Report: January 16,2015 Ed Westen As of January 11, 2015 the total number of magazines scanned, processed, safely stored and ready for patron use is 4241. This is about fifty-six percent of our US magazine collection and about forty percent of our foreign collection. Mark, Tom, Gail and Gary have worked hard to help bring us to this point and we’re hopeful that the scanning of our US collection will be done by the end of the year. The biggest challenge will be scanning the newspaper sized pages of AANR Bulletins and other publications in that format. Scanning magazines which have been bound is also difficult.
    About a year ago the patron computer developed a software problem that required taking it to Best Buy for repair and then reloading software and data here to return it to its previous state. I understand that the situation occurred because of a conflict caused by its connection to the internet, an automatic update attempt, and the Deep Freeze program that wouldn’t allow the update to complete. Please do not connect the patron computer to the internet unless you are willing to take it in for repair and reload its data if it crashes again. I reported to the Board at its November meeting that I had begun building a Shelf List for the purpose of tracking which magazines in our collection have been scanned and the location of those that still need to be done. I suggested that the Shelf List might be useful in recording the data that the projected inventory would generate and put it in a useful format. I was not able to be at the meeting and am not aware of any official action that the Board took on the matter. During the past six weeks a physical inventory of our US magazine collection and part of our foreign collection has been done. The results are:
    US: 4115 different issues 3359 bound issues with a few duplicates, 4856 archive (loose) issues with many duplicates, 2304 issues scanned, 4114 in surplus
    Foreign: 3332 different issues (so far), 2180 bound issues, 1937 issues scanned, 439 in surplus
    Total: 7447 different issues with the foreign archive section incomplete.
    The Shelf List, including the inventory data to this point, totals 162 pages and has been printed. Lou, Terry, Becky and Sue have helped tirelessly with the inventory and Dave did important preliminary work in organization and provided leadership. Finally, an inventory is never quite done nor exactly right since new material is acquired and surplus material removed every day. The Shelf List needs to be updated regularly in order to best manage our collection. I would suggest that the updating be done perhaps twice a month and, as much as possible, by the same person. Hopefully, a volunteer can be found for this important position.
    End of Bound Material Scanning report

  10. Newsletter Processing and Scanning Jim Sweeney Jim reported that we are receiving newsletters from 31 clubs and have received 384 newsletters in 1014. Most of these are harvested off the Club Web sites but four come in as paper copies. We have a huge collection of paper newsletters and while perhaps half of those have been scanned, we don’t have a good correlation between the paper copies and the scanned copies. More work is surely needed in this area. At some point we will need to decide what to do with the paper copies. The paper copies are taking a considerable shelf space at the library.
    End of Newsletter Report

  11. Membership Committee Report -Bob Proctor- Number Paid Up Members: 77, Tardy: 24, Due or slightly Overdue: 14, YTD Membership $ Received: $2180 / $2270. What should be done with members who are very much behind in their dues?
    End of Membership Committee Report

  12. Database Report by Bob Proctor Nothing new, just normal updates. The White Book for Books will be printed soon.
    End of Database report

  13. Technical Committee: Bob Proctor
    - Carbonite discontinued (saves $90/year)
    - Dropbox Pro started (costs $120/year)
    - AANR Trustee Meeting: Video Project shelved
    End of Technical Committee Report

  14. Newsletter Report Bob Proctor Korie Schmidt edited the Newsletter and Connie Torres is doing the Layout.

  15. Publicity Report: Bob Proctor 1. Logo and Banner re-Design http://anrl.org/36th-anniversary-banner-ideas
    1. Need volunteer to assist with ideas 2. Did You Know? 1. Need to improve on quality of the “Did You Know” articles 1. e-FROG 7 “Did You Know” articles submitted in 2014 2. The Bulletin 7 “Did You Know” articles submitted in 2014 3. Cypress Cove Newsletter Articles submitted 4. N-Magazine “Did You Know” Article submitted 5. Cove Residents Block Party This event was a great success. 50 or 60 attendees and many of them came into the library for a tour. We now have a couple new volunteers and members. 3. Suggestion ANRL to contact Ted Hadley to suggest a blurb about the Library in the Cove’s BrightHouse Channel.
    End of Publicity Report

  16. Old Business

    1. Shipping Rates Bob Proctor presented rates for Flat Rate Boxes. Edward and Bob will finalize details of shipping rates.
    2. Copyright The “Getting Permission” book is our Book Collection and is available for anyone to read.
    3. Team to review and update Standard Operating Practices (SOP) Bob reported that there is a page in the “Staff Only” section of http://anrl.org which has PDF versions of two procedure manuals and text files extracted from the PDF which can be used as a starting point for edits and corrections to the manuals.
      1. Contact other nudist organizations Need volunteer to connect with organizations
  17. New Business
    1. Web site content updates. Nobody has volunteered to take this position. Korie Schmidt is reviewing the job and may learn procedures. Bob will continue to work with Korie.
    2. Review digitized files (Who’s Who, Club folders, filing cabinet content, post cards) and compare with scanned data. We are looking for volunteers to work on this project.
    3. Video Interviews ANRL is planning a series of video interviews. We need to make a sample script with questions and a list of interviewees. Bob Proctor made a motion that David Foote be the first interviewee. Motion seconded and carried. David said he was good to go on this video.
    4. Annual Report is due to State of Florida
    5. Dates have been set for our 2015 Board Meetings: 1) April 17,2015 2) July 17,2015 3) Oct 23,2015
    6. Armand & Angelina performance is not set. We are working on March 5, 2015 for a date. A discussion was held on the how the last performance was managed. General opinion was that we didn’t do well as a fund raising project. We tabled this discussion
    7. Election of Officers Slate of officers: Dave Graber (President), Edward Waller (VP), Roger Vonland (2nd VP), Bob Proctor (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer) and Ted Hadley (Director.) There were no new nominations. The secretary made a motion to cast a unanimous vote to accept the slate of officers as presented. Motion was seconded and carried.
  18. Adjournment Motion by Roe Ostheim to adjourn the meeting was seconded approved. (11:58 AM)