How To Find Stuff On ANRL Web Site

How To Find Stuff on the ANRL Web Site

Jul 29, 2023

Navigating the menus of can be confusing as not everything is included in menus. Use of one of these techniques may yield good results:

Method 1

Find something by use of Google Search or DuckDuckGo, but constrain the search to the Website.

Do that by adding to your search string with DuckDuckGo or Google. For example, search for anniversary:

  1. DuckDuckGo: anniversary
  2. Google: anniversary

Once your search lists the hits, go to a page that looks promising, then do a find inside your browser to locate the text you are looking for.

Method 2

If you are an administrator, you will see a tab on the top of every page called Content. Click this and do a search for something. You will be searching in page title names, so keep it simple. With any luck you will see the name of the page, then will be given the option to open the page.

Method 3

Navigate to the Dropbox page where source files are saved. It is called ~/Dropbox/ANRL-Web-Site/ANRL_PAGES Search the file names which show up for part of the page title. Once you have found the page (it will be a markdown file) open it with a Markdown editor. It will look exactly the same as the real web page. You could then go to the Website and find the real page.