HIDWID - Bob Proctor

HIDWID - Bob Proctor

Feb 11, 2021 rap

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Look at the ANRL Training Page for details on a number of things I do:

How I do things

  1. I use computer skills in a number of areas to accomplish complicated tasks.
  2. I’m always looking for shortcuts, tricks, good utilities. Use of textexpander and keyboard shortcuts helps a lot.
  3. I subscribe to LinkedInLearning and train in specific areas such as FileMaker, web site development, and shell programming.
  4. I use Apple computers. They are based on UNIX and offer a terminal window to run shell commands.
  5. I use Markdown and MultiMarkdown for writing most web pages.
  6. I use BBEDIT for text editing and manipulation. It is powerful and robust.
  7. I like to keep my computers up to date and modern.
  8. My memory is only so good. Remembering where I put stuff is a problem so I like to leave tracks, pointers and links to stuff I’ve done so I can find important things. Part of this is done by writing to the web site. Another part is putting things in specific places, like web page source files, programs, scripts, test data, etc.
  9. I use Evernote Pro to keep things I don’t want to forget and now it has ~2000 files. I keep things organized and tagged for easy access.
  10. I backup my data with BackBlaze, time machine, apple backups and external hard discs.
  11. I do a lot of searching on the web to help with problem solving. When I find things on the web I write links to them in Evernote.
  12. I write computer programs and use perl, a programming language. Usage varies from command line perl programs to complex programs.
  13. I think problems and projects out, then make a workflow, then follow the workflow and document the results.
  14. I pay attention to documentation and use technical writing techniques, avoid the passive voice and refer to things specifically rather than obscurely. I avoid referring to something as ‘it’ or ‘they’ or ‘them’. I point to files with links and don’t like to simply say that they exist someplace.
  15. When documenting, I always add a date stamp. This helps distinguish versions of the same document and insure that the correct document source is used for updates.
  16. I work at home where background music is playing and it’s quiet with few distractions.
  17. I work quick on the computer as my fingers know lots of tricks and shortcuts, many times doing complicated work. I don’t do multi-step tasks slowly because I could forget that I was trying to do before finishing.
  18. I’d rather just do some things immediately than postpone and then have to think things out again. 5-minutes now is easier than a half hour later or even never at all. Web page updates typically take just a couple minutes/
  19. I prefer to work as a team when it comes to project definition and workflow. I lose interest in completing things when there is somebody’s mess to clean up.
    1. When volunteers do things independently or unilaterally without consulting with me, the guy who is supposed to merge things together, then expect their work to be merged magically into the Database or web site or NAS, then remain blind as to what mess of problems they have caused, then I becomes discouraged and de-motivated.
    2. I prefer to do things once in a well thought out way rather than to things over and over in different ways.

Focus items

  1. Vice President -
    1. Do all things mentioned for VP in Job Descriptions
    2. Keep members and volunteers informed on happenings at ANRL
  2. Responsible for ANRL’s Mail: anrl@anrl.org and admin@anrl.org I check for new mail several times a day and promptly reply or forward. I have access to ANRL’s mail at my house so there is no need to be in the library to handle mail.
  3. Web Site updates and maintenance I maintain a list of recent updates to the website at page:
  4. Update Collection Report Generation HIDWID
  5. Documentation -
  6. Report Generation:
    1. From FileMaker, special layouts and scripts to filter data
    2. From NAS: SSH and FTP
  7. Book of the Month - monthly updates
  8. Keep documents related to web site updates with yearly renewals
  9. Database maintenance
  10. Technology Chair - keep stuff working
  11. Synology NAS -
    1. Documentation A number of web pages in the Staff Only area of our web site detail procedures getting data into and out of NAS as well as status reports for material in NAS.
    2. Maintain NAS hardware to keep it running
    3. Load data on NAS
    4. Export data from NAS as necessary
    5. Create status reports of data on NAS
  12. Communications - Writte notes to volunteers and members
  13. Outreach - Twitter/Facebook/Cypress Cove Newsletter/Clubs/Members/Yelp/
  14. Purchase material from Amazon as needed: Printable DVD, printer ink, supplies etc.