Fulfillment: Membership Proposal 2

Fulfillment: Membership Proposal 2

Apr 15, 2021 rap


To clarify and document a process that will be used by ANRL’s Membership chairperson and treasurer to efficiently process and record patron’s dues dues payment and gift giving activities.

Basic Problem with Dues and/or Gift processing

Dues and/or Gift payments by Patrons not being acknowledged in a timely manner and then hearing from the patron that the check was cashed but no acknowledgement arrived.

Terms being discussed here

  1. Librarian Any of ANRL’s volunteers who is performing duties of the Librarian
  2. Membership Chairperson
  3. Treasurer
  4. Patron A member of, visitor to or a guest of the library
  5. Dues Payment ($$ funds)
  6. Gift ($$ funds)
  7. Membership Database
  8. Treasurer’s Bag
  9. Receipt (from receipt book in desk drawer) Original/Copy 1/Copy 2 that stays in book)


  1. Patron pays dues by mail or in person and/or patron donates to ANRL
  2. Librarian reads the daily mail and once realizing this piece of mail is Membership related Mail
    1. fills a receipt and attaches receipt copy #1 to the funds and puts funds and receipt in the Treasurer’s bag
    2. Attaches a copy of the receipt to the piece of mail (renewal form and envelope) in the Membership Chairperson’s Box and marks the mail as Membership.
  3. Membership Chairperson
    1. Reads the mail in his/her box in a timely fashion such as every few days.
    2. Records payment and/or gift in the Membership Database
    3. Using a single button on the Membership-Payments tab, three things happen:
      1. Payment is recorded in the Database
      2. eMail with acknowledgement is sent to the Patron, or a letter with acknowledgement is printed. If payment is a gift-only and if a special thank-you note is needed, then the membership chairperson will ask the Secretary to write a letter and notify the Treasurer when sent.
      3. eMail is sent to Treasurer with a notification that membership dues or gift has been processed.
  4. Treasurer
    1. Does not deposit the funds until receiving acknowledgment eMail from Membership Database or Secretary.
    2. Keeps the receipt (Where?)


  1. What is the purpose of the receipt after payment is complete? Is this something we should keep?