Fact Sheet


May 12, 2023

  1. ANRL was established September 3, 1979 (over 40 years ago) and is situated on the grounds of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.
  2. American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. is a Non-Profit organization and is Incorporated as a Florida Non-Profit Corporation.
  3. The library is staffed completely by volunteers who work both on a regular schedule at the library and from their homes.
  4. Besides our regular members, we have over 100 life members.
  5. Members can borrow ‘Circulation’ Books and Videos for 1 week.
  6. Regular library open hours are Monday through Saturday from 1 to 4 PM when volunteers are available. We may be closed on some days so please call ahead.
  7. We average around 500 to 700 visitors to the library a year. We encourage visitors to sign our Visitor Log Book.
  8. We are active in social media with a Twitter account @ANR_Library and a Facebook Group American Nudist Research Library.
  9. We publish two regular ANRL newsletters a year. These are available at the library, on our web site https://anrl.org and sent to our members and friends.
  10. We publish V-News which is a Volunteer Newsletter several times a year. This is available on the Website.
  11. The entire library collection has been donated by individuals, clubs, organizations and anonymously.
  12. Researchers from many countries have used ANRL: Australia, England, Canada, France, Italy, So. Africa, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and USA.
  13. Our collection includes approximately 12,000 nudist magazines, 900 books and 800+ videos, 350 Who’s Who folders, ~20,000 photographs, and countless Club Newsletters.
  14. Our videos cover many topics including clubs promotions, TV interviews, interviews of nudist personalities, slide shows, international travel and a complete collection of performances by the Cypress Cove Players. Most of our videos have been converted into DVD’s.
  15. We have approximately 960 nudist club files from both today’s clubs and clubs no longer in operation.
  16. We have thousands of club newsletters, many of which have been scanned. We ask all clubs to add us to their mailing lists. We are currently subscribed to ~45 club newsletters.
  17. Our Patron Kiosk is available for viewing scanned magazines, Club Newsletters, Who’s Who, and more. Please visit ANRL and browse.
  18. We have been a member of the American Library Association (ALA) for many years.
  19. Two 35 mm movies from our collection have been donated to the Library of Congress.
  20. Our recently modernized web site https://anrl.org is highly ranked in Google Search. We publish lists of our Archived material on our web site but do not publish actual content because of copyright limitations.
  21. To preserve fragile contents of the Library, we are steadily moving ahead with our document scanning program which includes magazines, books, newsletters and who-s who files.
  22. We were awarded the Ig Nobel prize for Literature in the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) on May 24, 2004
  23. ANRL wants to increase its staff of volunteers. We need scanners, professional librarians, someone skilled in copyright issues, and anyone who has technical skills in web design or database programming.