Digital Project - Scanning Overview

Scanning Overview

Jan 1, 2014 rap

Converting The Collection to Electronic Format

The ANRL is at the leading edge of the nation’s libraries as it plans to convert its entire collection to an electronic format.

This will, first of all preserve a fragile and mostly paper collection of documents in a format that will withstand the ravages of time. It will also allow a copy the collection to be stored in an off site location, so that it would not be lost should a disaster befall the Library itself. Secondly it will eventually allow the collection to be made available to qualified individuals and groups via an on-line connection.

Several things are happening in parallel. The Library is working with the Library of Congress to have an index of the collection included in the Library of Congress’s index. This will allow anyone who electronically searches for a particular document or topic to find a link that indicates that the document may be found at the ANRL in Kissimmee.

In addition, we are now scanning portions of the collection of unbound documents, using a flat bed scanner. These will be stored in a PDF format. The Library has found a vendor of a high speed scanner for our bound documents. When scanned, the information will be converted to a PDF format.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Library is engaged in a series of activities aimed at raising the substantial funds (over $100K US ) required to accomplish this task. Grants from a variety of foundations and other sources of funds are being aggressively pursued, including soliciting donations from the AANR regions. Individuals with a desire to help the Library in this effort are encouraged to contact us at 407–933–2866 or at any of the other ways shown on the contact web page. Bequests are especially welcomed!

Anyone who is the Kissimmee area and has the time and energy to help with the herculean task of scanning thousands and thousands of pages of documents, should also contact us as above.

Once scanning is completed we intend to make the entire collection available on-line to qualified individuals and organizations.

Thank You for your support of this massive project!!