Digital Project - Big Data

Digital Project - BIG Data

Updated Jan 24, 2015 rap

The Digital Project has been in progress for around ten years. As of now we have scanned 50% of our magazine collection. Newsletters are being scanned as we get them. Older scans of Club Folders, Who’s Who and Newsletters may need to be re-scanned at some point because of both poor quality scans and the new unscanned content that has been mixed into the folders.

Our old FileMaker 5 Database of individual tables has been upgraded to a single FileMaker 13 Relational Database with ten different kinds of data including: Books, Audio, Video, Who’s Who, Clubs, Club Folders, Newsletters, Scanned Magazines, Photos, and The Bulletin. All (100%) of our digital content has been placed in Container Fields of the Database and can now be viewed or listened to while using the Database. The Database is available inside the Library but we’re working on making it available outside the Library with secure servers.

All of a sudden we’re dealing with BIG Data. Working with BIG Data will require bigger and faster computers. Upgrades to our computing tools inside the Library are now in the planning stages. Many of our volunteers have much faster computers in their homes, both Mac and PC, than what’s available inside the Library.

To date we’re right around 250 GB in size. This does not include Videos in VHS or DVD, The Bulletin, Books, Photos, Post Cards and some other material. Some of theVideo files could be in the GB+ size category. While no exact estimate is available, we’re thinking the total size could easily approach 1 TB. It’s BIG Data!