Data Flow In-the-door-to-Archive

Data Flow: In-The-Door-to-Archive

Feb 17, 2021 rap

The process for handling new material that comes into ANRL is the similar for Books, videos, audio tapes, magazines, calendars, etc. There may be variations as noted below.


  1. LIBRARIAN is any of ANRL’s group of volunteer librarians.
  2. DATABASE is the Database administrator

General Process

  1. New material comes in and is placed in a box for a LIBRARIAN to process
  2. LIBRARIAN adds new record into the Database
  3. LIBRARIAN works with DATABASE to define naming conventions or new categories of data if necessary
  4. LIBRARIAN sets material aside for scanning
  5. When scanned, a rubber mark “SCANNED” shall be stamped on the first page of the document.
  6. Convert scan to .pdf
  7. The name of the scanned file is added to the Database
  8. The LIBRARIAN shall file the new folder, book, video, Who’s Who page, club page etc. into its correct location: filing cabinet, shelf etc.
  9. Digital data gets stored in Synology NAS by some process
  10. Data on Synology NAS gets copied onto BU Hard Discs
  11. Data gets copied to the Patron computer

Flow of Digital Files to Archive

  1. There is no flow diagram as of today Sep 09, 2020. Jim, Dave and Bob are planning to make one.
  2. Once a digital file is created, it is put someplace as indicated in the following list:
    1. Newsletters: Jim writes it to his Newsletter Dropbox into a shared folder called “For Patron.” Bob uses FTP to copy the file to “For Patron” on NAS, then Bob moves the file to the correct location in the directory structure of Newsletters on NAS.
    2. Gary Nichols’ Audio files Gary adds files to ANRL’s dropbox. He then drags and drops the files into NAS directory called /volume1/homes/Gary Nichols/Drive: /volume1/homes/Gary Nichols/Drive
    3. Bob’s data: A Backup task is used to copy files from an external hard disc (connected to Bob’s laptop) to NAS at location /volume1/homes/admin/Drive/Backup/MacBook-Pro.local/Volumes/2TB-Passport/AANR-ANRL/NAS Sync 03/.
    4. Magazine PDF files: There is no procedure in place as of Sep 09, 2020. In the past months, Ed W. created a Digital Archive disc and that disc was connected to the Secretary computer. The Synology Drive Client was running on the secretary computer and a Sync task automatically did its syncing job. Now that Ed W. isn’t here, we have no method of adding newly scanned magazine PDFs to NAS. Also, since no new magazine scans are being made, this is not a big issue.
    5. Book PDF files: this is the same as the new Magazine PDF files mentioned above.

Flow Diagram

  1. A flowchart has been discussed but so far nothing has been developed by Jim Sweeney, Dave Foote and Bob Proctor.
  2. Synology NAS is proposed to be at the center of the flow diagram. Its input comes from several places and its output is to the Patron computer.


Note: ADMIN is Bob Proctor, NEWSLETTER is Jim Sweeney

  1. NEWSLETTER Opens eMail and get file
  2. NEWSLETTER Re-Names file [Process needs to be defined in detail]
  3. NEWSLETTER Scans if necessary: some files already in OCR’d PDF and some are text files.
  4. NEWSLETTER Merges single page .pdf files into larger .pdf. There is an Acrobat function that can handle this.
  5. NEWSLETTER Alternatively, Opens a Club web page and copies the current Newsletter .pdf file.
  6. NEWSLETTER Re-Names file according to ANRL’s naming convention for naming Club Newsletters
  7. NEWSLETTER Copies file to the Newsletter Dropbox [] and place it into the For Patron folder. This folder is shared with ANRL’s Dropbox.
  8. ADMIN will copy all Newsletter files into NAS For Patron directory using a FTP program (ex: CyberDuck)
  9. ADMIN runs a custom program called ANRL_Build_Newsletter_List which is in Bob’s laptop in a BBEdit project called Build_Newsletter_List. The program creates a file called COMMAND–2 which has the shell commands to move each Newsletter into its correct directory on NAS from /volume1/ANRL SYNC/For Patron/For Patron
  10. ADMIN runs COMMAND–2 in a terminal window on his MAC computer.


  1. New book comes into the library



  1. New magazines come into the library
  2. Magazines get entered into the Database
  3. If magazine is already in the Database, the number of copies gets incremented
  4. If magazine is not in the Database, a new record is added
  5. If magazine has not been scanned, it’s set aside for scanning
  6. Scanning is done and the file is named according to a process that’s hard to understand. Need more details.
  7. The scanned file is converted to PDF
  8. The process of how the PDF gets on the Digital Archive discs is not documented.
  9. There is no process to get the PDF into NAS.

Who’s Who

  1. Add a new Who’s Who folder in Who’s Who File Cabinet
    1. New material comes in and is placed in a box for Lou Cook (or representative) process
    2. Add new filename into ANRL’s FileMaker Database
    3. Set material aside for scanning
    4. Material is scanned and stamped SCANNED with the rubber stamp
    5. Convert scan to .pdf
    6. File the new folder into its correct location in filing cabinet
  2. Add new pages into an existing Who’s Who folder
    1. New page comes in and is set aside in the incoming box
    2. Material is scanned and stamped SCANNED with the rubber stamp
  3. Add new file to Digital Archive
    1. Need to work on this process


Need Details

VHS to DVD and .mp4

Note: CONVERT is Gary Nichols

CONVERT does all steps in the flow . The details of this process are in the How I Do What I do pages on ANRL’s web site.

  1. Borrow VHS from Library and process on home computer, then return to the library
  2. Create a DVD with a ‘dub’ process using our Funai machine
  3. convert image file to .mp4
  4. log into NAS
  5. Navigate to /volume1/homes/Gary Nichols/Drive: /volume1/homes/Gary Nichols/Drive
  6. Drag and drop .mp4 file into NAS
  7. exit NAS