Convert audio file to mp3 for web

Train: Convert audio file to mp3 for web

Jan 18, 2018 rap

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Audio recording made from an Olympus 801 Voice Recorder have been made for ANRL Board Meetings. This is a procedure for converting audio files to .mp3 for use on ANRL’s web site.

Note: This procedure works but it isn’t the only way to get this conversion done. Please document other working procedures. Since Olympus 801 only outputs .WMA files and because the Audacity audio editing app does not input .WMA files, we have to convert .WMA to something else. I use WMAtunes (purchase on App Store for $3.99) for conversion and then Audacity (Free) for editing the .mp3 file.

  1. Record audio on Olympus 801 (or similar device) and note the file name and folder. It will be a .WMA file if using an Olympus 801.
  2. Connect Olympus to computer with USB and verify that it’s connected.
  3. On computer, navigate to the audio file used for the recording.
  4. On computer, make a folder for holding the audio file (ex: ~/Dropbox/Projects/MeetingNotes/).
  5. Copy the audio file from the audio recorder to computer
  6. Convert the .WMA file to .mp3.
    1. Process the .WMA audio file with the WMAfile app by dragging and dropping the .WMA file to the WMAfile app window. The .mp3 file will be added automatically be added to iTunes but you can delete it if desired.
    2. The .mp3 file is available in ~/Music/WMATunes-WMAConvert/ It seems that this is hard-wired and you can not change the location.
  7. Edit the .mp3 file as needed
    1. Use the Audacity app (available on many platforms)
    2. Import .mp3
    3. Trim off unwanted audio
    4. Remove noise as needed
    5. Select the entire audio track
    6. Export .mp3 to audio file (ex: ~/Dropbox/Projects/MeetingNotes/new_file).

Now the .mp3 file can be placed on the ANRL web site and used as desired.