Consortium Libraries

Consortium Libraries

  1. American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. (ANRL)
    1. Located at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort
  2. Western Naturist Research Library(WNRL)
    1. Located at Glen Eden Sun Club
    2. WNRL Updates and Photos
  3. Naturist Education Foundation Research Library(NEFRL)
    1. The NEF Research library is situated in a 1,000 sq. ft. office suite located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
    2. NFRL Photos Sept 2015
  4. AANR-NW Regional Library
    1. Located at The Willamettans I’m not aware of a web site for this library.
  5. A fifth nudist research library has been added. It is the Canadian Naturists Federation Research Library and is headed up by Randy Low There is no Website]
  6. Other Libraries:
    1. British Naturism - Website missing
    Note from Brian: 2022–03–09

Good morning from the UK,
I just thought I ought to give you all a very brief update on the (lack of) progress with the setting up of the British Naturism Archives at our Sunfolk site (

The setting up of a specialist archive facility is part of an overall upgrading of the Sunfolk site that we are proposing. This upgrade required planning permission from the local authorities which has only finally been achieved very recently. In our optimism, we had envisaged this to have been obtained in time for the upgrade works to be carried out over the winter of 2021/2. With the delay in getting permission to proceed, we have now taken the decision to postpone the works until the site closes to visitors in the autumn of 2022 - so works will now take place over the winter/spring of 2022/3 with a planned reopening of the site in June 2023.

It will not be until that date that I can get access to the new modular building and finally get our BN archives out of the external storage facility in which they are currently being held.

In the interim, I can only say it has been really helpful to watch your progress on your four sites over in the US and I know that we will be in a great position in 2023 to pick up and apply some of the operating principles you are currently developing. My vision remains that at some point we will be able to join the Consortium in some form of membership and thereby make the archives we all hold more accessible.

With my very best wishes,

Brian Curragh MA
Archivist, British Naturism
British Naturism Reg. No. 07276944. Registered in England at 4 Pavillion Court, 600 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, England, NN4 7SL.

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