Borrowing Policy for Copyrighted Material

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  • Name Borrowing Policy for Copyrighted Material
  • Date Aug 07, 2023
  • Author Dave Graber President
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Borrowing Policy for Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted material: Books, VHSs and DVDs

Books, Magazines, VHS and DVD can be copied for library use at the library. To make a copy of copyrighted material, the library has to be in possession of the original copyrighted material. To use copyrighted material in the library, the original material must stay in the possession of the library. If someone wants to check copyrighted materials out of the library, only the original Books , magazines DVD or VHS may be checked out. The copied copyrighted material cannot be checked out of the library.

David Graber
ANRL President


  1. If original is © VHS and if we have copied to DVD, then what? Can borrower only borrow the © VHS?
  2. If we scan a © Magazine and convert it to PDF, are we prevented in sharing the PDF? Any exceptions? We have shared PDF files from ‘N’ after getting permission from Nicky Hoffman.