Board Meeting Nov 2014

Minutes of Nov 22, 2014 ANRL Board Meeting

Meeting date: Friday, Nov 22, 2014 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Nov 22, 2014

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Meeting called to order at 11:02 AM by: President Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call of Officers and attendees: Bob Proctor, Secretary
    1. Board: Dave Graber (President), Roger Vonland (2nd Vice President), Bob Proctor (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer)
    2. Others attending: Fred VanNest, Sue Nathan, Terry Crump, Mitzi Proctor, Tom Bergen
  3. Minutes of Aug 22, 2014 meeting: A Copy was mailed to Staff Members and is also available on our Web site at A motion by Roger Vonland to approve the minutes as presented was seconded by Roe Ostheim and the motion was carried.

  4. President’s Report: by David Graber, ANRL President

    The library staff has been working very hard since our August meeting.

    The scanners have continued to make good progress scanning and we have been able to add another person to do scanning. Ed’s Westen our head scanner report will cover more details. He is on a cruise relaxing.

    I’m calling a meeting for people who would like to help with the inventory. I want to put together 2 person teams to do the work using a lap top computer that Ed has lent us. We will be using excel as a data base to do the inventory. After completing the inventory it will be converted to an acceptable form to be pulled into the main Data base. The reason to use Excel is because it is a common program that I expect many of our staff can use with minimal training. The meeting will be Wednesday Nov 26 at 11:00 to set up teams and go over details how we will do it. If you can’t attend the meeting and want to help contact me. Ed has done much of the foreign magazines all ready.

    The Books and Videos have been inventoried. We now have a large number of books and videos both DVD and VCR that are loan able to Library members. There has been some materials checked out. We are hoping as more people are aware of what we have to offer, people will join the Library and utilize the materials that are available. There is a box in the Cove office for returning library material when the library is closed. The librarians that checks for mail should also check the box in the office.

    We have been fortunate to get another librarian Terry Crump. This allows the library to be open from Tuesday until Saturday.

    Bob Our technical chair person has had problems with the Web site. He is working to build a new one to hopefully solve the problems. He has gotten several people to work on it with him. This will make it possible to spread out the work and have more people available to help when we have problems in the future.

    I would encourage all of the officers and volunteers to get a UserID and Password for our web site. With it they can look at the Staff Only area. There has and will be impotent information put there for the staff.

    I would like to complement our entire staff on the great job they are all doing, each person in their own way. We have a large job with the digitizing of all our material, the inventory, finding a way to make the old Database work with our new Database, and the continued work on all the newsletters.

    We have some of our staff that knows our material very well and have been very instrumental when people come in to learn specific things. I would encourage Our librarians and other workers that aren’t as knowledgeably and don’t have patrons needing help. Please look threw the books magazines and the material in the file cabinets to become more aware what is there. This way you will be able to help people better in the future. We are striving to make all the library material more available to more people in the future.

  5. 2nd Vice President’s Report: Roger Vonland was present but had nothing to report.

  6. Secretary Report Nov 22, 2014 Robert Proctor
    1. General Office Work (11 items)##
      1. Last Board Meeting Notes are on Web site
      2. Procedures written for Borrowing books and videos
      3. Information Station added (desk tray purchased at Staples)
        1. New Material Handling Procedures
        2. Borrowing Procedures
        3. Membership report (Red Book Printed)
      4. Schedule for next year’s meetings: Jan 16, 2015, Apr 17, 2015, Jul 17, 2015, Oct 23, 2015
      5. Labels printed for DVDs
      6. White Book for Videos printed
      7. 3“ x 5” Library Cards printed for Videos on blank card stock
      8. Setup a Dropbox for ANRL. (Free and has 2 GB of storage)
      9. Renewed ALA yearly membership: $150
  7. Keeping Track Of Stuff (9 items)
    1. Membership
      1. New Life Member - Rock Haven Lodge
      2. Bulk Email mailings for Block Party, Board Meeting
      3. New Members from Block Party - Joan Harris
      4. New Volunteers from Block Party - Terry Crump & Elyse Fox
      5. Staff & Volunteer Contact List updated and published in “Staff Only” area of <>
    2. Videos
      1. Inventory complete, DB updated and Shelves Organized
      2. All Videos are now labeled to match DB records
      3. 35 presentations by “The Cove Players” have been added to Archive
      4. 160 DVDs reviewed and results documented in DB
      5. ~50 VHS converted to DVD on ANRL’s new $149 FUNAI Digital Recorder
      6. Purchased 300 blank DVDs and 300 DVD Cases
      7. Reports on Web site are current
    3. Books
      1. Inventory complete

      2. Database Updated

      3. Books Labeled with 3-character code plus DB numbers

      4. Reports on Web site are current

      5. “White Book” for the Library table: WIP

      6. Newsletter for Jan–2015
        1. Several articles are partially written
        2. Article submission period is open.
    4. Research Projects
      1. Howard Wallace is researching history of “Lake Of The Woods”
      2. Lina Chavez is researching “History of Florida women in Early Naturism”
      3. Bill Isham is researching history of “Paradise Valley” Club (Bill is now a Library Member)
      4. Dr. Dwight Damon is working on 1963 ESA Convention

    End of Secretary report

    Motion to accept Secretary’s Report by Ted Hadley was seconded by Roger Vonland and approved.

  8. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    Note The treasurer’s report can be found at the 30-minute mark on the audio tape. Roe distributed printouts of her report which had 2014 information and 2014 vs. 2013 expenditures. YTD 2014 is now $9670 and that’s mostly computer and digital and operating expense. Book and magazine sales were down in 2014. Membership was approximately the same as last year. We didn’t have the “Armand and Angelina Classical Pop Music Duo” concert in 2014. Options are still under consideration for moving ANRL’s CDs from their very interest rate to something higher.

    End of Treasurer’s Report

    Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Bob Proctor was seconded by Roe Ostheim and approved.

  9. Bound Material Scanning, Ed Westen November 22, 2014
    The magazine scanning project has reached a milestone. As of November 12, 2014 we have scanned, processed and made available for patrons to view 4002 magazines. That achievement is largely the work of our excellent scanning staff: Mark, Tom, Gail, Gary and our newest member Elyse. Thanks to all of them. Libraries in which I have worked keep track of their collections using a file called a shelf list. This file contains a record of each item in the library. When an item is either added or removed the shelf list is adjusted accordingly. The shelf list is not used by the public, it is not useful for research nor does it take the place of a card catalog; it simply tracks the collection.

    A shelf list of our collection would be useful so that we can be sure that all of our magazines are scanned. Therefore, I have put together a shelf list which is an Excel worksheet, formatted to be a simple database, that contains the 4002 magazines scanned, so far. The shelf list will match each scanned magazine issue with its hard copy’s place in the library. So far only inventory data for our Canadian, Australian and Italian magazine holdings has been added to our shelf list but as more of our physical inventory is done and more scanning is done then more data can be added. Since the shelf list can be easily accessed using a laptop that I have lent to the library, workers actually doing the inventory may wish to enter their data to it directly, eliminating paperwork. In the future, items acquired by the library can be added and surplus material that is “sold” can be removed, thereby maintaining an ongoing, accurate record of our magazine collection.

    Attached are two printouts of a portion of the Canadian shelf list.

End of Bound Material Scanning report

  1. Database Report by Bob Proctor
    Note A copy of this was sent to Paul LaValley for the Professors and Researchers SIG) See Link
    1. Newsletters from Clubs fall into several categories
    1. Archived Newsletters that are in 3-ring binders scanned: These were scanned a number of years ago 1. Total Clubs - 84 2. Total PDF files - 1204 (These are organized by Club by Year and all pages for a single year are dumped into a single PDF file) 3. Archived Newsletters not scanned: No estimate
    4. New Newsletters Scanned: 5. individual PDF Files - 1133 (each file is one Newsletter issue) 6. Clubs sending Newsletters: 28 2. Books
    3. Regular Books: 617 4. Guide Books: 131 (~70 Surplus need to be sorted and labeled) 5. Scanned Books: 3 6. Circulating Books: 178 7. Audio Tapes 8. MP3 Tracks: 120 9. Not converted to MP3: 70 tracks 2. Scanned Magazines
    1. Issues: ~4,000 2. Titles: ~230 3. Percentage: 50% 3. Videos
    1. Unique Videos (VHS + DVD): 673 2. VHS: 568 3. DVD: 495 4. Circulating Videos: 117 5. VHS to convert to DVD: 92

    End of Database report

  2. Newsletter Scanning Report: Jim Sweeney did not submit a report.

  3. Technical Committee: Bob Proctor reporting
    1. Website
      1. Was broken (Unable to installable security updates) and was vulnerable for several months
      2. A request for help went out to members
      3. 8 members offered to help (Education started and each was offered a practice Drupal site)
      4. Worked out Security Issues
      5. Brought Web site back to life
      6. General Web site cleanup is now in progress
      7. Looking at adding New functions
      8. Staff Only area is back on-line. Members must enter UserID and Password
      9. New problem with site security (upgrade to Drupal 7.34)
    2. Library carpet was cleaned by Tom Bergen and Ed Westen
    3. ANRL’s Air Conditioning Unit stopped working and was replaced.
    4. MarkdownPad (Markdown editor for PC) was installed on the Gateway computer.
    5. Google Chrome was installed on the Patron Computer
    6. Telephone malfunction was repaired by Bob Proctor

    End of Technical Committee Report

  4. Publicity Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Publicity
      1. Logo and Banner re-Design
        1. Need volunteer to assist with ideas
      2. Did You Know?
        1. Need to improve on quality of the “Did You Know” articles
        2. e-FROG 7 “Did You Know” articles submitted in 2014
        3. The Bulletin 7 “Did You Know” articles submitted in 2014
      3. Cypress Cove Newsletter Articles submitted
      4. N-Magazine “Did You Know” Article submitted
      5. Cove Residents Block Party This event was a great success. 50 or 60 attendees and many of them came into the library for a tour. We now have a couple new volunteers and members.
      6. Suggestion ANRL to contact Ted Hadley to suggest an blurb about the Library in the Cove’s BrightHouse Channel. End of Publicity Report
  5. Old Business

    1. Team to review and update Standard Operating Practices (SOP) Bob reported that there is a page in the “Staff Only” section of which has PDF versions of two procedure manuals and text files extracted from the PDF which can be used as a starting point for edits and corrections to the manuals.
    2. Postage Bob and Edward will review postage rates and publish new rates which will include bulk mailing boxes and envelopes.
    3. Facebook Page for ANRL ANRL was supposed to make a Facebook Page. This was first suggested at out last Board Meeting by Ted Hadley. No progress has been made with this.
  6. New Business
    1. Motion was made by Dave Graber to change ANRL’s Member Notification Policy to: 1) Newsletters will be sent by Email to everyone except those who have requested US Mail delivery, 2) Minor notices (such as announcement of Board Meetings, events and happenings at ANRL) will be sent by Email but not sent to members without Email. 3) Board members to get all mailings. Some discussion took place. The motion was seconded by Roe Ostheim and carried.
    2. 2014 Holiday party is scheduled at for Sat Dec 13.2014 at 5 PM at the Cove Terrace. Bob will send an invitation to Staff members and a list of invitees to Dave Graber. This event is a pot luck with Arnie from the Cove supplying the main course. Staff members are invited to bring a side dish, salad or dessert. ANRL will supply drinks water, soda and wine.
    3. AANR has asked ANRL to make a video of the Feb 2014 Trustee Meeting which will be at Cypress Cove. Bob Proctor was appointed as Technical Chair and Fred Van Nest was appointed as Logistical/Political Chair.
    4. Bob mentioned that there will be a class to show Staff members how to add content on the Web site.
    5. Dates have been set for our 2015 Board Meetings: 1) Jan 16,2015 2) April 17,2015 3) July 17,2015 4) Oct 23,2015
    6. The secretary will contact “Armand and Angelina Classical Pop Music Duo” at and discuss having a concert in 2015. Last show was 2/28/2013 at Lakeside.
  7. Adjournment Motion by Roe Ostheim to adjourn the meeting was seconded approved. (12:12 PM)