Board Meeting Notes Jan 22, 2016

Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Jan 22, 2016 Board Meeting
Jan 20, 2016

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM in the main room of the library at Cypress Cove Resort.

The audio recording of the meeting is available here


  1. Call the meeting to order - Dave Graber
  2. Roll Call:
  3. Reports of Officers and Directors
    • President - Dave Graber
    • Vice President - Edward Waller
    • 2nd VP - Roger Vonland
    • Secretary - Bob Proctor
    • Treasurer - Roe Ostheim
    • Director - Ted Hadley
  4. Reports of Committees
    • Scanning Bound Material - Ed Westen
    • Newsletters - Jim Sweeney
    • Membership - Bob Proctor
    • Database - Bob Proctor
    • Technical Committee - Bob Proctor
    • Newsletter - Becky Silverstein
  5. Old and Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjournment

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Roger Vonland, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: JoAn & Frank Marchese, Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan, Ed & Marianne Thibault, Mark & Becky Silverstein, Jim Sweeney, Sue Nathan
  3. Presidents Report: Dave Graber
    This Past year has continued to have significant advancements with our 2 scanning projects Newsletters and magazines these groups will say more but I want to congratulate all the hard workers working on these programs. Our librarians as always are doing a great job helping our many visitors. It is very nice to hear people that have been to the library comment how friendly and helpful our librarians are. Several of our staff know our material excellently they can send a person quickly where to go to find what they are looking for. Our Newer librarians are sturdily becoming more proficient thanks to the more experienced staff.
    The library is open from Tuesday through Saturday It would be great if we could find another librarian so we could be open from Monday through Saturday. The library is the largest nudist library in the world. We have over 20,000 different pieces of materials they are ; attached sheet. There is a new project headed up by Paul La Valley to collect educational articles out of our many magazines and consolidate them into a searchable form. We have started a dialog to share duplicate material with the new NNF Library (TNS). If any of the other nudist library’s that are being considered we will work similarly with them.

  4. V President’s Report: Edward Waller

  5. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    The significant event this quarter was the Dean Hadley Video Interview. The 36-minute video was shot on Dec 16, 2015, edited soon afterwards and published on the ANRL Web site as a YouTube Video on Dec 19, 2015. Reoccurring tasks include: normal correspondence by Email and USMail, bookkeeping, membership updates, publishing articles to the Web site, submitting “Did You Know?” articles and Web site maintenance.

  6. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    Roe filed her usual financial report and reviewed account balances, spending by category, income and expense.

  7. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen
    Bound Material Scanning and Inventory Report: January 22,2016 One year ago, on January 16,2015,1 reported to the board that the scanning department had finished processing a total of 4,241 magazines and that they were available for patron use. Now, after a year of hard work by the scanning department including Mark, Terry, Tom and Gary, I’m pleased to say that the number of scanned and available magazines stands at 7,647, an impressive achievement!
    Similarly, a year ago I reported on the creation of the magazine shelf list which is a compilation of the data from the inventory of our magazine collection. The magazine shelf list now includes all the magazines in our collection along with the location of archived copies, the location of bound copies, whether the item has been scanned or not and whether we have any copies in surplus. The shelf list contains data for all 11,219 different magazines in our collection. As more scanning is finished, as new items come into the library and as surplus is removed the shelf list will be updated so that it continues to remain accurate. Lou and Jim have compiled data on the scanned newsletter collection and a newsletter shelf list has been created. It shows that we have 7,266 scanned newsletters. The library has many more that are not yet scanned or whose scans are not yet stored on the patron computer. The work is ongoing. Paul has assisted the scanning department by checking files stored on the patron computer and compiling a list of magazines that we would like to obtain in order to fill out our collection. He has used the scanned archive to gather information for study and for publication and can testify to its considerable value as a tool for researchers.
    Finally, some of our collection of videos has been converted to digital files and uploaded to the patron computer. In time, the present television and video player can be retired and another patron computer or even two can be added to that area of the library. Thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped to make this past year so productive.
    Ed Westen, Bound material scanning

  8. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney
    This report is a record of the activity of the ANRL Newsletter Digital Archive for 2015.

    During the past year we added 527 items to our Archive from 49 organizations Items were obtained from emails, postal service and by download from web sites.
    Organizations 2015 Not Email
    AANR-NW 39
    AANR East 11
    AANR E-Bulletin 8
    AANR Florida 11
    AANR 14
    ANRL 1
    Abbott’s Glen 11
    Bay Area Naturists 15
    Bexar Rec Society 9
    Camp Indiana 11
    Coventry Club 2
    Cypress Knee Online 46 WEB
    Eden RV Resort 4
    Fern Hills Club 2
    Glen Eden 10 WEB
    GNI 4
    Gulf Coast Resort 4
    Gymno-Vita 12 USPS
    Hidden Lake Resort 8
    Hidden Springs 6 USPS
    Kaniksu ranch 7
    Lake Como 53 WEB
    Lake Edun 34 WEB
    M C Solar Bares 1
    Montana Naturist 11
    Natures Hideway 1
    NNH 14 WEB
    North Coast Naturist 13
    Northern Exposure 8
    Nudes in the News 16 WEB
    Paradise Lakes 31 WEB
    Potomoc Rambler 10
    Professors SIG 5
    Rock Haven Lodge 9
    Sanibel Naturists 4
    SCNA 12 USPS
    SFFB 10
    Sunchasers Times 1
    Sunny Rest Resort 37
    Sunsport Gardens 11
    Tallahasee Naturally 4 WEB
    The Free Beach News 1
    White Tail Resort 1
    Young Naturists America 4

    Total   5276. 
  9. Membership: Bob Proctor
    There were several new members and Life members for this period. We have 184 members who get Email notifications and 13 who are not on Email. Dues notices were sent to 15 who are between 13 and 180 days out of date and 24 who are between 181 and 1000 days out of date. 10 of these are Club Sponsors. Membership info is all in the FileMaker Database. Many Emails and USMails with reminders to renew membership have not been acknowledged. Members are move to Inactive status when no contact is made for over 3 years.

  10. Database: Bob Proctor
    All FileMaker 14 files are stored in ANRL’s secure Dropbox. Minor changes to scripts are needed almost every month. Changes are for error checking, increased functionality and bug fixes. While using the Database, I fix things that need fixing rather then let them pile up for later maintenance. We have some books and videos that need to be entered into the Database.
    1. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
      Two new Training pages were added: 1) “Sending Mail to ANRL Membership” and 2) “Dropbox Folder and File Sharing.” Several Training pages were updated. Training pages are in the Staff Only area of ANRL’s Web site. All volunteers are encouraged to read these pages and setup their computers to use the procedures.
  11. Old Business
    1. SOP: Still on hold
    2. Contacting Clubs is still on hold
    3. Video Interviews will continue in 2016
    4. Staff BIOs was mentioned (old business) and Paul LeValley suggested that we keep the “Staff Only” write-ups but also add BIOs in the Public area of the Web site. He will lead the activity to make this happen.
    5. Book Indexing Naming Change was mentioned before and reviewed at this meeting. Lou Cook will lead the activity to make this happen.
    6. Results of a special meeting that was held Jan 15, 2016 to discuss digital material
      1. Board members present Edward Waller, Roe Ostheim, Bob Proctor, Davis Graber. Members present: Becky Silverstein, Mark Silverstein, Ed Westen, Paul LeValley, Jim Sweeney and Lou Cook
      2. Items that were discussed: Any copy over 4 pages need to have a signed copy right form to get them. If we work out a procedure only life members should be able to borrow digital material for a specific time periods like 3 weeks. Material could be sent on a portable hard drive. Board must approve who has access to our digital material . We should contact the American Library association on copy right.
      3. Suggested by Bob that we have 4 areas to cover
        1. TRUST
        2. Control our materials
        3. Delivery system
        4. How do we establish a list of materials.
      4. A team has been tentatively formed of Bob Proctor, Paul La Valley and Dave Graber to come up with a procedure for the library to lend our material to remote library’s or researchers. One Idea is to charge a fee to borrow a external drive with our material to be returned in 3 week or a large fine would be charged.
      5. Edward Waller made a motion that our digital material is not allowed on the internet. Roe Ostheim seconded. Edward Waller, Roe Ostheim, and Dave Graber voted to pass the motion. Bob Proctor voted against it. The Vote passed and should be placed in our procedures. I think the people voting did consider the consequences of what was voted on.

        Dave Graber ANRL President
  12. New Business
    1. There was a report that Fred Van Nest was hospitalized recently but details are missing. Does anyone know how Fred is doing? We learned that Fred was hospitalized but is now home and doing much better.
    2. Use of Non-Profit Stamps for mailing ANRL material was reviewed. Terry Crump will investigate using the stamps we have.
    3. Election of Officers
      Motion made and seconded to re-elect the slate as proposed except for 2nd VP. Seconded and carried.
      Motion made and seconded to elect Lou Cook as 2nd VP, seconded and carried.
    4. Roger Vonland has volunteered to open the Library Doors on Mondays. We had previously only been open on Tuesday through Saturday.
    5. Dave Graber announced that the meeting dates for future Board Meetings in 2016 are April 8, July 15, and Oct 21.
  13. Motion to adjourn the meeting seconded and carried.

  14. Meeting adjourned at 11:59 PM.