Board Meeting Notes 2016-10-21

Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Oct 21, 2016 Board Meeting
Nov 09, 2016 rap

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM at the Library at Cypress Cove.


The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Lou Cook, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan, JoAn Marchese, Jim Sweeney, Fred Van Nest, Joan Harris, Ed Westen and Payl LeValley
  3. Presidents Report: Dave Graber
    I have been gone a lot longer than planned, I just returned. I want to thank all the people that have worked so long and hard keeping the library operating. I want to especially thank Ed Weston and his crew, Mark Silvester, Tom Bergen, Gary Wright, and Tod Ash, that have been doing the magazine scanning with Edward Waller doing Quality Control. Jim Sweeney who single handily been taking care of scanning both new and old news letters to make our collection one of the best collections of searchable nudist newsletters around. Terry Crump has been working very hard with Bob Our secretary to learn and take over doing membership. This has been a very long and hard process. Lou for taking care of our magazine and book inventories. The many people that have been our daily librarians Edward Waller, Sue Nathan, Lou Cook, Terry Crump, Paul La Valley, with Ed Westen filling in when needed.
    Bob Proctor and Dave Foot have been working hard on our SOP with Job descriptions. Where would we be without Roe Ostheim, watching our finical stuff, Thank you one and all.
    The Magazine scanning is coming close to being completed. There are a number of ideas for additional projects to make our material more useful to members and researcher.
    Our next meeting is our annual meeting and election of officers. We are looking for people that would like to help out with the library and become an officer.

  4. V President’s Report: Edward Waller

  5. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    1. I published the minutes of our last board meeting and published it to the web site along with the audio recording. Look at:–2016–07–15
    2. Normal activity of correspondence and distribution of requests for support with research to our staff and research coordinator.
    3. Note sent to members asking for book donations for books on the list that ANRL plans to purchase.
    4. Note sent to volunteers asking them to comment and update Dave Foote’s Job Descriptions and SOP.
    5. ANRL’s Trademark Registration must be renewed once every 10 years and it’s due this year. Pamela S. Chestek offered to renew the Trademark as a tribute to Helen Fisher, her mother. ANRL gladly accepted the offer and the renewal is now in progress. I worked with Pamela to coordinate the renewal.
    6. I continued to work with David Foote on the web site update procedure, the SOP and the Job Descriptions page.
    7. I read ANRL’s mail and either act on items that I can address or forward them to someone who can.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    We started out investing with a Financial Advisor at our Bank as we were not getting enough interest on our CDs. We started out with $50,000 and then we added $30,000 and since then we have added another $15,000 for a total of $95,000. This is a safe investment with a guarantee to earn more money than the original CDs.

    Our Expenses so far this year is $8023 the major monies are for computers and digital equipment, Insurance and our rent. We spent around $1000 more this year than last year. Membership, Books n Magazines are down from last year. Cash Gifts have gone up this year in comparison to last year. We have a total of $117,569.12

  7. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen
    The scanning department would like to welcome a new volunteer scanner, Todd Ash. Todd was previously employed in the copying department at the National Archives so his job here is clearly a step up.
    Tom Bergen has returned from his sojourn at Tampa Hospital and is doing well. Gary Wright has returned from the wilds of Ohio and Mark Silverstein has returned from the Wild West.
    Working together, our group has pushed our scanned and processed magazine total to 10,440. That represents 91% of our collection of 11,460 magazines. We are hopeful that the magazine scanning can be completed, perhaps, before the Annual Meeting in January.
    Ed Westen, Bound material scanning

  8. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney

  9. Membership: Terry Crump
    Membership is still a work in progress. Bob Proctor has been very helpful in the transition. I am still getting a handle on the duties and simplifying. I have been focused on reminding members of their dues and trying to get in touch with those that we have not heard from in sometime.
    We have added 12 new members this year and reconnected with a number of others.
    Thanks to all who have been so helpful.
    Terry Crump

  10. Newsletter: Jim Sweeney
    As of 15 October 2016 and since my last report we added 162 issues which include the current issues from 26 active clubs and 10 back issues from Lupin Lodge, a new addition. Total additions for the year were 519.
    Work on the Archived files has resulted in the processing of 8 more clubs containing 54 newsletters and 1.06 Gb of data. These files are included in the October newsletter shelf list totals of 10812 Newsletters.
    I expect the effort on the Archives to pick up this quarter as more help becomes available
    Total Scanned Newsletters
    Jun 01 9,467
    Sep 01 10,359
    Oct 01 10,496
    Jim Sweeney

  11. Database Report: Bob Proctor
    1. I worked with Terry Crump on Membership activities and updated and fixed the FileMaker Database and user interface.
    2. A new feature has been added to the Membership Database simplify sending notes to selected members.
    3. Printed mail labels for ~40 members who have requested USMail delivery. I simplified the FileMaker panel to make it easier for anyone to print labels.
  12. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Normal web site update and maintenance for functionality and security
    2. I gave Rich Hurst (WNRL volunteer) access to the Staff Only pages on ANRL’s Web site.
    3. A number of web site pages have been updated but many are over a couple years old. I invite everyone to read the web site and point out the things that need updating.
    4. I continue to working with David Foote on procedures for the web site. Dave is now very proficient with MarkDownPad, the preferred app for editing markdown files on Windows machines. Dave also is also good with FTP for transferring pdf, mp3 and jpg files.
    5. Many members know that I recommend the Markdown file format for building web pages. Many members are very reluctant to learn Markdown even though it’s really easy to use. Since Web pages are written in HTML, HTML is hard to write and read, I recommend using Markdown because it’s simple, it works and we don’t have another good choice. If anyone wants to update the Drupal 7 web site with files other than Markdown format, then be my guest.
    6. ANRL’s Local Dropbox is almost full. If anyone isn’t using Dropbox, then please contact me. If you become a Dropbox User, then ANRL gets more storage space.
    7. I updated the “Shelf Lists” several times. I’d like to hand this job off but it would require learning how to use FTP. Is anyone able to help?
    8. There are several technical issues that need to be addressed. I’m looking for somebody to help.
  13. Old Business
    1. Working with other libraries:
    2. David Foote’s update on SOP and Job Descriptions: Dave has submitted a write-up which is attached below. It’s also on the Web site. There will be a review meeting before the next Board Meeting.
    3. Improvements for cataloging the libraries material: Lou Cook reviewed use of LOC numbers in the book archive.
    4. Books to Purchase: ANRL sent a request for members to donate books that are on ANRL’s list of desired books.
  14. New Business
    1. Joan Harris proposed that ANRL send stickers for members to attach to books and documents to remind anyone going through their estate at some future date that the material is to be donated to ANRL. Edward Waller and Lou Cook volunteered to make the stickers and send them out.
    2. Names to be added to each Job in David Foote’s Job Description write-up.
  15. Meeting adjourned at 12:01 pm

Job Descriptions and SOP: Dave Foote


* Our job descriptions project has made significant progress since the April board meeting. In the Staff only area of our website, we now have at least partially completed job descriptions for the five elected officers plus eleven other jobs including:

    - Head Librarian
    - Newsletter Scanning Leader
    - Magazine Scanning Leader
    - Video Leader
    - Book Leader
    - Web Site Leader
    - Archive Leader
    - Research Leader
    - Newsletter Leader
    - Technical Leader
    - Membership Leader

* We also have listed six more jobs where we have come up with the titles we need, but the actual duties are yet to be developed. Those jobs include:

    - Publicity Leader
    - Audio Leader
    - Club Contact Leader
    - Who's Who Leader
    - Photo Leader
    - Post Card Leader

* Volunteers who might not have recently looked at job descriptions on the website should do so and let me know of any changes, additions, deletions, etc, recommended. Also, should anyone have thoughts or ideas about what duties should be included in which job descriptions (can be your own or other people’s job descriptions) please let me know about that also.

* During the new quarter, we will continue working on the job descriptions project and there will likely be some cases where we will be asking specific volunteers for additional information about the jobs they are now doing - - - we want to make sure that all tasks being accomplished by anyone on the staff are included in a job description.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

* With the Job Descriptions project fairly well along, during the next quarter we will be emphasizing further development of the SOP.  We have a Chapter Headings outline of the SOP completed and are pretty well along with the two largest components, the Job Descriptions and the Volunteer Manual (also known as the Librarian Manual). In the new quarter, we will be adding write-ups in each Chapter, and we will be asking people with knowledge/experience in the various areas for help with some of the write-ups.

* For the benefit of those who might not have seen it, the Chapter Outline of the SOP is provided below.  If anyone has thoughts about any additions, changes, deletions, etc for this outline, please let me know. That concludes my report for this quarter. I will not be present at the October Board Meeting, so please email me if there are any questions about my projects.

    Dave Foote
  1. Newsletter

  2. Old Business

  3. New Business

  4. Meeting adjourned at six minutes past Noon.

Here is an outline of the present status of the SOP

Chapter Outline of ANRL SOP

ANRL Mission Statement


  • Election of officers
  • Board meetings
  • Other required activities
  • Personnel

  • Officers and Board of Directors
  • Permanent Committees
  • Projects (list all current)
  • Volunteers
  • Job Descriptions
  • Volunteers (Librarians) Manual
  • Membership

  • Types of Membership
  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Communications

  • Newsletters
  • Website
  • Correspondence
  • Other communications
  • Collections (Books, Magazines, Videos, Newsletters, Postcards, Photos, Audio tapes, Digital Archives, etc)

  • New Material Acquisitions, Classification and Processing
  • Surplus Material Released for Sale by Donation
  • Inventories (Periodic & Special)
  • Catalogs / Shelf Lists
  • Borrowing Material
  • Electronic Access to Material
  • Copying and photographic policies
  • Database and Information systems
    -ANRL Database
    -Backup systems
    -IT Training
    -IT Security

    Project Management
    -Establishment & assignment of projects
    -Monitoring & reporting of projects
    -Research Projects
    -SOP Review & Development Project
    -Scanning Project

    Collaboration with outside organizations
    -WNRL Glen Eden
    -Universities and Colleges
    -Sharing Data

    Facilities & Equipment
    -Building layout
    -Office Files
    —Using files
    —Maintaining files
    —Office file backups
    -Key equipment
    —Staff computers
    —Patron computers
    —File cabinets

    Recovery Plan