Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Jul 15, 2016 Board Meeting
Jul 18, 2016

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM at the Library at Cypress Cove.

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

Note: The first few minutes of the audio tape got lost due to a technical difficulty. Sorry about that! The missing part was call the meeting to order, roll call, and the first part of the reading of minutes of the last meeting.

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Lou Cook, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: David Foote, Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan, Frank & JoAn Marchese, Jim Sweeney, Terry Crump
  3. Presidents Report: Dave Graber
    We are in the summer with many of or workers off traveling. I’m in Michigan until late September. The people who are at the library are doing a great job carrying on our scanning of magazines and newsletters and basic library work. We have several reports from volunteers who have done some very good work. I think their reports will cover the other activities that have been done. Mark Silverstein wrote an article about our library telling what we have to offer. He did a great job. With me being gone I don’t have any other major thinks to report.

  4. V President’s Report: Edward Waller
    None. Edward mentioned that postage rates needed to be changed.

  5. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    1. I published the minutes of our last board meeting and published it to the web site along with the audio recording. Look at:–2016–04–08
    2. Normal activity of correspondence and distribution of requests for support with research to our staff and research coordinator.
    3. I converted sample a Life Certificate and a sample Business Card that Terry Crump can use to make new ones as required.
    4. Meeting with Art Wilson and new Executive Director, Dan WhickerThursday, the 26th at 2:00 PM at the Library. Art wanted to review the data archiving procedures used at ANRL. I outlined the way scanned material is placed into nested folders but not into the FileMaker Database and then information can be retrieved with Adobe searches of selected directories.
    5. Staff Pictures added to Staff Profile Page on Web site. Added photos from recent Newsletter. Missing photos: Tom Bergen, Connie Torres and Roger Vonland
    6. The American Library Association (ALA) sends Emails every week and I’m wondering if I should forward them to the Board? If anyone wants copies of these then let me know.
    7. I Worked with David Foote on the web site update procedure, the SOP and the Job Descriptions page
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    1. We have a $50,000 and $30,000 CD that has given us interest of $800 and this is a big amount compared to what we were previously getting at 1%. We will reinvest again and have also added an additional $15,000. Our expenses this year so far is 6,230.98, the heavy hitters are our monthly rent, computers and our Century link bill each month which runs around $135 and our insurance which is$1184.83 Our Income comparison from last year to this year. Membership is down from 2,230 to 1,085 = loss of $1145 Cash gifts are up 572.04 Books n Magazines are down 960.25 We have a total of $117,050.56 -Roe Ostheim
  7. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen
    1. Inventory and Bound Material Scanning Report: July 15,2016 In order to update our inventory, copies of Clothed with the Sun, Nude and Natural and Naturally magazines, that were stored in the back rooms on shelves and in boxes, have been sorted. It seems unnecessary and wasteful of space to keep more than twelve copies of each issue: one scanned, one bound, two archived, four in surplus and four in surplus 2. Copies of each issue beyond those twelve have been temporarily stacked under the table near the door and are being offered to visitors, free for the taking. At some point unclaimed issues should probably be removed to the recycling dumpster for disposal. In the process of doing this sorting a number of misfiled magazines, not previously inventoried, have been found. Those items, along with several donations and the receipt of subscription issues have increased our total magazine collection to 11,389 items. Of that total, 9,081 magazines have been scanned, processed and made available on the patron computer. To date 80% of our magazine collection has been digitized. Thanks to our scanning volunteers for their continued hard work.
      Recently, one of the cameras used in the bound material scanner failed completely and a second has been troublesome. Both of our spare cameras have been pressed into service, therefore, and two more used bodies have been purchased as spares. Thankfully, the specific camera body required, a Canon EOS Rebel tli, is quite common and used ones are readily available. Considering the large volume of work that our scanning equipment has produced over the past five years the cost of equipment replacement has been gratifyingly low. At some point the scanning computer or the computer used for processing files may have to be replaced but currently the project is proceeding as planned. Ed Westen, Bound material scanning
  8. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney
    1. This report is a record of the activity of the ANRL Newsletter Digital Archive for the 2nd Quarter of 2016. New additions made during this period were mostly items received by downloading from the internet either as attachments to received email sent to us or by downloading items directly from websites. During the past quarter we added 135 issues, 4 new clubs and now have 50 organizations represented. Significant progress has been made in processing previously scanned material and as of the end of lune the total number of newsletters scanned, processed and available on the Patron Computer has reached 10,325. A copy of the 2016 club list is available for review and will soon be added to the website. Hopefully this inclusion may result in adding even more clubs. lim Sweeney Digital Project
  9. Database: Bob Proctor
    1. I worked with Terry Crump on Membership activities using the FileMaker Database.
    2. Printed mail labels for ~40 members who have requested USMail delivery. I simplified the FileMaker panel to make it easier for anyone to print labels.
    3. Email with the Newsletter attached was sent to the ~180 members who have Email addresses. I simplified the FileMaker panel to make it easier for anyone to Email the Newsletters.
    4. Updates were made to a number of FileMaker page layouts to make them look better. There was a problem with differences between my Mac and the Windows machine at the Library.
    5. ANRL mail was installed on the ANRL computer and this although this process seems simple, it took Dave, Jeanie and Bob to get it working. Mail is needed to test the sending of notices to members.
  10. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Normal web site update and maintenance for functionality and security
    2. Replaced the Century Link Modem after an electrical storm
    3. Waited for a group Epson Ink Order but learned that Mile Sullivan is not doing it anymore. Someone could try for some good compatible inks. could also be used for purchase of genuine Epson ink.
    4. A number of web site pages have been updated but many are over a couple years old. I invite everyone to read the web site and point out the things that need updating.
    5. I spent quite a bit of time working with David Foote on procedures to update the web site. Dave is now very proficient with MarkDownPad, the preferred app for editing markdown files on Windows machines. Dave also is also good with FTP for transferring pdf, mp3 and jpg files. He understands how to create new pages, edit and update existing pages and connect pages together.
    6. The procedure for updating web pages is documented in the Training Pages on the Staff Only page of our web site.
    7. Many members know that I recommend the Markdown file format for building web pages. Many members are very reluctant to learn Markdown even though it’s really easy to use. I recommend using Markdown because it’s simple, it works and we don’t have another good choice. If anyone wants to update the Drupal 7 web site with files other than Markdown format, then be my guest.
    8. I made copies of DVDs which Joan Harris lent to us: These are interviews of Jack DePree and Turner Stokes. Joan also wants the Dean Hadley DVD. She wants all three mailed back to her then she will make a donation to ANRL. I could use some help with getting this together and mailed out.
  11. Newsletter
    1. Newsletter: Lou Cook reported that the Newsletter went out, and Lou thanked Barbara Westen for her support. A book review was a nice part of the Newsletter.
  12. Old Business
    1. List of all materials in the Library is a few months old and needs to be updated.
    2. Work with other Libraries: Paul LeValley has talked with Mark Story. The TNS Library catalog is being updated.
    3. SOP and Job Descriptions work by David Foote: Dave’s report was read. A discussion followed. Dave Graber suggested that all active members look at the web pages and make suggestions for the missing pieces, and get those back before the next meeting. Bob will send an Email to the board asking everyone to join in this effort.
    4. Improvements to Book Cataloging: Ed Westen and Lou Cook have implemented the LOC method. Lou gave a detailed explanation of the process used.
    5. Terry Crump gave a membership report including her experiences using the FileMaker Database. She knows how to use most functions at this point. Terry plans to approach members by mail or phone to better understand why renewals are not coming in. Roe asked about how we treat deceased members. The answer is that we flag them in the Database and then they are filtered out from mailings.
    6. Effort to purchase new books. Dave has a list of books. He suggests asking membership if anyone can donate these books. Paul LeValley suggested approaching authors for sample books. Dave will draft an Email and Bob will send it out.
  13. New Business
    1. Paul LeValley mentioned that a UCF professor will be visiting the library this afternoon and he will be wanting to have a field trip in which a dozen or more students would visit the library.
    2. Tables of Contents of the dozen or so most important nudist magazines. Paul suggests adding a new Research Tab on the web site. He will be working with Bob on this.
    3. No Nude Photographs on the web site: OK, we can put a banner up on the web site to say this. It should be on the first page.
  14. Meeting adjourned at six minutes past Noon.