Board Meeting Notes 2016-04-08

Meeting Notes: ANRL’s Apr 8, 2016 Board Meeting
Apr 15, 2016

This board meeting was held at 11:00 AM at Paul LeValley’s house at Cypress Cove, which is near ANRL. The roof on the ANLR building was being re-done and since it was very noisy there, we moved to Paul’s house.

The audio recording of the meeting is available here


  1. Call the meeting to order - Dave Graber
  2. Roll Call:
  3. Reading minutes of preceding meeting
  4. Reports of Officers and Directors
    • President - Dave Graber
    • Vice President - Edward Waller
    • 2nd VP - Roger Vonland
    • Secretary - Bob Proctor
    • Treasurer - Roe Ostheim
    • Director - Ted Hadley
  5. Reports of Committees
    • Scanning Bound Material - Ed Westen
    • Newsletters - Jim Sweeney
    • Database - Bob Proctor
    • Technical Committee - Bob Proctor
    • Newsletter - Lou Cook
  6. Old and Unfinished Business
    1. ANRL Material in the Library
    2. Working with other libraries
    3. Standard Operating Procedures
    4. Dates for our 2016 Meetings: Jul 15 and Oct 21, 2016
  7. New Business
    1. Library fund to purchase new nudist books
    2. Improvements in cataloging library material
    3. Membership
    4. Library Inventory
  8. Adjournment

  1. Call the meeting to order: Dave Graber

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present at meeting: President: Dave Graber, Vice President: Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President: Lou Cook, Secretary: Bob Proctor, Treasurer: Roe Ostheim
    2. Not present: Director, Ted Hadley
    3. Also present at meeting: David Foote, Terry Crump, Jim Sweeney, Paul LeValley, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan
  3. Presidents Report: Dave Graber
    All of our people have been working very hard both Scanner groups have made a lot of progress. They will give details in their reports.
    We have been having some days with a lot of visitors which is very positive our librarians have been making them aware of what we have and helping them find information about their clubs or articles in magazines on things they are interested in. The scanned material in the Patron computer has made these searches faster and easer.
    There will be a new summary on our Collection area on the web site. It will be located after the first click of Collection’s. It is a list of the different materials and how many we have in the ANRL library it does not count the many duplicates. The total number is over 20,600. This doesn’t count much that is in the file cabinets. These numbers are farther in the web site but many people don’t find them.
    We plan covering some activists that would be good for the library making it more robust for the future. But we need people that are interested in working on them. If anyone has some time and would like to help out the library, we are looking for you. Some of these projects could be done primarily from your home. Whoever wants to help the library please contact me so we can talk and find an activity you would like and can help us.
    There has been some discussion on where is the library going? One key Item was looking into Putting our digitized material on the internet to share with research people or library’s. The ANRL board stopped any material going on the internet until a firm understanding of where the big boys are and the courts. Google is spending millions of dollars to develop a working procedure on how to Scan non copyrighted material and copyrighted material. What I have read is for ANRL to scan our copyrighted material for preservation is within the law. But when you start sharing this material with researchers or other library’s in its entirety there are potential serious legal implications. For the time being I think we need to watch how the big boys worked this out. One of the judges Judge Chin on the Google Book scanning case made this statement “he suggested that this matter would best be dealt with by Congress, rather than the courts”. As of right now the “scanned books can be searched through the Google Books search engine, which allows readers to search books for keywords or phrases and read some snippets of text.” google has spent million on legal cost for this projects.
    The Authors Guild proposes that Congress establish a collective management organization called the National Digital Library, similar to A5CAP, to license digital rights to out-of-print books. Authors, publishers and other rights holders would be paid for the use of their works, and they would have the right to exclude their books from any or all uses. This was not set up. The Authors guild has stated they will take their case against Google to the supreme court. This information came from Authors and article by Alexandra Alteroct. 16,2015 other parts came from WICKEPEDIA [sic] and Google book search projects on line.

  4. V President’s Report: Edward Waller
    None. Edward mentioned that postage rates needed to be changed.

  5. Secretary’s Report: Bob Proctor
    Reoccurring tasks include: normal correspondence by Email and USMail, bookkeeping, membership updates, publishing articles to the Web site, submitting publicity articles and Web site maintenance.

    1. Wrote detailed Secretary Job Description which includes Secretarial tasks and responsibilities
    2. Wrote Meeting notes from last Board Meeting and published them to the Web site. Included is an audio tape recording of the meeting.
    3. New Training Pages written
      1. Train: Read ANRL Mail: and
      2. Train: Print Business Cards
      3. Train: Life Certificate Jan 28, 2016
    4. Life Certificate: Darell Hopper Jan 23, 2016
    5. Life Certificate: Forty Acre Club Jan 28, 2016
    6. Did You Know published: 2 new versions
    7. Article released for Cypress Newsletter
    8. Web site clean-up
    9. Updated Web site with magazine and newsletter data which includes only the names of scanned magazines and newsletters
  6. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim
    We have both a checking and money market fund. We move money from money from money market to checking when money is needed. For example: we have moved $3,000 the first quarter of 2016. Most of that was used for computers and software for ‘Digital.’ Other monies were invested in CDs.
    We have tracked the ‘Digital’ monies as those were solicited from members to help with Digitizing the material in the library. There is $23,041,19 left in this fund for the digital project.
    Comparisons Income 1st Quarter 2016 Books & Magazines is $944 lower than in 2015.
    Member Income was $122.50 less than 2015.
    Cash & Gifts was $548.04, mainly with Paul LeValley’s presentation.

  7. Scanning Committee Report: Ed Westen
    Inventory and Bound Material Scanning Report: April 8,2016 The library’s magazine collection consists of both individual issues, organized and stored according to country of origin, title and date and, groups of magazines bound together into books. The catalog of our collection is called the Magazine Shelf List and, if it were printed out today, would be 281 pages long. Each of our 11,299 different magazines is identified by title, some combination of date and/or issue number and country. Each magazine’s entry includes the issue’s format, its location in the library and the number of surplus copies that we have. The Magazine Shelf List as a whole contains more than eighty thousand individual pieces of data, compiled and maintained by the library staff. It is current and accurate and can be viewed on the patron computer, the secretary’s computer and on our website. It is updated in those places, monthly and on the scanning department’s computers several times each week.
    The scanning department including Mark, Terry, Tom and Gary has continued the process of digitizing our magazine collection. As of last Friday, 8,245 magazines have been scanned and are available for use on the patron computer.
    During the past few months visitors and staff have used the digital archives to both further research and find useful or personal information. Magazine files can efficiently be searched and results can be read, saved or printed. One user found poetry written by his father that he hadn’t known existed. Another patron found a photograph of his young sons that he knew existed but had lost and then was pleasantly surprised to find a letter-to-the-editor about it in a subsequent issue. Library staff has also been able to locate and forward information to members in response to telephone requests. Successes like these would be nearly impossible without the digital archive and the hard work of our scanning volunteers.

  8. Newsletter Committee: Jim Sweeney
    This report is a record of the activity of the ANRL Newsletter Digital Archive for the 1st Quarter of 2016. New additions made during this period were mostly items received downloaded from the internet either as attachments to received email sent to us or by downloading items directly from websites. Newsletters received in the mail are scanned as they are obtained and other additions result from an ongoing effort to organize previously scanned images. All items are converted to searchable PDF files and identified by club name and year where possible.
    During the past quarter we added 142 issues received from 46 different organizations. Significant progress has been made in processing previously scanned material to prepare it for addition to the Patron computer. This effort involves reviewing individual scanned sheets, sorting and identifying newsletters by date. About 40% of the existing scanned material has been completed containing over thirty two thousand pages. I am presently working on files for the Olympian Club in California which has 2926 pages scanned dating from 1962. Unfortunately these pages were not always scanned in chronological order or oriented in the proper direction and need to be individually corrected.
    While working this archive I have added 35 more clubs to the Patron computer. Several of these new Clubs have a limited nuber of entries but many of them have newsletters which span multiple years. Next report I will include a complete list of the new clubs added.

  9. Database: Bob Proctor
    1. Installed FileMaker 14 on the new library computer
    2. Database accounts
      1. Guest (FileMaker default) Read Only; Open Database by double clicking the desktop iCon
      2. Books: Read and update but not able to change layouts or scripts. Open Database with Account Name and Password
      3. Membership : Read and update anything including Membership data. Open Database with Account Name and Password
      4. Administrator: Full access, Open Database with Account Name and Password
    3. Training: Absolutely necessary for anyone using the Database. Must schedule time with Bob Proctor
  10. Tech Committee Report: Bob Proctor
    1. Changed passwords on all mail accounts because of brute force attack. Need to find and prevent attacks.
    2. New PC purchased - Windows 10. Installed FileMaker 14.
    3. Modem knocked out by storm: Repair called in Mar 26, 2016: Done Mar 23, 2016
  11. Numerous Web site backups and security updates

  12. Drupal 8 is available for testing. Our Web site is written in Drupal 7. Drupal is a CMS (Content Management System) that is free. If anyone wants to tinker with this and enhance our Web site with new features then contact Bob Proctor for details. Drupal is FREE !

  13. Old Business
    1. Paul LeValley reported that Staff BIOs are almost complete
    2. ANRL Material in the Library
    3. Working with other libraries: Bob showed photos of the Library at Glen Eden
    4. Standard Operating Procedures: David Foote will head up an activity to rewrite the SOP
  14. New Business
    1. Lou Cook will be taking over the Book and Video Database
    2. Terry Crump will be doing business cards and will be working with Bob Proctor to learn how to do the Membership.
    3. David Foote (Life Member and volunteer who lives in CA) will be doing several projects
      1. SOP
      2. Job Descriptions: For each task, what you do, how you do it and when you do it
      3. Recovery Plan: Dave will give periodic reports on this activity
      4. Web site updates, working with Bob Proctor
    4. Fund to Purchase new Nudist Books Graber presented a case for setting up the fund. A motion was made and passed “ANRL will setup a fund with $500 to $1,000 for purchasing 2 copies of recommended Nudist Books. The president will appoint a committee to review and then purchase the books.”
    5. Paul LeValley made a case to publish the Table of Contents (TOC) of around 12–15 popular magazines to a page on ANRL’s Web site. Paul will lead a team to make the web page. Lou Cook made a Motion and it was passed “ANRL to publish a web page with the TOC of popular magazines. ”
  15. Meeting adjourned at one minute past Noon.

Note: Shortly after the meeting, the secretary found a couple items which were accidentally omitted from the agenda:

  1. Lana Van Nest, wife of Fred Van Nest passed away on Mar 29, 2016. There will be a Celebration of Life for Lana Van Nest in the Clubhouse at Cypress Cove 2:00pm Saturday, Apr 16, 2016.
  2. Paul LeValley gave a presentation on Feb 19, 2016. It was a slide show on Cupid in Art. It was a library benefit done in conjunction with the AANR board meeting. Approximately 25 people attended. A number of donations were made by folks listening to the presentation and donations amounted to more than $500.00.