Minutes of ANRL’s Board Meeting

Meeting date: Friday, Apr 17, 2015 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Apr 25, 2015

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

Meeting called to order 11:00 AM Apr 17, 2015

Roll Call

  1. Board: President Dave Graber, Vice President Edward Waller, 2nd Vice President Roger Vonland, Secretary Bob Proctor, Treasurer Roe Ostheim
  2. Members: Tom Bergen, Fred Van Nest, Lou Cook, Ed Westen, Sue Nathan

President’s Report April 17, 2015

  • The Library has continued to make progress in many directions. I want to thank all the volunteers that have made this possible. There are many project that will go on for many years before the library is a modern research library . I hope all of you feel wanted need and rewarded while working at ANRL because each and every one of you are. Take some time and have fun this summer. I don’t want people getting burned out.
  • Many of you have seen the VHS tapes that were donated we have divided them into several groups some for loaning to members some to be given to other libraries somewhere added to our collection .
  • We are looking for a secure location where we can put some of the libraries monies that will give us a reasonable return.
  • We are looking for someone that would like to update the list of active clubs and then up date our map of thee location of active nudist clubs and organizations.
  • I would like a person to Add a new report of status of books and videos being checked out.
  • There is a new feature of having 6 to 8 Videos on the free table being refilled by videos from boxes of S2 video in back room.
  • We have noticed that not many volunteers look at Staff Only area of Web site. Is there a need for help of How to use Web site or is there a lack of need to use it? We need Comments, additions and corrections About the Web site!
  • Publicity
    • Robert Levita visited ANRL and interviewed Bob Proctor in preparation for his article in “Going Natural”
    • Pete Williams interviewed Bob Proctor by phone and then wrote an article in “The Bulletin” for the April edition.
    • I leave end of May, 2015 for Michigan and will return mid-Oct, 2015.
    • AANR has requested that ANRL assist in the creation of a Video Interview of the Hadleys. Dave has a skeleton script that was suggested by Joan Harris of AANR. We will be trying to make this happen in the next few weeks.

Vice President’s report: Edward Waller

No report but Edward mentioned that he found pictures of the Hadleys in the back room and delivered them to the Cove Office.

2nd Vice President’s Report - Roger Vonland

  • no report

Secretary’s Report - Bob Proctor

  1. Printing the White Book for books from the Book Database completed
  2. Celebration of National Library Week: Web page updates and blurbs in The Bulletin and
  3. Added 22 cu’ of VHS (~700 VHS Tapes donated by Wayne Burke) Over 100 titles, 50 new titles. These were sorted, added to the Database labeled and added to shelves
  4. Video Interviews 1) David Foote 2) Helen Fisher and 3) Fred Van Nest
  5. Resolved: Requests for copyrighted material by people: We helped the requester contact the copyright holder directly. That eliminates us as the middle-man.
  6. Updated the State of Florida Corporation Paperwork for Non-Profit (~$100)
  7. Normal correspondence
  8. Printing Library cards and labels for Books, DVDs and VHSs
  9. Dates for Next Meetings: Jul 17, 2015 – Oct 23, 2015 – Jan xx, 2016 – Apr xx, 2016
  10. Logo and Banner Re-Design but still not happy with color and quality
  11. Business Cards printed with updated Logo
  12. In-Basket installed for volunteers that has 10 mail slots
  13. Printing Library cards and labels for Books, DVDs and VHSs
  14. Dates for Next Meetings:
    • Jul 17, 2015 – Oct 23, 2015 – Jan 15, 2016 – Apr 15, 2016
    • All meetings are on a Friday at 11:00 AM in the Library at Cypress Cove

Treasurer’s Report - Roe Ostheim

Roe reported general numbers for the last quarter and will file a formal report after the meeting. Spending is $2,999 and a big part of that was the new computer. $800 for rental at $200/month to the Cove. Membership income is up from last year but this is because of a couple new LIFE Members. Roe explained why the Digital Account is separate from General Account and Dave Graber said he would look into joining the two.

Scanning Bound Material and inventory - Ed Westen

  • Mark Silverstein, Tom Bergen, Gail Witherspoon, Gary Wright and most recently Terry Crump have done a fine job scanning. Lou Cook has begun doing some of the post production work using the scanning department’s new laptop computer. Tom Bergen has just started learning to do post production, also. This group’s hard work has moved the digitizing project forward steadily. One year ago I reported to you that we had scanned 2,341 magazines. Now I’m pleased to report that the total number of magazines that are completed stands at 5,186. Most recently, we have been working on scanning our collection of ASA/AANR Bulletins.
  • Starting with the earliest from 1951 through the year 2000, 522 issues have been done so far. The low-quality newsprint paper has not lasted very well but the digital results are entirely readable and searchable. When it’s completed The Bulletin archive should be a valuable tool for researchers and is quite interesting for even casual perusal. The complete set will likely fit on 4 DVD’s and the Board may want to consider adding it to our lending collection or at least making it available to be used by patrons in the library on their own computers. Likewise, a set might be offered to the AANR office for their in-house research.
  • The Shelf List, the magazine inventory on the secretary’s computer, has been kept up to date by Lou Cook who adds new material that is donated and removes surplus items that are sold. As more and more magazines are scanned that information is added also. We still have a number of magazine issues to add but the process is well in hand and our magazine collection is projected to total something over 10,000 different issues.
  • In the future we will need to add to our hard drive storage capacity. The data generated by the scanning department currently amounts to about 1.5 terabytes and we maintain several copies. Two more 2 terabyte drives should be sufficient for now.

Newsletter Collection and Scanning (covering flat material scanning) - Jim Sweeney

  • Jim objects to calling this “Flat Material Scanning” because the the majority of his work involves processing of digital documents (newsletters) that have been sent by organizations. He does scanning of several hard copy newsletters each month. Jim said that we now have 6 new Newsletters and that 3 Newsletters have been discontinued. There are 34 organizations sending material. 124 issues have been processed in the last Quarter. Jim reported that there is a slow process of moving files from Club Folders to the Patron Computer.
  • A question came up from Fred VaN Nest as to possible digital copies of old AANR Bulletin issues. Ed Westen said he knew of no such files. Fred Van Nest said he would contact AANR. Edward thinks AANR has recored digital copies of bulletins. Dave Graber said he would check with AANR.


Bob said that there are two parts to the Database: 1) The FileMaker data and 2) the 1 TB Dropbox

  1. FileMaker Pro 13 Database: Updates to membership, Club, Book, Audio, DVD & VHS, Newsletter, Books, Who’s Who, etc. We want to make this a unified Database with links between related items. For example: Clubs, Club Sponsors and Membership; magazine inventory and scanned magazines.
  2. Dropbox Pro 1 TB Archive: Bob Proctor reports that he is populating this archive with everything he can get his hands on. Specifically, the “Digital Archive” disc .pdf files of the scanned magazines and newsletters. Also, photos, videos interviews, audio recordings and other material harvested from computer files.

Technical Committee

  1. Training Class Material added to Web site in “Staff Only area.” There are around 20 web pages that give details of many procedures that Bob Proctor is doing. The Library needs a replacement or backup person to do these things because Bob may not be available forever. The training material that Bob has written has not been looked at by any volunteers. In other words, Bob is putting out a CALL FOR HELP and he is getting NO HELP.
  2. Populating the 1 TB Dropbox with Archives (anything and everything I can find)
  3. We now have two spare laptops, one from Harry & Gerd and one from Jim Buening. These can be borrowed by members.
  4. We have a new laptop which is powerful enough to do post processing of magazine data.
  5. Terry Crump has helped shoot video interviews.
  6. Preparations for Connecting with Clubs. This involves setting up Database Relationships between Members and Clubs.
    1. Reaching out to Club Sponsors to work with their Clubs.
    2. Reaching out to all members asking that they contact their favorite clubs.
  7. Web site maintenance
    1. Two kernel updates to Drupal 7 and over 20 security updates to modules.
    2. Added an “About” page which shows useful information about ANRL.
    3. Added approximately 20 pages to the “Training Series.” Bob reported that nobody has looked at the training pages as of today.

Old Business

  1. Postage: Edward wants to update the rates but has not written any new rates for the Web site.
  2. Contact nudist organizations: Bob has already given a plan
  3. New location for CD to get higher rate: Roe, Dave and Bob will continue looking. A motion by Edward Waller was made to give Roe, Dave and Bob the authority to move money to a higher interest bearing instrument. Motion was seconded by Roger Vonland and carried.

New Business

  • Borrowing Policy for Copyrighted Material. Members are encouraged to read this page and then help define a process by which our Circulating and Surplus material can be categorized so we can follow the Policy.
  • Roe made a motion for ANRL to allow sending of material by USPS to members. Postage will be based on actual cost. A special list will be made of material that can be mailed to members. The motion was seconded after some discussion by Edward Waller and then passed unanimously.
  • Add 3-character code (database index) to book labels.

Meeting adjourned 12:04 PM Apr 17, 2015

Edward Waller made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Roger Vonland seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned.