Aug 22, 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes of ANRL’s Board Meeting

Meeting date: Friday, Aug 22, 2014 at the library in Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

Report submitted by: Bob Proctor, ANRL Secretary - Aug 22, 2014

The audio recording of the meeting is available here

  1. Meeting called to order at 11:00 AM by: Vice President John Frakes

  2. Roll Call and attendees: Bob Proctor, Secretary
    1. Board: John Frakes, Dave Graber (President) on speakerphone, Roger Vonland (2nd Vice President), Bob Proctor (Secretary), Roe Ostheim (Treasurer), Ted Hadley (Director)
    2. Others attending: Tom Bergin, Lou Cook, Helen Fisher, David Fisher, Sue Nathan, Jim Sweeney, Ed Westen
  3. Minutes of Apr 18, 2014 meeting: Hard copies of the minutes were distributed to attendees. Minutes are available on our Web site at John Frakes reviewed the minutes. A motion by Ted Hadley to approve the minutes as presented was seconded and the motion was carried.

  4. President’s Report: by David Graber, ANRL President

    We have been working on a lot of projects since the last meeting. Most of them are ongoing. I want to thank all the dedicated volunteers we have. The library can only operate because of their dedication. In the following presentations we will talk about many of them. I will not be covering a lot since I’m still in Michigan.

    We have made up a detailed plan for organizing the library. We are working on putting the different categories of magazines books and Video material in specific places to retain this material, for loaning, or dispersing by donations. Bob will go over the specific layout. He has some hard copies for anyone that wants to have one.

    We are still actively looking for more volunteers to allow the library to be open more days and to help with the reorganization and the scanning.

    Thank you John Frakes for running the meeting while I’m gone.

    End of President’s Report

  5. Vice President’s Report: John Frakes was running the meeting and gave no report.

  6. 2nd Vice President’s Report: Roger Vonland was present but was not called on to give a report.

  7. Secretary’s Report: Submitted by Bob Proctor, Secretary Aug 22, 2014

    1. Minutes of past meetings are on the Web site and a few copies are on the table. Also at
    2. Mail has been picked up and responded to from the outside mailbox several times a week. Bob Proctor who is handling membership requests that all correspondence be placed in his box. If a letter is opened, then the complete contents, including the check, must be put back in the envelope and placed in his box.
    3. Mail in the ANRL Mailbox in the Cove Office has been sitting for a half year because many of us didn’t know about the box. We found several checks in the box.
    4. Avery Labels (5366) were purchased and are being used to label the VHS tapes which have no labels. A button on the FileMaker Video page fires a custom script that prints the labels.
    5. The July 2014 ANRL Newsletter was Emailed to 215 members and friends and mailed with US Mail to 55. Connie Torres helped us by doing the layout. The cost of this effort was $50 for printing and approximately $25 for postage.
    6. I’m thinking about next year’s ANRL Banner and Logo. Both mention our 35th Anniversary. I don’t have any good ideas and I’m looking for suggestions.

    Membership report: Bob Proctor

    1. All membership records are now on the FileMaker 13 database

    2. Address verification: Reminder notifications have been sent to all unverified members asking for Email verification: sent by USMail, Email or Phone.

    3. Delivery of reminders, invoices, membership certificates and membership cards is now being done with Email.

    4. Member Statistics
      • 159 have validated Email addresses
      • 12 prefer USMail
      • 82 have no Email address
      • 13 have unvalidated Email addresses
      • 73 Paid-Up dues paying members
      • 17 Over-Due dues paying members (less than a half year over-due)
      • 21 Tardy dues paying members (more than a half year over-due)
      • $2158 in membership dues collected for the last calendar year.
    5. Membership stats on separate sheet

    6. One new Life Member this quarter: Harold W Cheney

    7. Name Plaques are needed for: Gisele Barson, Joanna Upmeyer, Jim & Barbara Sweeney, Walter Bartman, Harry Walter Hall, Harold W Cheney

    8. ANRL Presidential Plaques needed for; Edward Waller 2009–2014 and David Graber 2014-

    9. Life Certificates are needed for: Jim & Barbara Sweeney and Harold W Cheney

    10. There are 20 different membership types in the FileMaker Database. This list shows the number in each type, the type-code and the type-name. Members can be placed into a type category to keep them in the Database. We do this to control who gets what kind of notifications. Using this technique lets us keep inactive or retired members in the Database rather than simply deleting them.
      1. 86 A Annual Family
      2. 1 A-S Active-Stealth
      3. 1 A-V Active-Volunteer
      4. 1 B Bestower
      5. 16 CS Club Sponsor
      6. 4 Donor Donor
      7. 7 G Guest
      8. 2 HL Honorary Life Patron
      9. 1 HL-CS Honorary Life Patron + Club Sponsor
      10. 14 I Inactive
      11. 56 L Life Patron
      12. 13 L-CS Life Patron+ Club Sponsor
      13. 10 L-D Life Patron, Deceased
      14. 1 L-R Life Patron, Retired
      15. 30 L-U Life Patron, Unknown Addr
      16. 5 L-V Life Patron + Volunteer
      17. 3 N Newsletter
      18. 3 T Sustaining
      19. 3 T-CS Sustaining + Club Sponsor
      20. 13 V Volunteer

    End of Secretary report

    Motion to accept Secretary’s Report by Ted Hadley was seconded by Roger Vonland and approved.

  8. Treasurer’s Report: Roe Ostheim presented the Treasures Report.
    1. In the period of Jan-Aug 2013 vs period Jan-Aug 2014 the income from books and magazines is down $800 and the income from membership is down $720.
    2. A lot of money is being put out for Digital
    3. Office supply expense is up slightly
    4. Printing expense has increased quite a bit and this is mainly due to the $450 bill for the January Newsletter.
    5. Other normal “run of the mill” expenses are about the same as last period.
    6. Moving CDs from their present low paying account to a more productive account will be worked out when Dave Graber returns to the Cove in September.

    End of Treasurer’s Report

    Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Ted Hadley was seconded by Roger Vonland and approved.

  9. Director Report Ted Hadley reported that ANRL is still scheduled for the November, 2014 Resident’s Party. He said he’d be collecting the VHS tapes of “The Cove Players” and will make them available for our Video Archives.

  10. Scanning Report: Bound Material Scanning, Ed Westen August 22, 2014

    The magazine scanning project had been moving forward thanks to the fine work of Mark Silverstein, Tom Bergen, Gail Witherspoon, and Gary Wright. I do scanning, also, when none of the other volunteers are available, and complete the “post production”.

    The finished magazine files have been loaded on the Patron Computer and are available for recreation or research. Three books have been scanned with good results and are also available. Jim Sweeney has provided more than 1200 scanned newsletters for inclusion with the bound material on the computer.

    Finished magazine files and their associated JPEG data files, amounting to over 825 gigabytes of material, are stored on two hard drives and the Patron Computer here in the library, on a hard drive at my home and in backups that I understand Bob Proctor is maintaining.

    Two good used camera bodies, two new 50mm lenses and one used 35mm lens have been purchased and have worked as expected. At some point new software and a newer computer may be needed but since the Board has already approved the expenditure for the software no action is requested.

    I am happy to report that as of today 3303 magazines have been scanned and processed. This is probably something over half of the library’s magazine collection. An accurate, printed inventory of the scanned magazines is available in the blue, loose leafed folder kept at the main desk.

    A log book is kept on the library desk with titles of magazines and information on the individual magazines.

    Ed reported that he found a 1-page write-up on ANRL titled “50 Years of History” That page is now on our Web site at

    End of Bound Material Scanning report

  11. Database Report by Bob Proctor
    Note: CF Container Field which can hold .pdf, .mp3, .jpg etc. These files can then be viewed while the Database is open.

    1. ANRL Magazine Database
      1. Waiting processing of Bound Volumes until Dave returns to the Cove.
      2. Holds the legacy FM5 data which has been converted to FM13.
      3. Holds Scanned Magazines: CF Data from Digital Archives disc, updated monthly.
      4. NOTE Names in Legacy DB have file naming format that’s different what is used in the Scanned Magazine DB. This makes it very difficult to correlate Database records to Scanned records.
    2. ANRL Database Golden
      1. Membership: All membership activity is in this Database.
      2. Book: Waiting for Inventory Clean-Up until Dave returns to the Cove.
      3. Audio: CF
      4. Video: 99% accurate with recent inventory. White Book has been Published and has replaced the two large 4" thick 3-ring binders on the library table.
      5. Who’s Who: CF This contains legacy scanned material. Nothing new.
      6. Club: Recently updated with Patrick Collier’s work.
      7. Club Folders: CF This contains legacy scanned material. Nothing new.
      8. Newsletters: CF Data from Digital Archives disc, updated monthly.
      9. Scanned Magazine: CF Data from Digital Archives disc, updated monthly.
      10. Photograph: CF
      11. The Bulletin: Legacy FM5 Data
      12. Clubs with Newsletters:

    End of Database report

  12. Newsletter Report: Jim Sweeney reported that two new clubs are sending Newsletters. 164 Newsletters have been processed since last meeting. Jim has a box of CDs with .tiff files from Archive Newsletters. Ed suggested that we could make one .pdf for each year of Newsletters. Bob offered to look at the CDs and help sort them out with scripts.

  13. Technical Committee: Bob Proctor reporting

    1. No “Official Meetings” were held this period.
    2. Purchased a Library Cart to help in changing Library Layout.
    3. Drafted a fairly accurate sketch of the floorplan of the Library for use in showing location of Material.
    4. Installed a UPS on the Patron Computer.
    5. NetZero Email Account was cancelled.
    6. Camera equipment has been upgraded and we’re having no more of the previous problems.
    7. Duke Power installed a box on the pole which protects against surges and spikes in electricity.
    8. The “Free Macrium Reflect” application was installed on the Patron computer and 1 Image Backup has been made. This will be configured for automatic weekly backups.
    9. Dropbox account setup on Gateway computer with 2.5 GB storage.
    10. Meeting with Art Wilson at AANR Office in Kissimmee to show him how FileMaker works and how to get data into the Database.
    11. The recent T-Storm on August 7 blew away the library modem and Century Link was called to replace it. Port forwarding still needs to be setup to enable CrashPlan.
    12. A problem with the keyboard on the DELL machine was fixed with a spare keyboard
    13. A problem with the Scanning-PC was resolved by disconnecting from the Internet. The problem may have been caused with installation of the new modem.
    14. Jim resolved a problem with the DELL computer connecting to the flatbed scanner: Driver issue.
    15. “Funai ZV427FX4 Combination DVD Recorder/ VCR” purchased from for $158.36
      1. This will be used to convert the remaining 97 VHS tapes to DVD.
      2. Many of the DVDs which are copies of VHS were recorded on DVD+R media and cannot be played on some Video players. We’re looking at the problem and may need to convert DVD+R to DVD-R.

    End of Technical Committee Report

  14. Publicity Report: Bob Proctor

    1. Did You Know? Note: there is a 1-month delay between article submission and article publish.
      1. e-FROG 3 articles published, 4 submitted
      2. The Bulletin 3 articles published, 4 submitted
      3. ‘N’ Magazine 1 article submitted
      4. Submitted articles are posted on the Staff-Only part of our Web site. Published articles are published in the Public part of our Web site.
        1. Submitted:
        2. Published:
    2. Cypress Cove Newsletter
      1. Several short blurbs have been published

    End of Publicity Report

  15. Old Business

    1. Team to review and update Standard Operating Practices (SOP) Jim Sweeney showed the existing version, so we can go to work on that when Dave returns to the Cove.
    2. Status of Library inventory - Dave Graber said the next big thrust will be with Magazines.
    3. Life Member Certificates: Bob will print and work in getting signatures.
    4. Library Floor Plan Rearrangement status We have a paper layout of the library showing what goes where. This Web Page documents the new layout . The page defines a number of categories for material then points out the location for each category.
    5. Planning for the November’s Cove Resident’s Party at ANRL The tentative date is the first Sunday in November. Dave will call a committee to set the plan.
    6. Search for a Research Librarian A discussion led to a suggestion that we visit the Library of Congress. Bob suggested that we should do exhaustive web searches before we venture on a trip. Jim Sweeney mentioned that since we’re members of ALA (American Library Association) that we should exploit that. Bob has info on how to contact ALA. We got two replies from our add in The Bulletin and we need to follow-up.
  16. New Business
    1. Converting VHS to DVD Bob reported that Patrick Collier has volunteered to do some conversions. Pat lives in North Carolina. Dave expressed an opinion that it’s better to do the conversion locally. In the past Bob Burbank has done conversions for us and he will be asked again to do more.
    2. Changes in shipping procedures and rates Bob has looked at Flat Rate envelopes and boxes plus printing shipping labels ourselves. All that’s needed is for Librarians to start using this procedure.
    3. Contact Nudist Organizations in North America We want to communicate with them and tell them about our work. First step is to get a list of organizations then start talking to them.
    4. Invite Clubs to send their Newsletters Patrick Collier reports that five clubs have been contacted.
    5. Review new Video “Check-Out” and “Review” forms Bob showed the forms and asked that Librarians start using them.
    6. Facebook Page for ANRL The subject popped up and Ted Hadley said he could show us how he did his.
    7. Ink for Library Printers Bob reported a couple empty ink cartridges and said he plans to order from Mike Sullivan. Mike has a good supply of economical printer ink.
    8. Cleaning Party for Library Need to set a committee to work out a date for this activity.
    9. Need new Banner and Logo for 2015 Our 35th Anniversary logo should be updated.
    10. Copy VHS to DVD We have 100+ VHS tapes to convert. We have one volunteer willing to do this work but he’s out of state. We have another volunteer (Bob Burbank) who lives at the Cove who may do this work.
    11. Magazine Inventory Dave said that a full inventory of magazines is needed to resolve problems in the Database.
    12. Member List Bob will print a list of members and this will be used to verify membership when we lend Videos.
  17. Adjournment Motion by Ted Hadley to adjourn the meeting was seconded by Roger Vonland and approved. (12:05 PM)