ANRL's 'Local-Web-Page'

May 30, 2013

ANRL’s ‘Local-Web-Page’ is not available on On-Line on the Internet. It is, however, like any other Web Page except that all it’s data are stored locally inside the Library. There is s large-screen modern workstation available inside the Library for Visitors wanting to do research. We use a custom perl program to build the web page from .pdf files from scanned data and .mp3 files from Historic Cassette Tapes. The program is data driven therefore as the volume of scanned data increases, the Local Web Page will grow as well. The database is now over 300 GB in size.

Take a quick look at ANRL’s Local-Web-Page

Media Now On ANRL’s Local-Web-Page
Media Count
Cassette Tape Tracks 208
Who’s Who Folders 352
.pdf files from Club and Newsletter Folders 4287
Magazine DVDs 37
DVD Magazine Issues 553
DVD Magazine Issues with TOC index page 305