Who's Who Candidates

Who’s Who Candidates

May 12, 2023 rap

ANRL has an archive of 352 folders of prominent individuals in the nudist community. There have been very few new folders in recent years and we’re working on adding new people.

If you know of anyone who’s name belongs in our Who’s Who list, then please send the name to anrl@anrl.org and we’ll add it to the list. Better yet, send material on that individual and we’ll start a folder.

If you would like to volunteer to coordinate the Who’s Who folders, then we need you! This volunteer opportunity is currently open!

  • Candidates for Who’s Who
    1. Dot Purcell
    2. Richard Carrico
    3. De Nader
    4. Nicky Hoffman
    5. Mark Story
    6. Paul LaValley
    7. Helen Fisher
    8. Past AANR Presidents, Trustees, Officers and Dignitaries
      1. Beverly Price
      2. Susan Weaver
    9. TNS Staff and Officers