Social Media Contacts

Social Media Contacts

Although ANRL’s Social Media Committee is led by Kris Haibeck, volunteers have worked independently to post material to several platforms. We anticipate team meetings to start soon.

  1. X (formerly known as Twitter)
    1. User #1 Bob Proctor
      1. Account @ANR_Library
      2. Hashtag #ANRL
      3. Followers 4,890
      4. Following 194
      5. X’s posted
      6. HashTag #ANRL
  2. Instagram
    1. User #1 Andy
      1. Account @anrlibrary_fl
      2. Followers 489
      3. Following 57
      4. Posts 21
      5. Useful Hashtags #Libraries, #LibraryWorkers, #Librarians, #LibrariesTransform, #ANRL, #Nturism, #Naturist, #NudeIsNormal, #NormalizeRealBodies
    2. User #2 Bob Proctor
      1. Account @ANR_Library
      2. **Followers **?
      3. Following ?
      4. Posts ?
  3. Facebook
    1. User #1 Created by Bob Proctor, now managed by Dave
      1. Account American Nudist Research Library a private group
      2. Followers 194
      3. Posts Note this includes some of the posts by the administrator. It does not include posts by members.
  4. Reddit
    1. User #1 Kris
      1. Account ?
      2. Posts ?
    2. User #2 Bob Proctor
      1. Account ANR_Library
      2. Posts

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Here is some info on Social Media sites as to their policy on nudity. From Linda Weber - Dec 20, 2022

  1. Facebook - NO nudity whatsoever
  2. Instagram - owned by Facebook and apparently you can show your butt however, they will pull off an account for any reason and it is better to have NO nudity on there
  3. Twitter - Full nudity at this time
  4. Reddit - More of a text-type of platform with very little pictures but I think any kind of nudity must be behind an “Over 18” mask. I don’t post any pictures there, but there are over 91,000 nudist accts on the sub-Reddit r/nudism
  5. Discord - Similar to Reddit with more of a text-type conversation going
  6. Naturist Hub - An invite-only platform with AANR-affiliation. They do have non-AANR folks but it is a nudist platform with full nudity
  7. MeWe - Gaining traction since some people are leaving
  8. Twitter. Full nudity however, still growing in terms of numbers

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