ScanSnap ix1500 HELP

ScanSnap iX1500 HELP

Jun 05, 2023

Note The scanner is connected with two wires and can be unplugged and moved if necessary. One wire is for power and the other is USB.

Procedure for Scanning with MAC Mini

  1. If the iX1500 is not connected to the MAC Mini then connect it with the USB cable that should be with the scanner.
  2. Make sure the iX1500 is plugged in
  3. Turn Mac Mini ON
    1. for MAC Mini help
  4. Use UserID Kiosk2 [PW: K10sk2]
    1. Click the  in upper left corner of screen to see who is logged in
    2. If someone other than Kiosk2 is logged in, then Logout and Login to Kiosk2
  5. Open the cover of the iX1500
    1. for iX1500 Home Page
    2. ix1500 Basic Operations
  6. If ScanSnap Home does not start, then start it by doing this:

    Note ScanSnap Home is the correct Fujitsu software to be using.

    1. <spacebar> this opens a window
    2. Type in ScanSnap Home
    3. Click on ScanSnap Home
    4. Adjust the Save Location if necessary
  7. Start scanning - feed paper and press the big blue Scan button
  8. The location of the saved scan on the MAC Mini will be /Users/Kiosk2/Documents/ScanSnap Home Folder/<file_name>
  9. Please rename and move this file to designated location to enable upload to NAS. See Bob Proctor for details
    1. BOD MEETING Notes Rename the file to be in this form: 2023–01–19 Board Meeting Notes.pdf
  10. Contact Bob Proctor if you still need help

Procedure for scanning with a Windows


Old Sweeney Procedure for Windows

The purpose of this document is to outline the way that Jim Sweeney is using this scanner at ANRL.


  1. Connect to computer
  2. Turn ON
  3. Select Profile
  4. Edit Profile
  5. Change the way pages are combined into PDF
    1. Make single PDF from recently scanned pages
    2. Make PDF for each batch that’s scanned
  6. Loading material into the scanner
    1. How many pages at once?
  7. Scan
    1. How to hit the scan button
  8. Save files to PDF
  9. Move PDF files to storage - NAS?