Resources at ANRL

Resources at ANRL

Oct 19, 2023

Above and beyond ANRL’s huge collections of books, magazines, club folders, newsletters, photographs, videos and tapes, ANRL has the following resources which all keep the Library working:

  1. Consortium of Nudist Research Libraries (CNRL) Participating libraries include: American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. (ANRL), Western Nudist research Library (WNRL), American Association of Nudist Recreation - Northwest (AANR-NW), and Naturist Education Foundation Research Library (NEFRL).
  2. Google Workspace (GW) ANRL has been granted reduced cost membership to GW as part of a special program for non-profits and educational institutions. ANRL uses its GW for NAS backup, for syncing WNRL archives with the Patron Kiosk, and for sharing the ANRL archives with the consortium, and for delivery of some of our vintage magazine titles to Premium Members. Anyone with ideas about extending GW functionalities is encouraged to submit them to
  3. Network Attached Storage (NAS) Our Synology Disk Station DS220+ NAS with 2 6TB discs holds the master copies of our digital archives. We write master copies of documents to NAS and use NAS to sync the archives to Google Workspace and Patron computers. Contact Bob Proctor if you want to learn more about NAS. Our Website has a number of pages discussing NAS and how it’s used at ANRL.
  4. Patron Kiosks There are two Kiosks: one is a computer that is rather old and slow but it works. The second is on our new Mac Mini and it is fast and powerful. Both are available for walk-in patrons of ANRL. There is no password. Patrons can view reports from the Database which show items in our archives and PDF files of magazines, club files and newsletters, and who’s who files.
  5. DocFetcher Pro is available on ANRL’s Kiosks. It is a powerful search tool that’s fast and useful for doing research. It has access to the Digital Archives which are synced to the kiosk computers.
  6. ANRL Website There is the Public part that anybody can view and also the Staff Only part that requires a UserID & Password. The purpose of the Website is to be a central storehouse of information about ANRL, not to be full of eye candy. We are continuing an effort of website re-organization and cleanup and welcome your contributions and suggestions
  7. WiFi Free WiFi is available inside the library. There is a QR card that patrons can scan to get access.
  8. Dropbox ANRL has a 1TB Dropbox that contains many of ANRL’s working files. ANRL’S shared Dropbox folders are a perfect place to keep any and all of your ANRL data that lives on your home computer. The entire ANRL Dropbox is automatically synced with NAS.
  9. Evernote ANRL has a premium Evernote account which is sharable to all volunteers. You need to ask for access to Evernote/ We use this for collaborative work and encourage its use.
  10. Database Currently at FileMaker Pro Advanced v18. We keep a dozen kinds of data including: Membership, Books, Videos, Audio, Who’s Who, Magazine, Clubs, etc. Contact for access. The Database has file names of documents and media but does not have the actual documents or media. We use the Database for inventories and reports of our holdings.
  11. ANRL Computers These are for office use by volunteers only. We do not offer use of these for walk-in patrons.
  12. ALA ANRL is a member of American Library Association
  13. Search Tools
    1. DocFetcher
    2. Artificial Intelligence: We use what is available on the internet (ChatGPT and BARD) See the Search page

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