Research-Ways to Stimulate Research

Research-Ways to Stimulate Research

Jul 17, 2022

ANRL wants to help researchers with their work so that we can increase the number of active research projects. We have a massive Digital Archive of material, a trained library staff, and search tools to find things. There are things that we could do and things that researchers can do. If you have any suggestions for either of these then please contact us.

Things we could do

1. Enhance outreach to stimulate research through direct contact with clubs and organizations, social media, magazine articles, podcasts, newsletters, etc.
2. Recruit new volunteers who have experience in research.

Things researchers can do

1. Suggest improvements in cataloging and archiving to make it easier to find things.
2. Ask the library staff for help with specific projects.
3. Document your completed research that was done with resources at ANRL.