Research Interlibrary Activity

Research InterLibray Activity

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Oct 31, 2023: This is the list of books we have obtained through Interlibrary Loan so far this year. Each was a Masters thesis, with just one circulating copy in the world. The point is that those libraries never heard of us, and there is no way they would have trusted us with their rare manuscripts without the ALA stamp of approval. (LeValley)

  1. Virginia Robiou Clampitte. Survey of Swimming in Texas. thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1935.
  2. Max V. Rote. A Survey of the Swimming Programs for Boys of the Senior High Schools end Preparatory Schools Listed In the Swimming; Guide, 1941 Edition. thesis, George Washington University, 1943.
  3. Margaret Vandenburg Linville. Swimming Programs Available to High School Students Through Their Physical Education Classes. thesis, Stanford University, 1948.

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