Research Committee Reports from Board Meeting Notes

Jul 16, 2022

  1. 2022–04–09 Research: Paul LeValley-
    1. For the first time since the coronavirus began; we had two researchers actually in the library for a few days. For two years, researchers have been communicating by e-mail and snail-mail.
    2. South Florida Free Beaches and AANR are working to regain some traditionally nude Florida beaches. JoAn Marchese, Claude Richards (visiting from the NEF Library), and I have been sending them copies of historic and legal documents
  2. 2021–10–16 Research: Paul LeValley- Researchers are still not traveling to our library. I was able to offer online help to a Canadian researcher–steering her to people with the information she needed.
  3. 2021–07–16 Research: Paul LeValley- Since the worst of the pandemic, just one researcher has returned to study Christian naturism. No researcher has yet approached us about participating in Phase 2 of the Consortium agreement–partially because The Bulletin has twice failed to announce it.
  4. 2021–04–16 Research: Paul LeValley- We are starting to get a few internet inquires, but no in library research yet.
  5. 2021–01–17 Research: LeValley - 635 people visited the library from 36 states and 7 countries. We continue to provide information for researchers planning two documentary films and a book.
  6. 2020–10–16 Research: Paul LeValley- Nothing new to report
  7. 2020–07–17 Research: Paul LeValley- Nothing new to report