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Mac Mini HELP Page

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**Note** Both the Keyboard and mouse for the Mini have an internal battery that needs to be charged. Use a standard FireWire power cord. This is the same one used for the iPhone. Fully charging once a month is sufficient. Please charge overnight on the first day of the month.

MAC Mini Help Page Topics
Purchase UserIDs
Desktop LaunchApp
Procedures Scan with ix1500
Misc Tasks
Sync Mini with NAS View Consortium Files


  1. Mac Mini, keyboard & mouse with Apple Care - from Apple ~ $1,200
    1. purchase with ANRL Visa Card
  2. Monitor: From Amazon 27" ~ $150 (this was a bad choice because it’s a cheap monitor)
  3. Use  Migration Assistant to clone
    1. Load with software by cloning Bob’s 24" Mac and then removing unnecessary apps and data
    2. Dropbox should copy over
    3. FileMaker should copy over
    4. Byword should copy over
    5. Website Apps should copy over
  4. USB-C Hub to get extra ports
  5. external hard disc: 1 TB for Time Machine
  6. external hard disc: 2 TB for holding synced files from NAS

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Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs
Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs
  1. Kiosk2
    1. Powers
      1. Access to external hard disk w/ USB
      2. DocFetcher Pro: uses files on 2 TB external hard disc which were synced from NAS
  2. Secretary
    1. Powers
      1. mail: -
  3. Robert Proctor
    1. Purpose:
      1. Login with Bob’s Apple ID to have access to Bob’s programs such as FileMaker Database, fancy utilities, etc.
      2. System Administrator
      3. Administrator for NAS sync with Synology Drive Client
    2. Powers
      1. safari browser
      2. ADMIN tools
      3. Access to Internet
      4. FileMaker Pro Advancd for ANRL’s Database
      5. Time Machine with 1 TB external hard disc
      6. ANRL’s Dropbox
      7. DocFetcher Pro - this works. Need to say location of archive
      8. Web page editing of pages on Dropbox with the ByWord Markdown editor.
      9. Web Page Updates with FTP (with the CyberDuck FTP app)
      10. Mail accounts
        1. (watched by Bob Proctor)
        2. (watched by Bob Proctor)
        3. ??
        4. ??
      11. TextExpander - this works
  4. Guest User PW: Ask_Bob
    1. Purpose: To have a userID for guests that can do no harm to anything
    2. Powers: access to Internet ??
  5. Spare User PW: Ask_Bob
    1. Purpose: for testing (reboot w/o dragging in any apps)
    2. Powers: access to Internet ??

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Note: each of the five UserIDs has its own Desktop

At the top of the screen is the Menu Bar and at the bottom is the Dock. In between is what’s called the Desktop. The desktop is where you could do your work, however there are better ways. I never use the desktop on my personal MAC.

You can view the Desktop with the keyboard command: Command-F4

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Launch App

Launching Applications Note: There are various ways of starting applications

  1. You can press and hold Command and then tap the space bar to launch Spotlight. You can launch an app by typing in the name or partial name of an app into the spotlight window and the app will start.
  2. If you drag the mouse to the bottom of the screen to the Dock. Click on the icon with a 3 x 3 box of colorful icons, then select the icon for the app that you want to start.
  3. You could add a shortcut ICON to the desktop, and use that to start an APP

Mac User Guide

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Note: If the procedure you are looking for is not covered here or in the Mac User Guide, then you can always do an Internet Search.

1- Mac Mini ON - OFF - Change User

  1. Turn ON
    1. Turn ON the mini The power button is on the back-right-hand corner of the Mini. Click it on
    2. Turn ON the Monitor The power button is on the bottom right corner of the front of the monitor 1. Login A panel appears with 5 User accounts. Pick one and enter credentials Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs
  2. Logout Click the  Logo at the Upper Left corner of the screen. At the bottom of that panel, click Logout of whatver User is currently logged in. The page with 5 User Accounts will re-appear Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs
  3. Switch User Logout of the current Account and select intended User Account, enter credentials, etc. Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs
  4. Shut Down After Logout, you can simply turn off the monitor and walk away. Alternatively, you can also turn off the Mini if you want. Photo of screen with 5 UserIDs

If you notice that the Mini is logged into Kiosk2 and if you need to get logged into another UserID, then you will need to logout of Kiosk2 and then login.

  1. Turn On
    1. There is a power button on the monitor on bottom-right
    2. There is a power button on the Mini on rear right back corner
  2. Turn Off
    1. Mini:  Menu > Shut Down
  3. Login to selected user
    1. When the Mini is started, select the UserID you want and then enter the Password
  4. Switch User
    1.  Menu > Log Out …then Login to the user of choice
  5. Launch apps
    1. Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, then click an app icon.
    2. Use Siri to open an app for you.
    3. Click Spotlight in the menu bar, enter an app’s name in the search field, then press Return.
    4. If you recently used an app, choose Apple menu > Recent Items, then choose the app.
    5. Look at ICONs at the bottom of the screen. ICONs are hidden and will appear if you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen.
    6. Use an ICON on the home screen
  6. Send/receive Mail
    1. Mail is a built-in App on . Mail is local (files are downloaded) and you do not have to be connected to the internet. Internet connection is needed to send and receive mail. Mail can have multiple email addresses. If you want one added then contact the Administrator.
    2. You can always login to mail on the Internet if you want.
  7. Global search with Spotlight (in menu bar): All files on the Mini are indexed for fast search

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Misc Tasks

  • Simplify a Web Page and create Evernote Page
    1. Simplify a Web Page and create Evernote Page Use the Evernote and its Web Clipper browser add-on. The MAC Safari browser works, however other browsers may also work.
      1. Install Evernote if not already installed
      2. Install the Web Clipper add-on to your browser. When installed, a green icon of an elephant will appear on the task bar.
      3. Display desired page in browser.
      4. Click on the green elephant and select Simplify Page
      5. Change the destination folder for Evernote on the dialog box that appears
      6. Click DONE

    2- Simplify a Web Page and create Evernote Page

    1. Merge several Pages documents into one PDF file Use these MAC Apps: Pages, Preview, and Finder
      1. Load each Pages document and save it to PDF by printing (ctrl-p to Print the file) command and then select Save as PDF. If you have several Pages documents, then you will end up with several PDF files.
      2. In the Finder App, select all of the PDF files and Open them with the Preview App.
      3. In the first PDF file, view thumbnails
      4. Open the second PDF and display thumbnails. Select those thumbnails.
      5. Drag and drop thumbnails form second PDF into the space below the thumbnails of the first PDF.
      6. One by one, repeat the preceeding two steps until you have processed all of the PDF riles.
      7. Save the first PDF with all its pages from all of the other PDF files.
      8. DONE

    3- Make a folder with soft links to all JPG files and nested JPG files of present folder

    1. Make a folder with soft links to all JPG files and nested JPG files of present folder Use Terminal App and the Textexpander app
      1. In Textexpander, make the snippet with the name .ssoftlinkjpg Code
      2. in the Terminal window, type in the snippet named .ssoftlinkjpg It will expand into code
      3. Press the return key to execute
      4. DONE, the folder has been created.
    2. Grab text from an Image Use the CleanShotX App
      1. Display the image in your browser or image viewer
      2. Use CleanShotX option Capture text (OCR)
      3. Drag cursor around what you want to convert to text and release mouse
      4. The text is in your copy buffer and can be pasted anywhere
      5. DONE

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    View Consortium Files

    You need to login on Google as Once in, start Google Drive. After that, you are on your own. I have asked Dave Foote to write a step-by-step procedure for this.

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    Sync Mini with NAS

    Sync Digital Archives for DocFetcher Pro Note: this is managed by the Mini Administrator

    1. Synology Drive Server is running on the Synology Disk Station DS220+ NAS
    2. Synology Drive Client runs on UserID: Robert A Proctor on the Mac Mini
      1. There is a sync task running to sync files from NAS to the external hard disc connected to the MAC Mini.
        1. From: ~ ANRL_Share with some folders selected:
          1. Books…. and ten others
        2. To: /… ~/SynologyDrive–2/SynologyDrive/
        3. Selective Sync, download only
      2. There is a sync task running to sync files from NAS to the external hard disc connected to the MAC Mini.
        1. From: ~ ANRL_Library_Staff with some folders selected:
          1. Board Meeting Notes
          2. V-News
        2. To: /… ~/SynologyDrive–2/SynologyDrive–1/
        3. Selective Sync, download only

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    Scan with Fujitsu ix1500

    ScanSnap ix1500 HELP

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