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Recently asked Questions

  1. **Please explain ANRL’s policy on Surplus Material, borrowing material, and viewing the Digital Archives on-line?
      1. All of our Surplus Items at American Nudist Research Library are available to anyone meeting age limits. Children will need permission from a parent. We ask for a donation for surplus items. Membership at ANRL is not necessary.
    1. Membership ($30/yr) is required to borrow Books and DVDs. We ask that hose items be returned within 2 weeks. ANRL has a Patron computer that can be used to view material while in the library. None of the material can be copied off the Patron computer.
    2. None of ANRL’s Digital Archives can be viewed remotely. The Digital Archives are not on the anrl.org Website.
    3. ANRL’s Premium Membership plan ($50/YR) includes Remote access to 14 vintage magazine titles which include approximately 425 magazines.
    4. Digital files for items in ANNRL’s Digital Archives are not available without special permission from the author.
    5. Access to the “N” magazine is not restricted beyond what is stated in the rules given above.
    6. ANRL gladly accepts donations. ANRL can cover the shipping cost.
  2. Can I do remote searches of your Digital Archives? No, you can not do remote searches, however: ANRL uses a program called DocFetcher and it can search our Digital Archives. It’s only available inside the library but if you send some sample search queries we can use them to search the Database. Please refer to this web page that gives Query Syntax for DocFetcher
  3. Will ANRL accept donated copies of copyrighted material, like .mp4 from a DVD ANRL accepts all material and adds everything into our Digital Archives for research purposes. Copyright restrictions are factored in if we have surplus material and offer that material to patrons for a donation to the library. If we have extra original copies of material that is copyrighted, then we offer that as surplus. If we make a copy, like a .mp4 or DVD from copyrighted material, then we can not put that into surplus.
  4. Premium Membership? Yes, we started Premium Membership Aug 13, 2022 in a Board Meeting which resolved technical issues. A patron joins and we notify the Google Workspace administrator who sets up an account and writes back with login UserID and Password. The membership form is at https://anrl.org/ANRL_PDF/ANRL_OPERATION/ANRL-Membership-Application-V5…
  5. Order Form for Surplus Material? The form is available through a link under Surplus Material in the black area at the bottom of every page on the Website. Alternatively, patrons can simply write an email with titles, and quantities. We will verify that they are available and write back with $dollar amount, then we ship.
  6. Ship to Canada? Yes, I believe postage rates are different for Canada, and I think when we write back to verify your order and indicate the requited postage.
  7. Does ANRL accept US Cash? Yes, we accept US cash, check, and PayPal to banking@anrl.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

What magazine titles are in Premium Membership?

Title                      dates    Issues
Ankh                       1967-71    13
Arcadia                    1964-70    16
Classic Line and Form      1966-70    11
Continental Nudist         1963-73    21
Eden                       1960-68    29
Film & Figure 1            965-69     15
Naturally/Travel Naturally 1990-2012  84
Nude Living                1961-71    57
Nudism Today               1964-70    40
Nudist Magazine Digest     1965        5
Paradise                   1962-67    15
S.U.N. 1                   951-66    100
Sun Era                    1962-69    33
Sundial                    1961-68    44
  1. What email address to use for PayPal? Please use banking@anrl.org Also, when sending funds with PayPal, add a comment on your payment stating the purpose of the payment. Ex: Membership renewal, donation for surplus material, etc.
  2. Are there any special requirements on my computer for accessing Google Workspace? No. Google Workspace is an internet site and can be accessed with your favorite internet browser such as Edge or Internet Explorer or Safari on Mac.
  3. Will additional magazine titles be added to the 14 in the initial offering? ANRL is considering addition of more magazines. It would help us if members could suggest magazines to add.
  4. Can I join ANRL as a Premium Member today? Yes. Premium membership is available today with the announcement to the general membership on Sep 04, 2022. Please feel free to go ahead and pay the Premium membership fee now and we’ll send credentials for access. If you are a paid-up member your membership will be protated based on time remaining in your existing membership.
  5. I would like to obtain an account on your website The ANRL Website has a Public area (anyone can see this) and a Staff Only area that requires a UserID and Password. The Public area has information about the Library, its collection, its members, Research at ANRL, etc. The Staff Only area is for Staff and key volunteers and has By-Laws, procedures, workflows and information of interest to keep the library functioning. ANRL’s collection of material can be viewed in the library or on the Patron Kiosk which is in the library. This material is not available online. Please send a note with justification for having a UserID then we will consider giving a UserID.
  6. Will I get credit for a partial year of Annual Family membership when upgrading to Premium Membership Yes. ANRL is working on a fair and equitable roll-over plan for members upgrading to Premium membership.
  7. What is a Serious Researcher? From the Jul 2022 ANRL Newsletter: (For serious researchers, the four libraries of the Nudist Research Library Consortium continue to offer home access to more than 12,000 historic nudist magazines for $100 a year.)
  8. I plan to visit the Library, When is it open? ANRL is open Tues-Wed-Thu-Sat 1pm to 4pm. Optionally, you could call ‭(407) 818–7495‬ or (407) 552–1543 to schedule a visit.
  9. What are the ANRL Membership Dues? Yearly dues are $30/yr. Premium membership which includes sharing part of the Digital Archives is $50/yr. We will send a notice when this is available. Life membership is $500.
  10. What is NAS? NAS is Network Attached Storage. ANRL uses a Synology Disk Station DS220+ NAS with two 6 TB discs in a RAID-configuration as its primary NAS storage for its Digital Archives.
    1. What is NAS1? This was ANRL’s original Synology DS218 which was lightning zapped and disabled around Fall of 2021.
    2. What is NAS2? This is a Synology DS220+ with two 6 TB discs in a RAID–1 configuration which replaced NAS1
    3. What is NAS3? This is the original NAS1 box but with a new mother board and the two original 12 TB discs in a RAID–1 configuration.
  11. What is the Patron Kiosk? The kiosk is technically a computer. It is rather old and slow but it works. It is available for walk-in patrons of ANRL. There is no password. Patrons can view reports from the Database which show items in our archives and PDF files of magazines, club files and newsletters, and Who’s Who files. Also available on the kiosk is DocFetcher Pro, a search app that’s fast and useful for doing research.
  12. What is the difference between the Patron Kiosk and the Patron Computer? In the past the Patron Kiosk was referred to as the Patron Computer, but the Patron Kiosk not like a normal computer. It is intended to be used to view and search ANRL’s Digital Archives. It is not used for word processing, making spreadsheets, accessing ANRL’s Database, processing email, or working on normal computer tasks. Connection to the Internet is allowed to library staff only to make software updates and sync the archives.
  13. How does one access the digital library if they are a member of ANRL?
    1. You can visit ANRL and browse the PDF files in the Digital Archives on the Patron Kiosk.
    2. You can try to contact the owner of copyrighted material and ask for permission to obtain the digital data from ANRL.
  14. Can a non-member access digital data with the Patron Kiosk? Walk-In patrons can access the Patron Kiosk any time the library is open and the kiosk is not being used by somebody else. If someone is waiting, please share the kiosk.
  15. What is the Consortium of Nudist Research Libraries (CNRL)? Participating libraries include: American Nudist Research Library®, Inc. (ANRL), Western Nudist research Library (WNRL), American Association of Nudist Recreation - Northwest (AANR-NW), and Naturist Education Foundation Research Library (NEFRL).
  16. Can I do an on-line search of theArchives?
    1. ANRL doesn’t have on-line search today but we’re working on it. We have our archives on a Synology Disk Station DS220+ NAS and that is synced to Google Workspace. We plan to allow online access to part of the Digital Archive for premium members starting next year. Our network segmentation project is moving ahead and that may help to enable on-line access and search. We still have to figure all that out. We sure could use some bright IT or CS people to help.
    2. Until we get things setup, please send your search requests to admin@anrl.org and ANRL librarians will search the archives and return results. Check out the Search link on the bottom of any page on the Website
  17. What is ANRL’s association with Cypress Cove? ANRL is on the grounds of Cypress Cove and rents the library building from the Cove. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and not are not affiliated with the Cove.
  18. Is ANRL located on the grounds of Cypress Cove? Yes. ANRL is the green building across the street from the Cove office.
  19. Is nudity allowed in the library, by patrons, by staff, by volunteers? Yes. The temperature is set to ~75º so you may feel more comfortable with a shirt on.
  20. If you have a membership to Cypress Cove is there a discount for membership to ANRL or vice versa? No. Cypress Cove and ANRL are totally separate organizations.
  21. Digitizing your entire collection sounds like a monumental task. How many people do you have working on the digitization project?
    1. The answer is written up and answered on the ANRL’s Website in several places. Someone would have to search and you could do that too. To confine the search, you should use the tag site:anrl.org on your search query.
    2. The digitization project took a good number of years and many thousand hours of time. Consider that 1 book could take several hours and 1 magazine could take between a half hour and an hour. We have scanned ~12,000 magazines and ~200+ of our ~1,000 books.
  22. What percentage of the collection is currently available digitally? Note: the collection is not available on-line.
    1. Magazines: ~99.9%
    2. Books: ~ 20%
    3. Videos: ~99.9%
    4. Photographs: ~5% (1,000 of around 20,000 photos)
  23. What is the scope of your collection? We collect anything and everything we can that is related to nudism or naturism. The scope is focused on Nudist-related magazines, books, newsletters, photos, videos, postcards, etc.
  24. How does your collection compare to that of the Western Nudist Research Library? Both ANRL and WNRL have huge collections. ANRL has converted more to Digital than WNRL.
  25. How many people do you have on your web design team? One primary person and two for technical support. Bob Proctor is the Web Designer. ANRL has received technical help from Andrew Blair and Andrés Duputel and a few others. The content mostly came from Bob Proctor but a few articles were contributed by other volunteers.
  26. Can I have access to ANRL’s Archives on-line to search?
    1. ANRL’s Digital Archives are not available on line today. It will take quite a bit of work to do that which includes reconfiguration of our network and installation of a smart switch and firewall. After we do that there may be more steps that we are not aware of now. If you came to the library you could sit at the Patron Kiosk and search the part of our archives visible to DocFetcher Pro, which is ANRL’s search tool. There are plans about starting a program in the Nudist Research Library Consortium for premium members (for $100 per year) to allow access to its archives but I am not aware of plans for on-line search. Paul LeValley knows today’s status, so please contact him.
    2. If you send search queries to ANRL, then we could try to find documents that show up with the queries. You could get some help in crafting queries by reading my search page or by looking at the DocFetcher Pro search page. Once we know the specific documents, then we could possibly make them available. We can work together on this.
  27. For visual reference for members, could the ANRL Website include cover-images in the magazine /book lists ? Yes, anything can be done if somebody has the skill and energy to make it happen. I assume that this would be a clickable link to bring up each image. This would involve loading images into someplace, changes to the Database and updates either to the reports for books or magazines or changes to the Website. Can you suggest anyone who could do this? I could probably do everything and I’m sure ANRL would double my salary, however I’d still be making $000.00 for my efforts.

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