Consortium Eligible Researchers

Consortium Eligible Researchers

Jul 28, 2022 rap

** Eligible researchers for Consortium Phase 2 have been defined**


Phase 1 involved the sharing of electronic files (beginning with magazines) between the four libraries, and accessible to researchers who made the journey to view those files on the premises of one of the libraries. Phase 2 was planned from the beginning to make those same files available directly over the Internet to a very few trusted researchers–under controlled conditions, for a limited time, and for a fee.

  1. Electronic files provided to researchers under Phase 2 are not made available for casual reading. Serious research is expected.

  2. “Trusted researchers” shall be limited to approximately ten people at any one time. This program is for individuals—not groups of people or institutions.

  3. A researcher must be sponsored by one of the libraries in this consortium, and annual participation approved by three of the four libraries. Each library will resolve any internal disputes before voting. Approval would normally happen at a scheduled conference of the four libraries, but could be expedited by written consent (in any format) from them.

  4. The researcher must give full name (including pen names) and full contact information. Researchers should be members of good standing in some genuine nudist organization of national scope, but may live anywhere on the globe. Exception for a non-nudist researcher would require consent from all four libraries.

  5. The researcher must indicate the topic of current research and publication plans. Furthermore, the researcher must promise to donate a physical copy (unless prohibitively expensive) of the final publication for deposit in one of the consortium libraries. No donation is necessary for articles published in nudist magazines that the library currently receives.

  6. The approved researcher shall receive access to the same files shared between the participating libraries–in read-only format. The researcher must agree to abide by all copyright laws, and except for the occasional photograph for use in a new article, the researcher must promise to not download files or share access with anyone. Access to the files can be cut off at any moment if abuse is suspected. Researchers may appeal such administrative action to the entire consortium.

  7. Membership in this program shall be for one year from the date of acceptance, and can be renewed with payment of the annual fee. The consortium reserves the right to deny renewal for any reason, including lack of progress on the research project.

  8. The annual fee is US $100, payable on acceptance. This amount is subject to change over the years. There are no refunds.

  9. The consortium may appoint a treasurer to handle such fees, and use them to pay for consortium expenses such as Internet access or cloud storage.

  10. Acting together, the libraries in the consortium may change the provisions of this program at any time.