Updated: Jul 10, 2016 rap

  1. This page has two purposes:
    1. To show Work In Progress at the Library
    2. To spark interest for potential Library Volunteers and to possibly recruit help in these areas.
  2. This page gives WIP but also suggests work that could or should be happening.
  3. Membership
    1. Need new membership drives
  4. Archive Coordinator: We need to assign one person who leads the archival plan. This has not been done yet.
  5. Procedure to make Procedures: In the past, the hard copy of the SOP was marked up with new procedures and it was hard to tell what was the master SOP. We need to standardize and modernize the process.
  6. Inventory
    1. Continue to improve accuracy of Books and Video inventories
    2. Complete Magazines
  7. Documentation
    1. SOP: David Foote (volunteer) is busy working on updating the SOP Jul 10, 2016
    2. Processes and Workflows
  8. Publicity
    • Encourage Nudist Organizations and Clubs to add links to http://anrl.org/ in their Web Sites and Newsletters.
    • Add better MetaTags to web site pages to enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
    • Get RSS feeds working better on key pages : There is a RSS link on some pages now
  9. Web site: We are using Drupal 7 now
    1. Modernize and add functionality:
    2. Make Web site appealing and fun to use
    3. Teach Drupal Update/Maintenance to Assistant Website Administrators
  10. Database:
    1. We have upgraded to FileMaker 14. As of now, Bob Proctor is the only volunteer who has learned how to maintain and improve it.
      • ANRL Master Database This has 11 tables and now contains much of the digital content of the Library.
      • ANRL Magazine Database This provides inventory control of magazines, shows scanned magazines and is a working area to link these together. This is on-line but nobody cares about it enough to make updates. Magazines are in an Excel Spreadsheet which is totally separate from FileMaker.
  11. Disaster Recovery
    1. Documentation of all processes: Nothing going on here
    2. Document owners of each process: Nothing going on here
    3. Backup Plan
    4. Make a Personnel Backup Plan showing substitutes and qualifications
  12. Collaborate with Outside Organizations
    1. AANR - Kissimmee Office: Some meetings have taken place
    2. Library of Congress
      • Use our connection with LOC to get help and support
      • Dig out links for previously submitted films
    3. ALA - get value from our membership
    4. Catalog the content of the Library: This is being done with Inventory and Database updates
    5. Categorize Library Content: Allowed on a public web site vs. Not Allowed. This has to do with Copyright issues.
    6. Connect with other Libraries and explore possibility for sharing content
    7. Explore use of FileMaker Servers to share our Database with other Libraries.
  13. Remote Access
    1. Dropbox for file sharing
  14. Upgrade ANRL’s computers
    1. Exploit the Patron Computer
    2. Upgrade other computers