Volunteer Backup Plan

Volunteer Backup Plan

Oct 18, 2019

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Robert Proctor

We have very limited manpower of support people at the ANRL Library. There a somewhat small overlap of skilled people who would be able to step in and provide continuity of day-to-day Library operations should one of our support people not be able to continue working. This document will attempt to report of what’s being done, who is doing it and possible backup people.

Role is the name of the position. See the Job Descriptions
Description is a writeup explaining “How I Do What I Do

ANRL Backup Report
Role Primary Support Backup Support Description % Qual
Membership Terry Crump Lou Cook No 50%
Secretary Lou Cook Terry Crump No 50%
Video/Book/Calendar Lou Cook Terry Crump No 50%
Manage E-Mails Lou Cook Bob Proctor No 100%
Treasurer Roe Ostheim ?? No 0%
Scanning Ed Westen Mark Silverstein No 100%
Scanning Mark Silverstein Ed Westen No 100%
Digital Processing Ed Westen Jim Sweeney No 40%
New Newsletters Jim Sweeney Ruth Russell No 90%
Web Site Bob Proctor Dave Foote No No 10%
Database Bob Proctor ??? No 0%
NAS Jim Sweeney Bob Proctor No 10%
President Paul LeValley Bob Proctor No 50%
1st Vice President Bob Proctor Dave Foote No 100%
2nd Vice President Dave Foote Lou Cook No 50%