Train Membership Help File

Membership Help File

Apr 05, 2016

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  1. FileMaker has several levels of security for user accounts for its Databases

    1. Read Only: The Guest UserID for example. If you just double click on the file, the Database opens with the Guest UserID
    2. Read and Update: The Membership UserID for example. Once open with membership, records can be added or modified. Layouts, scripts and some other things can not be updated.
    3. Full Access to change anything: The admin UserID for example.
  2. To use the FileMaker 14 Pro Advanced program, double click on the icon on the desktop
    1. Select file ~/Dropbox/ANRL-PROJECTS/Database TEST/ANRL Database TEST.fmp12 then Shift Click the Open Button
    2. Use UserID: Membership
    3. Use Password: Ask Bob for Password
  3. The main window
    1. There are commonly used buttons across the top
    2. There is a box with ~8 tabs. Use of a tabbed window allows more stuff to fit on one page. Stuff that kinda belongs together is under each tab.
    3. You will need to learn where stuff is
  4. Testing the Membership Database
    1. Member numbers [9,000] and above are in a special class and will not be selected for Email to members. So the trick is to change fields in a record which has a number over [9,000] then use a button to send Email. Ex: change the Email field in Record [9,003] to your Email address, select only record [9,003] then use the button to send Email.
  5. Selecting records with buttons
    1. All members with Email addresses (there are around 180 members in this category)
    2. Overdue on membership renewal - up to 180 days (this gives a list of a dozen or more)
    3. Tardy on membership renewal - over 180 days (this gives a list of 18 or more)
  6. Using buttons that mail something
    1. Reminder for renewal of membership
    2. Thank-You note
    3. Membership Card for member with Email
    4. note to all members with Email
  7. Action Buttons
    1. 061 E-Reminder for Payment
    2. 062 Email Reminder for Payment
    3. 063 E-Receipt + Card ()
    4. 064 063 E-Receipt + Card (Volunteer) (not frequently used - needs testing)
    5. 064 E-Recpt-Life (may want to test before using)
    6. 065 Cerify Email by Email (depreciated ?)
    7. 064 USMail-Rcpt+Card
  8. Recording into portals (portal is a separate table related to record being viewed)
    1. Membership Re-Up Reminders: set the date of the reminder (ex: 04/06/2016 ) then click on (093) Update Reminder This portal shows dates of the recent reminders which were sent
    2. Member Payment: After recording date of payment, amount paid, and expiration date, click on (092) Updt Mbr Pmt This portal shows past dues payments
  9. Transactions
    1. Recording payment of yearly member dues
    2. Sending membership card to a member with Email
    3. Sending membership card to a member who prefers USMail
    4. Sending reminders for member Re-Up
  10. Scenarios
    1. Process Overdue
      1. select Overdue members with button
      2. March through selected set one record at a time
        1. Change date of reminder to [04/06/2016] format. Need to enter date correctly
        2. Click button to save to portal
        3. Review NOTES to see if any special handling is requested
        4. if Email, then click button for E-Reminder
        5. if USMail, then click button for printed reminder
        6. Address and stamp letter and mail to member
        7. Repeat above steps 1–6 until all members have been processed