SOP Outline

Chapter Outline of ANRL SOP


ANRL Mission Statement


  • Election of officers
  • Board meetings
  • Other required activities
  • Personnel

  • Officers and Board of Directors
  • Permanent Committees
  • Projects (list all current)
  • Volunteers
  • Job Descriptions
  • Volunteers (Librarians) Manual
  • Membership

  • Types of Membership
  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Communications

  • Newsletters
  • Website
  • Correspondence
  • Other communications
  • Collections (Books, Magazines, Videos, Newsletters, Postcards, Photos, Audio tapes, Digital Archives, etc)

  • New Material Acquisitions, Classification and Processing
  • Surplus Material Released for Sale by Donation
  • Inventories (Periodic & Special)
  • Catalogs / Shelf Lists
  • Borrowing Material
  • Electronic Access to Material
  • Copying and photographic policies
  • Database and Information systems
    -ANRL Database
    -Backup systems
    -IT Training
    -IT Security

    Project Management
    -Establishment & assignment of projects
    -Monitoring & reporting of projects
    -Research Projects
    -SOP Review & Development Project
    -Scanning Project

    Collaboration with outside organizations
    -WNRL Glen Eden
    -Universities and Colleges
    -Sharing Data

    Facilities & Equipment
    -Building layout
    -Office Files
    —Using files
    —Maintaining files
    —Office file backups
    -Key equipment
    —Staff computers
    —Patron computers
    —File cabinets

    Recovery Plan